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Thoughts on smoking while reading/thinking/consolidating information?

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There are no health benefits to smoking.

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fun every once In a while, I get tired of cigs after a few days in a row though. my vices are weed and drink
weed is good for being immersed in the psychology and aesthetics of a work
booze makes things like comedy in a work more entertaining. basically it makes dialogue more fun to read.
both are shit though I hate being a junkie

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not to say it is by any means healthy but nicotine is a powerful nootropic.

smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee while thinking (meditating) is rather comfy I must say but I don't pretend it's good for the body

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I occasionally have a smoke when I want to think about what I read before continuing on. A nice timed break. Generally I will set the french press to work before the smoke as well, nice to come back to reading with a fresh cup.

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Agree with this. Haven't drank in a while though. Godspeed anon.

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