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Catholicism has Augustine, Pascal, Dante, Hopkins, Waugh, Dryden, Chaucer, Broch.
Protestantism has Milton, Herbert, Donne, Yeats, Browne, Sterne, Ricoeur.
Judaism has Benjamin, Bloch, Celan, Stein, Zukofsky, Heine, Roth, Bellow, Kafka, Proust, Zweig,
Orthodoxy has ?????
Hmmmm. I can't think of anything. What does Orthodoxy have? Also Dostoevsky is adolescent literature so he doesn't count. Is Orthodoxy intellectually bankrupt?

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The Bible

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Orthodoxy has Palamas (pbuh) who retroactively, neoactively and proactively refutes everyone you named (and more).

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Jay Dyer duh

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Ivo Andric was orthodox

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Is the essence energies distinction polytheistic?

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aren't you assholes tired of tribalism

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No, it’s the height of mental stimulation for their pea brains to run through the same list of outgroups every day to give themselves the only dopamine shot in their miserable lives, even if it’s only in the form of fear and hatred.

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Orthodoxy has Dostoevsky.

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I just wanna go back to before this place was ruined, man

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Seraphim rose? Olivier clement? Meyerdoff?

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Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and Ostrovsky.

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orthodoxy has Seraphim Rose

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Gerard Manley Hopkins

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These are the best writers that you mentioned and they are not Orthodox.

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For me there is only one Hopkins

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Tolstoy wasn't Orthodox? I'll need some proof bro.

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Tolstoy wasn't exactly a hardcore Christian, he didn't believe in the Resurrection or in any of Jesus' miracles.

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literally a jewish lawyer

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proof the west is already burnt out

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not catholic

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They were ethnically Jewish but it's weird to list them since they weren't religious Jews while the other 2 categories are religious ones. They were Jews who didn't practice Judaism.

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and proust was only half, wasn't he?

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Reminder Pascal's pensees were on the index of forbidden books.
Catholicism is a business first, a religion at best third or fourth.

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Proust had a typical French Catholic upbringing, from what I've read. He doesn't seem to have practiced that much as an adult, though.
Indeed, on his mother's side.

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Every time I read Pascal's Pensees I start to half-seriously believe in the Christian God. Idk what it is about that text, just the way he wrote it maybe, but it's so incredibly convincing and alluring.

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you forgot the most important Catholic writer

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> my religion has more books than you so it’s better
Why aren’t you a Deluzian-Lacanian-Foucaultian progressive then OP. Just be a Marxist. Make leftism your religion. There’s way more books, I promise.

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>Athanasius of Alexandria
>Gregory of Nazianzus
>Basil of Caesarea
>John Chrysostom
>Justin Martyr
>Irenaeus of Lyons
>Clement of Alexandria
>Athanasius of Alexandria
>John Chrysostom
>Cyril of Alexandria, the Cappadocian >Gregory of Nyssa
>Peter of Sebaste
>Maximus the Confessor
>John of Damascus

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Literally who?

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