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What's the best English translation of Homer?

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Fagles, unironically. Fagles is a pseud filter.

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the chad Pope

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Fagles is the only faithful translation

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Are you the same anon who wrote the novel where the word nigger was 63% of the entire book?

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Chapman and Fagles

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Got this today at a salvation army store for 50 cents. Looking forward to it.

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I like Lattimore. But you won't go wrong so long as you avoid the new awkwardly artless one from Emily Wilson.

(I don't say that out of misogyny, by the way. I love Edith Grossman's Don Quixote and think it is the best English translation of that work. Wilson is just a bad translator).

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Yeah well Edith Grossman actually knows Spanish. I have my doubts that Wilson knows much Greek at all

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Got this today art a Salvation army store for 50 cents. Looking forward to it.

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Is Rieu good?

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I liked his translation but mentioning it online is a pretty good way to get a lot of angry comments from verse purists. I wouldn't recommend it as your only ever experience with Homer, but it's a fine entry point.

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>verse purists
Retards in other words. So much is irretrievably lost when translating hexameters into English that it really doesn't matter whether you render it in prose or verse, if accuracy is your concern.

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