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The great debate

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I'm sorry OP but this thread is of extremely low quality and as such I will have to refrain from participating.

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wow what a great thread , jk I think it’s fucking poo poo shit shit thread, go die in a car crash Op you piece of nigger shit

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Did you purposefully choose the worst right-wing thinkers so we can pretend left-wing thinkers have philosophers?

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>it's full of cryptos
Every single time, when will Americans learn?

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literal cuck who let his german shepherd fuck his wife while he watched

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*citation needed

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How was William James a lefty?

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This. Why didn't you put truly great right wing thinkers on there like uhhh BAP and...Guenon and uhhh...Ben Shapiro?

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>truly great right wing thinkers on there like uhhh
like uhhh Friedrich Nietzsche, Vilfredo Pareto, Gaetano Mosca, Georges Sorel, Carl Schmitt, Henri de Man, Alain de Benoist?

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There is no debate, at least not for me, one side wants to exterminate me.

>> No.17814834

For being a bourgeois?

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Garlic Shit is in ops picturino their buckaroo

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Both sides want that

>> No.17814864

Okay, replace him with Ugo Spirito then

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>pretty much all Greek thinkers

>bunch of schizo jews and literal midwits

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Cheeky bub but keep you cards closer to your heart yeah?

>> No.17814892

yeah imagining putting aristotle, plato, plotinus and aquinas, there would be no debate at all.

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where are the libertarians?

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Was william james a lefty? Shame, I was planning to read him.

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I'm a Nazi and love arguing off-topic politics and even I think this is an awful OP.

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I read thinkers from both sides with great pleasure
t. centrist ubermensch

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hitler was left wing

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the politics understander has logged on

>> No.17815232

Right: Gentile, Hitler, Evola and Scruton are trash.

Left: Foucault and Deleuze are trash

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