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Thoughts on Thomas Mann?
Also which authors do you worship unconditionally? For me its him.

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For me...

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I like Thomas Mann. I wish I could worship him unconditionally. But his "good German" schtick during the Second World War was so banal...

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pls anon
Not familiar with his bio. Don't care too much. A good writer is a good writer.

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For me, its F Gardner

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>For me its him.

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>worshipping some guy who wrote books
How retarded are you?

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Good writer but pedo and collaborator

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Henry James

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Wrote a lot of horrible essays but Death in Venice is good, Magic Mountain of course too.

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I don't literally worship him you retard I'm saying I like him alot
good one
good one
so it seems :(
They are both great yeah. I'm reading Dr Faustus now which is also great

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Is Buddenbrooks actually good?

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I like The Magic Mountain as much as the next person, but the guy molested his kids.

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I worship Heinlein, even though he was a degenerate.

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