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What are the best anti-american books?

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Just think that there are people who believe there are nanoroboters who will control your brain in these publically accesable vaccines.

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Behead All Satans

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> take the vaccine the link isn’t certain

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Lmao, 15 million people in the UK have the vaccine, there are no reports of anything like this retard

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If you unironically think taking vaccines is dangerous beyond the scope of its stated limitations, I legitimately hope you´re stripped of all your human rights and sent to the gulag

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>experimental mRNA vaccine that rewrites DNA
ysha sure, nothing to fear

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It doesn't rewrite your dna schizo.

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take your meds

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I think vaccinations work but I just prefer not to take them, I'd only take it if I had too

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Can you explain why you do this?

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Yes there were. They were all over the news. Stop burying your head in the sand.

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i do sympathize conceptually with these people though. you do need some people who are completely against the state for a spirit of the benifit of the doubt.

its like when everyone felt oh so smart calling out flat earthers even though its not exactly a genius take to think the world is round, and completely missing the core logical conceit. the earth may be flat, but then again, the world outside your immediate perception might not be real either. being more logical the statement should be “i think its most likely the world is round”, but due to the nature of language and communication we tend to say something is when the likelyhood is in a high enough percentile.

but people tend not to think like this in terms of probability, and simply go to yes/no, true/absurd, right/wrong, rather than extremely likely and extremely unlikely.

which is not appealing to logic, but denomination and abstract categorization and working back from an accepted predetermined thesis (even if it is the most likely one, like 99.9999999%)

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Can you explain why you believe you uncover grand global conspiracies but cannot be bothered to check your claims with 2 minutes work?

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It's literally what it does, it changes the DNA of the cells so the protein spike which is used by COVID to attack the cell doesn't work anymore

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Why do you accuse people who disagree with you of mental illness, even if what they're saying is dumb? It's always in the exact same words and phrase too, like some bot

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No it's literally not. I'm telling you look this up. This does not interact with your dna.

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They're from reddit newfag. Just ignore them like they're bots

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It's not a matter of disagreement. It's someone writing shit to feel smug. You're just asshurt you got called out.

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thats not how it works you fucking retard

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No I'm not because they weren't even replying to me and I find the idea that the vaccine is some kind of weapon to be rather ridiculous. It's just a pattern that sticks out, the things they say

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almost as dumb as the ones who still think there's a pandemic

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Prove it

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It's a meme you dip

Next you're gonna ask why everything on here is "based". Stop being dumb

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Yeah, hundreds of thousands of brain aneurysms across the UK, it's horrifying to behold.

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There is an obvious answer to that, Lil B's irreverent attitude appealed to anons. Why do these particular people like to accuse others of mental illness and tell them to take psychiatric medication?

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Even if that was true how would you know? You are just putting your faith on what other people said.

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High IQ and compassionate pilled

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Based on what?

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*citation required*

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Because they're acting like psychos and believe psycho theories, it's nothing to do with particular anons or views either, please lurk more
Muh dick

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>it's nothing to do with particular anons or views either
it 100% is, the only people that ever say those phrases have views indistinguishable from CNN or NYT

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I’m not taking the vaccine

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also the mere fact that you frame disagreement as mental illness rather than eg. stupidity, brainwashing, dishonesty, malice etc. is itself a phenomenon, and that your (ironic) solution is taking medication recommended by a particular institution.

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Must be a shaky foundation then.

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>but then again, the world outside your immediate perception might not be real either.
this is a smoothbrain thought because it's irrelevant. even if that were true, there's no way to change it, so your life is unaffected. it's pointless to entertain such a thought

>but people tend not to think like this in terms of probability, and simply go to yes/no, true/absurd, right/wrong, rather than extremely likely and extremely unlikely.
because those are equivalent in daily life. it's contradictory actually that you claim this is not appealing to logic when you are in fact playing a logic game in attempting to differentiate the two approaches.

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>this is a smoothbrain thought because it's irrelevant. even if that were true, there's no way to change it, so your life is unaffected. it's pointless to entertain such a thought
Inability to entertain abstract thoughts is either a sign of low intelligence or autism

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Since taking the vaccine I've subscribed to 2 Newspapers and started reading a house of lords report on civic engagement and being a good citizen.

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I'd rather have covid than take the globo homo vaccine

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Le cancer américain

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You are a fucking moron if you believe vaccines rewrite DNA.
The mRNA produces the spike protein in your system through your cell's ribosomes. To actually change your DNA it would need to have the retrotranscriptase protein, but that's not present in the vaccine.

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It's not that moronic for people who aren't specialists in this topic to think that people like you, who willingly choke on the establishment's dick and worship textbooks written for profit by companies taking massive money from billionaires who have investments in things like vaccines (and vaccine culture, aka the technocratic police state), might make mistakes in your hubris.

It's not that on this individual point you are wrong, it's that there are a lot of individual points to keep sight of, and some random jobber like you, who religiously identifies as a scientist because he got a second rank STEM MSc and posts on "science fuck yeah" subreddits, is not the most trustworthy source. "Just trust me you fucking faggot Bill Gates is actually right on this one" sounds less and less convincing in the ears of the people who are getting intergenerationally raped by the machine you are a part of.

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the earth can only be flat if you are redefining every single word in the sentence to mean something else besides its commonly held meaning.

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based and redpilled

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You are so fucking stupid it's actually unbelievable.
I'm right on this one because I have spent all of my twenties studying this stuff, yet countless retards believing watching youtube videos is education think they have something to say on the topic. You don't. You are worthless. You should shut the fuck up and listen to your betters if you ever aspire to be anything other than the pathetic waste of oxygen you are today.
I don't religiously identify as a scientist. I am one. And it's because of this that I have the modesty and caution, that you have demonstrated you lack, not to go around giving my opinion on matters outside of my scope of expertise that can literally cause thousands of deaths.

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Academic experts and the press have destroyed their own credibility, you can't whine that people are suspicious of what you say now

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I took the vaccine and now want to be a cute girl

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I will not be getting the vaccine. It alters your DNA.

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>op tries to disguise his bullshit political thread by asking for a book
>no one in the thread even pretends to answer op’s question (in this case they could at least recommend something like Mishima).
I hate these threads so much. You people are ruining this board fuck off to >>>/pol/ for your dumb outrage bait threads.

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>I don't religiously identify as a scientist. I am one.

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>Academic experts and the press have destroyed their own credibility
Quite the claim

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>bro take the vaccine rushed out in one year it's safe trust us
>but you still have to stay in your home and put on your mask and nothing will really change and we still have to have lockdowns for the foreseeable future

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You proved the accusations against you with your response.

Take how you feel right now and multiply it by ten, then a hundred. That's how you're about to feel for the next few decades, always getting worse, because trust in the establishment you represent is only going to go down from here. Enjoy ranting at the rubes about how they don't understand your brilliance as a dime a dozen lab monkey functionary. You're going to be doing it for a long time.

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Nobody has said anything about wearing a mask at home

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Why are you people so angry?

>> No.17686984

555-COME-ON-NOW you know that's not what anon said

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for example:

(CNN) — A group of health and medical colleagues has penned an open letter to express their concern that protests around the United States could be shut down under the guise of coronavirus health concerns.

The letter — which went on to draw more than 1,200 signatures — focuses on techniques to reduce harm to people protesting racial injustice.

“We created the letter in response to emerging narratives that seemed to malign demonstrations as risky for the public health because of Covid-19,” according to the letter writers, many of whom are part of the University of Washington’s Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Instead, we wanted to present a narrative that prioritizes opposition to racism as vital to the public health, including the epidemic response. We believe that the way forward is not to suppress protests in the name of public health but to respond to protesters demands in the name of public health, thereby addressing multiple public health crises.”

The letter focuses on health guidance for protestors and law enforcement, such as wearing masks, advocating to not hold people who are arrested in close proximity and opposing the use of tear gas for health reasons.

“Staying at home, social distancing, and public masking are effective at minimizing the spread of COVID-19. To the extent possible, we support the application of these public health best practices during demonstrations that call attention to the pervasive lethal force of white supremacy,” the letter says.

“However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

You can't take these 'health experts' seriously after stuff like this

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You can have inquiries and doubts about scientific matters, which should be expressed and publicly discussed, but you are NOT in a position to discuss them with experts, only to learn from them. Shut up and learn from your betters. Stop with your ridiculous pseudodemocratic ramblings.There is a very strong hierarchical difference when it comes to scientific knowledge between someone with a PhD in a subject and just random people.
>because trust in the establishment you represent is only going to go down from here

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You have to wear a mask outside even if you have the vaccine. Oh wait my bad 2 masks. Oh wait now it's 3 masks I forgot.

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Based. That’s when I stopped giving a fuck about COVID. I abided by the lockdowns and mask mandates at first, but after that, I just said fuck it.

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how much do you weigh

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I was under the impression the entire point of science was to take nobody's word for it, to discount the entire idea of authority, and look only at results. You seem to be referring to a power structure rather similar to a...priesthood.

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>Academic experts and the press have destroyed their own credibility
For schizophrenics and low IQ retards maybe

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Your average PhD is a fucking retard and some undergrads can definitively discuss and even correct them on shit. Your freshman is showing friend.

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Remember when they said the BLM gatherings were actually helping COVID

What did it for me was when they said "masks make it worse" at first, and I instantly knew it was a ploy to manipulate the public into not buying up all the N95's, because emergency workers need them first.

If they're willing to manipulate like that, it doesn't matter if it's for a good cause. The fact that I was the odd man out in my "wtf that doesn't make sense, how could a mask make it WORSE?" reaction and the average CNN-watching joe schmoe just took it on faith, also made me realize that these people have way too much control over joe schmoe. He doesn't even question anymore.

Every fucking person should have said the same thing I did: how can a mask make it worse? At least explain that to us, if you're going to use the media to disseminate it unanimously like state propaganda.

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>spent all his twenties studying biology
>doesn’t know about non-coding RNAs like siRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, piRNA
>the only way RNA touches DNA is through RTase
Truly a luminary. Tell us more about genetics, my Khan Academy subscription is up.

>> No.17687029

I salute this force of nature made flesh

>> No.17687032

This "anti-science" bs lately has to be a CIA psyop right? Americans aren't really THIS stupid right?

>> No.17687033

Uh oh, are you ableism shaming the mentally ill AND believing in the pseudoscience known as IQ? Your entire career and all your credentials are revoked by the "scientific" establishment you're telling me to trust.

>> No.17687034

>low IQ
Actually IQ is one of the very things about which academia and the press have destroyed their credibility. Outside the small section of psychologists who study IQ those institutions have responded to the entire field as though it were basically deepest heresy against their religion.

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>muh PhD
I'm getting a PhD and I guarantee you I am a fucking retard

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Ok then, present me with the evidence of the inefectiveness or danger of the vaccine.
Take the timeto get the qualification to do clinical trials on the topic and uncover the great lie of the globohomo conspiracy. You will go on to win the Nobel and be remembered as one of the greatest scientists in history.
Or you can admit that none of that is possible and shut the fuck up.

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In the fields of bodies burniiiiiiinnng
As the war machine keeps turniiiiing

>> No.17687049

Who do you think controls the scientists anon

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>are you ableism shaming the mentally ill
>AND believing in the pseudoscience known as IQ
Yes in that its a reliable way to detect retards like (You), now go back to /pol/
Kys. I'm not reading your schizo babble

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Evil minds that plot destructiiiooooon
Sorcerer of death's construction

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>Ok then, present me with the evidence of the inefectiveness or danger of the vaccine.

it killed a bunch of old people and scientists admit it's only like 70% effective and it was fast tracked by the fda.

>> No.17687071

>schizo babble
>actually a solid point
A willing slave is (you)

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I don't care. Let the old, the obese, and the infirm die.

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The procedures used to establish the safety of this vaccine would’ve given a green light to thalidomide.

>> No.17687089

I sincerely hope all the retards ITT rambling about the vaccine go on not to get it, get the virus and kill their grandma.
If that happens keep in mind a random anon on 4chan is proactively laughing at you.

>> No.17687095

My grandparents died years ago, but I'll be happy to infect yours instead :^)

>> No.17687097

Live fire
Barbed wire
Credibility's funeral pyre
Giving no breaks to sane men's ire

>> No.17687098

Are you actually aware of what IQ research says lmao

>> No.17687101

I honestly don't care at all about my grandparents

>> No.17687103

im not asking you to believe in flat earth you insipid. just like im not asking you to believe in anything random like the sun smells of strawberries. Just that a level of probability is involved in anything past axiomatic statements and maybe pure mathmatics.

copernican revolution and all. Im not even asking you to entertain absurd ideas, just not treating contextual likelyhoods as axiomatic statements.

saying something that is absurd is impossible is fundamentally incorrect and doesnt make people change their mind, saying its is stupidly fucking unlikely given the information we have on the other hand, is more nominally honest. we could be in a matrix simulation, there could be a cabal of aliens controling the world, but that seems like an irrelevant and hard to prove hypothesis that might be better explained by other explainations.

>> No.17687105

>Ok then, present me with the evidence of the inefectiveness or danger of the vaccine.
There is no conclusive research about its long-term effects at all, necessarily

>> No.17687111

Sick fucks
Chaos tugs
Madness' value gains in bucks
Gods want us to sustain on bugs

>> No.17687116

why are rightoids so soulless?

>> No.17687119

My grandparents got the vaccine so they'll be fine. If they aren't, then the vaccine is shit and not worth me taking. If they are, there's no reason for me to take it. Either way, I'm not getting the jew juice in my bloodstream.

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my grandparnents are 90 and christian, they are going to heaven anyway

>> No.17687129

Smoke skag
Get that bag
Dress in unconvincing drag
Take the pills, make your brain lag

>> No.17687131

why are you cuck posting OP? Do you really think you are capable of changing anyone’s beliefs? You aren’t even capable of changing your own, weak minded boy

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>> No.17687143

>People who get the illness and are healthy typically feel ill for up to four days.
>People who get the vaccine typically feel ill for up to two days, and need two doses.
What am I gaining from this? If the chance of it being dangerous is as little as 1% I still can't see how that's justified when it literally does nothing to how I'll you'll feel, you still have to wear the piggymask, and you're still "contagious".

>> No.17687144

schizos shit up the board and should be named and shamed every time

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>> No.17687156

mRNA cannot enter the nucleus (which holds DNA) and therefore cannot change your DNA.

>> No.17687158

"Sciences" outside of physics and chemistry are a joke - bioscientists of various types are not smart enough to do their statistics correctly as a rule and have low IQs compared to physicists on top of that.

>> No.17687160

Great girth
Wide berth
Smugness' face is steeped in mirth
No new thing upon this earth

>> No.17687169

It’s the other way around homie

>> No.17687173

If I ever think again that this board is one of the highest iq ones I will make sure to check out this thread in warosu to end my delusion.

>> No.17687175

take ur meds, m8

>> No.17687177

Smoke fags
Tit sags
Grasp the purpose of great brags
He with eyes will spot the tags

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you're arguing that there is a 0.00000001% probablity the earth is flat or whatever, i understand your point lol. if we are in a matrix simulation then the earth still would not be fucking flat, even if this matrix simulation takes place on a flat planet. because when we say 'the earth' we are referring to the planet under our feet and not to an abstract possible planet which hosts a simulation containing our planet.

>> No.17687186

It doesn't make anyone think they're schizos, it makes you look brainwashed

>> No.17687192

When have you ever heard a physicist say "Trust the science" or "the science says"? Meanwhile we hear this every 5 minutes from "medical scientists" who couldn't pass first-year statistics in all likelihood.

>> No.17687195

I blame americans for this

>> No.17687199

Earth flat
Swing the bat
Don't befriend a fucking rat
The earth turns on tit for that

>> No.17687203

>even if that were true, there's no way to change it, so your life is unaffected. it's pointless to entertain such a thought
so why are ppl mad about the earth being flat then? it doesn't affect them either

>> No.17687216

so what you are saying is I shouldn't trust you?

>> No.17687221

They must be released from their meat shackles to feel the ever encompassing unity and love that is infinity. To keep them chained to their disintegrating rotting meat suits because you would miss them would be the cruel selfish thing to do anon.

>> No.17687222

Last verse
Eat the curse
I have emptied my mind's purse
Enjoy the great ride on Death's hearse

>> No.17687226

Based future phd holding retard

>> No.17687230

Very anti-Chinese, very disrespectful.

>> No.17687234

You can demonstrate the earth is flat with a pendulum or by measuring the shadows of a few tall buildings.
To demonstrate something like the existence of DNA you need to be knowledgeable of previous theory and acces to highly technical equipment.
You 'need to trust the science' when it comes to gravitational waves or subatomic particles too.

>> No.17687236

When did leftoids become such rabid credentialists

>> No.17687240

I fucking hate “libtards”/political people so much. They are the most pity people in the fucking world. If you have ever met any in real life they are all little clones of each other, they repeat the same shit, believe the same shit, and the funniest thing of all is they genuinely believe themselves to be intelligent. They all believe the same things and yet they view themselves as smart. It’s purely about strength in numbers for them. Also they are all completely mentally weak cowards yet they think they know how to fix the problems of the world. Nobody who is scared to get into a fight is going to fix this fucked up world. So fuck all of you progressive retards in this thread that believe you are intelligent for reading, fuck all you feminine europeans who think they have the authority to comment on American issues. I genuinely look forward to you bitches gaslighting people into insanity so you have to cower in your homes because it’s no longer safe for you to go outside, because nobody is making the world a worse place then the people who believe they have the answers.

>> No.17687243


>> No.17687245

health experts are just people they say dumb political shit all the time thats not enough to say all of them have no credibility

>> No.17687247

Yeah, still not gonna take the vaccine, since it modifies your DNA. Cool pilpul though.

>> No.17687250

>freaking out about radiation poisoning
>read every conspiracy
>nut jobs saying "your hair and teeth will fall out and your insides will melt"
>my whole family gargles radioactive graphite
>a few days later everyone's fine with no symptoms

>> No.17687258

They’re just becoming more and more religious/dogmatic. In other words they are becoming very frightened with the increasing chaos in the world so they have to put more faith in the “experts” (priests) to assuage them that their worldview is correct and they are on the side of truth/history/whatever.

>> No.17687262

>tell us about the long term side effects of a vaccine that hasn't been used before

and what >>17687068 said

Do you even know how powerful big pharma is? Nanobot schizoism aside, they get to cover up scandals with ease and you now think that the criticism this time is different because?

>> No.17687267

Using schizo as an insult on 4chan is a case of complete PR failure

>> No.17687268

>To demonstrate something like the existence of DNA you need to be knowledgeable of previous theory and acces to highly technical equipment.
you need even more "highly technical equipment" to demonstrate the existence of things like top quark or the Higgs and yet it's still able to be done far more convincingly than anything we see out of "epidemiology".

>> No.17687272

kek surprisingly apt

>> No.17687278

good thing you're a loser hanging out on a taiwanese cat breeding forum

>> No.17687279

Always have been

>> No.17687301

your argument seems purely linguistic though rather than in terms of intent and ideas.

when someone is talking about flat earth, it is usually meant in that the terrain beneath our feet stretches out along a rough plain rather than a larger sphere.
which seems similarly absurd to me as a matrix, maybe moreso.

the word earth, or more precisely, one of the number of ideas the word is meant to represent, does not require “planet” as a precedence. its not equilovent to all bachlors are unmarried. in a fantasy land like diskword, you could concievably still call the plan people are walking on “earth” or even “the earth” just like a moon could refer to our moon or europa or any other moon.

>> No.17687304

Because this is supposed to be a literature board but mods won’t do their job. This thread should be deleted.

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>mfw I personally know a corrupt physician who will forge any medical certificate I ask him to for a couple dozen eurobucks
I will never take your (((vaccine))).

>> No.17687325

americans, regardless of skin colour or political affiliation, urgently need to be genocided for the common good of humanity

>> No.17687335

2016 killed 4chan

>> No.17687347

le superior fashionable european everyone. it hurts to be #2 don’t it? why not just focus on bettering yourself instead of being jealous? :)

>> No.17687365

the earth is flat if you don’t use any tools to measure/manipulate our view of it. there is no visible curve no matter how far you go in any direction

>> No.17687372
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>You are so fucking stupid it's actually unbelievable.
>I'm right on this one because I have spent all of my twenties studying this stuff, yet countless retards believing watching youtube videos is education think they have something to say on the topic. You don't. You are worthless. You should shut the fuck up and listen to your betters if you ever aspire to be anything other than the pathetic waste of oxygen you are today.
>I don't religiously identify as a scientist. I am one. And it's because of this that I have the modesty and caution, that you have demonstrated you lack, not to go around giving my opinion on matters outside of my scope of expertise that can literally cause thousands of deaths.
Based. Conspiracy theorists utterly btfo.

>> No.17687378

hope you had a nice black history month

>> No.17687379

are you replying to your own post lel

>> No.17687390
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Build tension
Don't mind me, just want to mention
I thank you all for your attention

>> No.17687461
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We’ve reached peak retard.

>> No.17687466

Still not taking the (((vaccine))), Schlomo.

>> No.17687471

We've barely scratched the surface my naive friend

>> No.17687477

Didnt some euro countries adopt this or something recently

>> No.17687490


>> No.17687521
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lmaoing at the "science" cucks in this thread

>> No.17687544

>measures against one airborne virus also help against another airborne virus

Honestly think about how retarded you are

>> No.17687555
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What's the point of the vaccine if everything is still closed and I'm still wearing the cuck mask when I buy groceries?

>> No.17687566

It gets time to rewrite DNA

>> No.17687570
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>> No.17687574

The measures don't even help though lmao, the lockdowns don't even do anything. They're just reclassifying flu deaths and corona deaths

>> No.17687578

Why didn't we just lockdown for the flu before then?

>> No.17687599

It's so we can open shit. Or, more accurately, so the people who are actually concerned about getting corona can start ignoring their little dictator governors without any risk to their health. Even if you are not scared of corona, other people are. They will start going out once they're vaccinated and they will determine when the psuedo-shutdowns end.

>> No.17687601

The flu isn't as lethal/debilitating as covid19

point still stands

They don't? Prove it, burden of p(r)oof is on you.

>> No.17687625

Yeah the excess death measures are fake. Official tested coronavirus deaths are fake. The fact that both of those track together is fake. Life expectancy calculations are fake. All scientist are trying to fuck you over by faking all their research because they hate you. The only thing that's real are 2 second hot-takes on 4chin.

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