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What are the best books I should read about the current state of the modern world and that explain the rising feelings of depression, malaise, anomie and lack of purpose among the population?

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The answer is ALWAYS Ride the Tiger.

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Start with Greeks.

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Maybe try some Baudrillard? I haven't read any (though his book "America" looks awesome), but there is a fucking awesome youtube video about it:


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Hate Inc by Matt Taibbi

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Capitalist Realism is a meme but remains one of the most clear and direct works on this topic

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You are projecting and therefore wasting your finite time. The only recommendations you could get are books written by similarly pathetic, joyless people (e. g. Julius Evola, Jean Baudrillard, Mark Fisher).
One thing I know is that if there were such a thing like 'Aristocrats of the Spirit' like Evola says, they would not bother at all reading this kind of nihilist and life denying drivel that /lit/ enjoys so much.

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press f for our boi fisher

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lol they aren't projecting, people are divided up and afflicted with tons of mental illnesses we didn't all have before. maybe technology raises the physical standard of living, there are side effects. tech + capitalism = bad mix.

OP should try reading the Unabomber's manifesto

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It's just unnatural tbqh, technology has altered the environment so drastically our ape brain impulses spend half the time misfiring.

uncle ted's manifesto is about this, but the particular psych theory he has in there is imo both reductive and lacking in evidence. the broad form of the argument though 'this environment does not even vaguely resemble living in a tribe, or even in a town setting(the question of whether you are adapted to hunter-gatherer or town is open-ended and related to the past millennia of ancestry you have, for a few ethnic groups they might genuinely be adapted to city living, but even they are not adapted to post-industrial cities), and our psychologies are therefore maladapted to it' makes a lot of sense. I think people don't like this because it's pessimistic about the possibility of ever fixing the issue while maintaining a complex technological civilization, and primitivist fantasy is pretty obviously a meme as well.

I don't think it's 'capitalism', or 'degeneracy' or whatever other thing people usually come up with the because the malaise is universal across political systems and social norms, it's everywhere all over the world today, except perhaps very undeveloped regions, which further confirms the suspicion.

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>the Unabomber's manifesto
Already read that, what else should I read by Ted?

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>You are suffering because you are a bad person

Based just-world-fallacy anon, which books would you recommend so we can become more like you?

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On The Jews And Their Lies

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Okay I admit I was trying to provoke an answer there, but hear me, what is even there to explain about this? Can these sort of authors explain anything and not just describe things?
This variety of 'theory' just rests on the fact that it will never satisfy anyone, no explanation will ever be enough, it all ends up in a sterile space where people endlessly diagnose society. Please understand this: People like Ted or Evola or OP want a revolution less than anyone.

Sorry, I don't understand this post.

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You have never read a book.

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Mien kampf

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Why are you saying this?

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Thus SPoke Zarathusthra

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