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>"Jung was profoundly anti-Semitic. The facts concerning his thorough-going prejudice against Jews has become one of the most contentious issues in Jungian scholarship today. [...] the issue of the society [Society For Psychotherapy, of which Jung was president] and the journal [Zentralblatt, the journal sympathetic to Nazi policies edited by Jung] will not go away. Many of the post-1934 articles in the Zentralblatt go far beyond routine Swiss bourgeois anti-Semitism and contain virulent attacks on the Jews coupled with eulogies of Hitler [while he was still in power]. . . . Jung knew all about the later articles and did nothing. Since he could not claim ignorance, as these articles were edited in Switzerland, he tried after World War II, to shift the blame onto C.A. Maier [his deputy editor], claiming that he did all the editing.”"

Should we cancel him bros?

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Sounds like the Dr Seuss of his age, so yeah cancel him with extreme equity.

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Freud really styled on him.

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So that's why /lit/ likes this pseud, it all makes sense now.

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They literally always use this word.

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Why are so many great men antisemites?

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>bro Hitler is literally a God
Very interesting Jung.

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On account of my critical utterances I was “marked down” by the Gestapo, my books were banned in Germany, and in France they were for the most part destroyed. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 404

I am no anti-Semite. From all this I gained neither honours nor money, but I am glad that I could be of service to those in need. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 219

I have included in it an essay by a Jewish author on the psychology of the Old Testament, just to annoy the Nazis and all those who have decried me as an anti-Semite. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 163

One risks being labelled as anti-Semite or pro-Semite without being heard at all. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 224

The problem of “anti-Semitism” has been thrown up for the psychotherapists but not for the political daily press. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 154-155

As you know, Freud previously accused me of anti-Semitism because I could not tolerate his soulless materialism. – Carl Jung, Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 46

So, if you perceived my reserved attitude in Ascona as anti-Semitism, you missed the mark completely. – Carl Jung, Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 46

In general, you really ought to know me well enough not to attribute to me uncritically a non-individual stupidity like anti-Semitism. – Carl Jung, Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 47


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Jung really played up people depending on their beliefs anon, you can literally find letters with him saying the exact type of cliche responses to every current of the mainstream worldview at the time. Plenty more where he talks about the racial inferiority of jews or some such.

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Reading Jung's work, as much as it would be cool if he were an anti-Semite and Nazi, I really cannot believe he would've held those views. He is too bourgeois and focused on empathy.

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Jung being a secular humanist was the single worst contemporary adaption of his philosophy.

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I never said he was secular, but he was a humanist.

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Jung was not a humanist in the sense that he would be anti-Nazi because of it.

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i'm antisemitic

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aw shit

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Pls source on those jewish racial inferiority parts. You say they are plenty but it seems I keep missing them. Have they been censored up somewhere?

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they see the truth, anon

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you're a fag

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>Jung was profoundly anti-Semitic
and that's a good thing

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almost all famous non jews before the second world war spoke critically of jewry. from seneca and cicero to dostoevsky and schopenhauer, heidegger, luther, voltaire, napoleon, hitler, marx, ford, almost all popes and saints in christianity. the list can be made endless. must be tough being a liberal who practices whighistory.


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This is a christian forum, sir.

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No of course not. Unfortunately if I, and a vast majority of you, were born in Europe at the time we likely would have been nazis or sympathetic to the Nazis dependent on what country we sprung from.

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What if we canceled him for being a spiritualist charlatan instead

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Patiently waiting for that source too, anon

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