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Is there anything more satisfying than the feeling of overcoming cognitive dissonance?

That is, learning a past assumption was wrong then accepting it as such.

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So did you become more or less racist?

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yeah, I used to actually think all people were created equal.

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More obviously

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I never quite understood what cognitive dissonance is. It seems everyone's answer is different.
Like, I believe in A. I see a piece of knowledge or experience that challenges this belief in A and I tend to downplay, ignore, or find another explanation for this piece of knowledge/experience. Is that it? Because it's not that big of a deal. This is just human nature.

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I thought it was the challenge of belief A, in which A is a foundational belief and not being able to depend on it anymore causes confusion and development.

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That's what it is, you hold beliefs that contradict each other, usually because there is a truth/possibility you don't want to think about, because it is painful, or socially unacceptable. It makes people act kind of agitated and irrational when the subject comes up.

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Coming to terms with your bad-faith.