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Is there any philosophers who got to the end of their life and realised that they wasted it chasing rainbows and mirages in the desert?

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nietzsche, but he wasted it being a miserable dick

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>chasing rainbows and mirages in the desert?

There is no more noble purpose
Even if it was fake, or maybe because it was fake.... thats what makes its beautiful

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All the post-structuralists, except they knew it was bullshit all along.

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new atheism in 10 years

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If I got to the end of my life and realised it was all a trick I would be disheartened, there's nothing beautiful about that at all. There is a kind of divinity found in the pleasure of playing under trees, that is unique in nature, and which drives many people to spend their life peeling back layers. But if truth is infinitely parallel to motion, this seems to me to be a kind of hell rather than anything remotely beautiful. It's like watching a colony of ants drown themselves one by one in a puddle of water and just blindly ignoring the innumerable bodies floating around the pond.

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but isnt that musing in itself one that is a product of the thing you are admonishing? you could then pull down an infinite amount of more layers and relapse i to finding the rainbows and mirages the most beatiful again, its an infinitly recurring patern.

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What is the "trick" exactly? If nothing else, philosophy is just a particular muse that inspires a particular sort of artist.

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Infinite layers of illusion is a kind of hell, regardless of how beautiful it appears. Nietzsches copelosiphy is just aesthetic utopianism. When I speak of truth, I mean to it's fullest extent.

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No anon, because some people prefer to stick by their beliefs until the very last instead of being a spineless nihilist.

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>If nothing else, philosophy is just a particular muse that inspires a particular sort of artist.

I understand why you hold this opinion. But it just isn't true.

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I've almost died before.
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Read ecclesiastes frog.

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Socrates realised (in the Pheado) that this bringing of the Forms to oneself, this Paschein, this effort that is the philosopher's job, makes life worth living.

In that it is the most life-affirming thing possible.

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That's a stupid sentiment and will be proven wrong in time.

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>in time.
What are you expecting to happen?

Plato asks the questions which have a meaning and value of themselves, by being the eternal questions among us at all times.

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>aesthetic utopianism
Well yes but actually no. That's actually spelled H-e-i-d-e-g-g-a-r.

Nietzsche, on the other hand, is the ultimate psychoanalyst who can truly see the suprapotential of humankind, across space and time, past gender, man or woman, far into the future: that's what "Beyond Good and Evil" means. Utopianist? Posssibly, to some. But aesthetic utopanism? Really? Next you're going to say that he meant "God is dead" literally and that he was also nihilistic and hated everything (he was an active nihilist, the opposite of a passive nihilist). Nietzsche is a filter for superficial skimmers.

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Couldn't you say the same thing about your work and family at the end of your life? Grandpa died an unhappy man because his life was shit. I don't want to be like that.

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>spells out Heidegger's name letter by letter and still manages to mess up

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I don't remember him ever expressing that sentiment the Pheado. But if he did, it's wrong and will be proven wrong with time. A unified model of physics and metaphysics is an inevitability, empty aesthetic platitudes like that will be forgotten. Truth deniers (aesthetic philosophers) are just copers cloaking the goals of philosophy beneath beautiful language. Truth is not comprisable, metaphysics will be empirical. If you don't believe this you are wasting your time with philosophy.

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He was an aesthetic utopianist because he tried to cloak the limitations of human understanding in beauty and a divine narrative. He got lost in the meadows of his own ego and became a denier of truth in process. You can dress living in as many ways as you like, but truth is uncompromisable and a day will come in which metaphysical reasoning merges with the empirical world. Nietzsche was a great writer, and the part of me that is inclined to favour ideas that excite me over the truth loves him. But his philosophy is more akin to an art than any investigatory conception of existence and like all aesthetic philosophers—he will be proven wrong.

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