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Books about Autogynephilia?

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That's not a man. It is literally impossible to have those proportions. I swear to god if there is a dick beneath those garments I will fucKING LOSE MY SHIT

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those are male feet, accept it anon: lose your shit.

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Holy shit, look at that stomper

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shooped i can tell by the pixels

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The ankles.

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it's not a tranny you fucking schizos.


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I know, but her ankles are meaty.

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>she will never step on you
why live bros?

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my point still stands

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I only see one tiny face shot from the OF. The Twitter feed looks very TS covering the face every time

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>anime pfp
>hides face
blatant fat fucking troon. show me her pusy or fuck off

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jeez butterfly

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It's the same girl that does the blonde homicidal knife cosplay from boku no hero academia

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but not on you

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W00 lad.
(I’m the first one)

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Our culture places too much worth on women's bodies. Women's bodies have value in so far as they are capable of reproducing. Men should stop conferring social status and money on women just for having sexually desirable bodies when those men will never be able to act upon the sexual desire they feel for those women. "Simps" are absolutely pathetic.

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you can hypothetically find out if it has a real pusi or not if you shell out $12

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Goth Asians are sometimes like that. I've seen quite a few of them on insta.

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that chick is brazilian, not the same

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Fapping is an act, but I agree I can't respect anyone who would go to a strip club and spend money.

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It's a girl, bruh.
No, that's another girl. That one's FeGalvao, she's cosplaying Toga from MHA.

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Ah my mistake, I miss recognised the meaty ankles.

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No, she deserves better than my meager wage earnings. She is more than a prostitute and I will not debase her against her wishes in such a manner. I will continue to shill for her as an analogue to worship, all in the hopes that she will one day notice me and show me her glorious genitalia.
rintohsaka, I love you. I will take you and your fat meaty stompers away from all this one day, and we will live out our days in the vineyard crushing grapes into wine with your club stubs.

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Oh! That explains it. Always photoshopping her pics (except her feet)

She’s got nudes now than? On /s/ yet?

I get that, but the Twitter has a lot of “red flags” to scare the anons.

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that face looks incredibly off. dude obviously shops his hips, wouldnt be surprised if he shopped his bulge too (though tucking technology is increasingly effective these days)

show me the vagina. this is a man until i see the vagina.

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I think she just has a big ass head desu

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It's a man obviously

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--Victorian pornography about young man who undergoes femdom

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>Fapping is an act
I mean that they'll never be able to have sex with them. Masturbation is what caged chimps do.

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