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if you read a short story of considerable length (say 50 pages or so), would add that to your goodreads list as read? or is that cheating?

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Do it but with Little Golden Books and report back.

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Depends if it's been published as a standalone book.

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I only add short stories collections and only if I read the full thing. However, you can do whatever the fuck you want, nobody cares.

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Cheating to whom and about what? Reading is not a competition nor an exercise in quantity, jeez

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Why does good reads exist? Is it just the xbox achievements equivalent for reading?

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is this rym autism but for books?

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What is this fucking mindset. The point of reading books isn't to say "I read this many books". It's to learn new things and to have fun. You should read something if you'll get something good out of it. It doesn't matter if you add it to your goodreads or not. There's not cheating in reading.

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pls explain
bro do you really not know that reading challenges exist?

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rate your music, autists either force themselfes to listen to 5 albums a day or fake their rating to make their music listening peen bigger

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Sure it counts, it counts as fifty pages read. But counting your pages slows down your enjoyment. Why make a pleasure into a job?
That sounds incredibly uncomfortable, I can and often do just repeat the same song or two/three songs on loop all day if I can.

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if that's the case i would be done with my challenge to read 20 books this year, cause im reading war and peace, which is about 1000 pages

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to be honest i went through a phase like that too, years ago when i first discovered /mu/. but now i'm like you, i only listen to helicopter by xtc on repeat, it's really calming you know

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It's a self-imposed challenge. The only rule-set is to read x amount by the end of the year, whether a 50 book counts or not is entirely up to you. No one gives a shit about what you read, so quit being a fag and just read my book.

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