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>What book are you currently reading?

>What college or university are you attending?

>What are you studying?

>What are things like during COVID?

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go away FSB, you'll never take me that easily

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So glad i graduated in 2018. College during the China plague must be hell. I'm sorry, guys.

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I just received my MFA from a prestigious New York university and, after years of crushing work, it just feels so hollow, man.

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I assume you're talking about an MFA in a literary art. I'm an undergrad thinking about an MFA in fiction. Would you recommend it? What were your experiences in the program like?

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double wolverine here. hello anon :)

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Im at CU boulder studying mech eng. I'm reading notes from the underground. I want to kill myself.

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>Im at CU boulder studying mech eng. I'm reading notes from the underground. I want to kill myself.
oh fuck off emo virgin

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>Descartes' Rules for the Direction of the Mind
>I enjoy online school

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studying law, I guess I should add

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What's the problem, he asked.

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>What's the problem, he asked.
You're right, my bad fren

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Crime and Punishment
University of Chicago law school
Fuck niggers

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>I enjoy online school
Why? Knowing they’re both mostly worthless, what makes having to commit several hours on the computer at home without even the in-person experience preferable?

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>uchicago law

how’s fedsoc, retard?

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>without the human interaction

answered your own question bud

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>enjoys online school
Are you a robot? It's the worst learning experience possible.

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You don’t have to interact any more in-person. You just show up, do the work, and leave if you want. I don’t understand why people like online classes more. They seem like an even bigger waste of time.

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I got cancelled out of school so now I am trying to build my own way in the world.
Last book I read was War for Eternity.
Currently studying a lot of design theory and taking stuff apart/reassembling it to see how it works.
Covid sucks. I've been let go from 3 jobs in the last six months (first two because of covid, last job because I got in a fist fight with an arrogant sack of shit NEET who's family was close with my boss when he was mouthing me off), and been homeless or near homelessness since March.
If the economy doesn't tank my hope is to fix up a trailer I've been living in then take it to the big city and earn some money.

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lol everyone hates niggers in Chicago dude.

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What was your LSAT, and how hard was it to get into U of M? Did you take the online LSAT flex? What was your undergrad? Sorry for dumping all the questions, I'm a Metro-Detroitfag that is studying for the LSAT.

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I would've graduated that year, but I had a lot of personal problems and dropped out for a while. In 2019 I re-enrolled and was excited to get my life back on track. Then the chink flu hit.

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>Atomic Habits and Infinite Jest
>University of Florida
They’re ok. A lot of students act like it never happened which is nice cause I’m ready to die and tired of isolating. My classes are very small (3 people each) the rest of the kids attend class through Zoom. I get to attend in person which is nice and I’m graduating in May

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idk how “hard” it was, but I got a 170 (give or take a point). I had a really good gpa and was an in-state alum, so it was probably pretty likely I was going to get in. I didn’t take the flex version, but I did do the one that was on a tablet on testing center (pretty lame - I legitimately think mine glitched out somehow and made me miss questions)

my lsat advice: don’t skimp on practicing (esp. the logic games) and be willing to retake if necessary. It’s really important for scholarships

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covid is invention of faggoty government, shilled by corrupted media.

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Yeah, I'm also an in-state alum, but I graduated out of engineering with a shitty GPA, 3.25 iirc. I think I'd have to do above 170 if I really want to lock myself into UofM comfortably. I really don't care about scholarships, I made enough with engineering salary+stock market profits to cover more than half of my tuition already. Does it matter that I spent 2 years after my undergrad working a salary job?

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Mason & Dixon
I studied Economics at the University Of North Carolina
Ain't shit changed my dude

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yeah that’s a little low, but I think admissions offices know that theres a difference between STEM and non-STEM grades.

and no - pretty much everybody has done something for at least a year or two before starting (including myself) whether it’s work, a grad degree, etc. it’s probably a positive desu

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let me put it this way, if i posted my university here people would probably start giving me (you)s with my first name. probably can't tell you the book for the same reason.

yes, i am unironically being ganstalked on an anonymous internet message board

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>T10 with a 3.25
Nah. Look into splitter schools.

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Don't be such a pussy James, nobody is stalking you

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Already graduated. Reading Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment.

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Weill Cornell Medical College
Tibetan Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction, and Fear and Trembling
COVID sucks

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Lol loser

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>poli sci
>shooting between game theory: an introduction by Tadelis; a mathematics course for political and social research by Moore and Siegel; and political game theory: an introduction by Meirowitz and McCarthy. Pretty much balls deep in this game theory course that just started. Lots of review of math for a non-math person.
>COVID has been airight, not much to complain about here

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it’s worth the application at least, especially if you kill the lsat

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i wish i went to bard college instead of (normie tier prestigious university here)

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desu I kind of felt this ahead of time, but at the same time I didn't want to settle for shitty ass Wayne state or Detroit Mercy. It would be a waste of a law degree. And yeah, I also looked into splitter schools as a more viable option, so I should apply to Northwestern and declare myself a racist i guess lol

yeah it's just a pain to work 8+ hours a day and jump from work into studying, but hey, I fucking hate automotive engineering with a passion.

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>studying law
not gonna make it

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not the anon you're responding to but I took the lsat flex and it went fine, no technical glitches whatsoever

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really? why?

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I'm also reading that book. What do you think of it?

Anyway, at WVU
General Business, but that's for undergrad. I'm going to go to law school.
I was taking most of my classes online prior to covid--the only difference is that there's more retards filling up the classes

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Look into Canadian law schools. A lot of them only take into account your best or last 2 years of college (Saskatchewan, Calgary, a few others) or drop your worst grades (UNB and a few others). Nearly every law school in Canada is top notch and it's significantly cheaper than in the US.

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the administrators at (normie tier prestigious university) are too far removed from the academic side of things and student population
the student population is all normies
the approach to studying literature is artless. we tear everything we study to shreds. it is fun sometimes, but years of it is too much. there are times i'd like to focus more on craft than critical analysis.

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I go to Wesleyan U. in Connecticut, which is similar to Bard though a bit more prestigious. Trust me when I say it's not that different from what you described.

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Would it be any use for me to do law school in Europe? I am a slav and I have that juicy EU citizenship. But yeah in order for me not to be a faggot, I should contribute to thread

>Storm of Steel, Ernst Junger. Also reading the poems of Octavio Paz
>I let myself get lazy during covid, and now I'm back to studying really. I wish I could study in my uni library still, but everything is restricted

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>Against the Day
>Navy OCS
>The studying part is over, which is the only reason I have my phone
>Holy fuck get me out of here I literally haven't moved more than half a mile from my bedroom since October

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Where do you want to practice? If in Europe sure, but for the most part if you want to practice in a common law country (anglosphere) you need to get a common law degree, and as far as I understand it's mostly civil in Europe

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yeah definitely a fed soc freak. and on that autistic grading scale.... jesus... "muh clerkship numbers!"

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i go to bard, it's pretty good desu

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yeah but going to a prestigious school pretty much automatically makes you part of the elite, seems dumb to pass that up

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>book reading
I don't actually read, I just come here to take notes so I can quote from books I have not read irl and trick people into thinking I am intelligent.
I don't go to either, I am above both in my intellect. Academic institutions are only a means of oppressing your own intuition.
I study life and everything, not in the philosophical sense more so I am a student of existence.
>things like during COVID?
I have not noticed anything different, I don't wear a mask, I will not be vaccinated, nobody I know is ill or has been ill and I still socialize as much as I did prior to the "outbreak". Sometimes I walk by people in the street and feign a dry cough just to see their expressions, truly devilish behavior.

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Honestly I don't know. I always wanted to do something related to international law and politics, but I am not sure where. I pretty much want to use law school as a stepping stone into something greater... politics maybe. I guess artistically, I also want to write a book and get published, so there's all that.

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well my advice would be to go to law school in the country in which you live, that'd be the most convenient. Specialize in international law

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I would have had a better time in university if the final for every course was to write a 100 page short story/novella than a 10 page critical essay

>> No.17540449

Thankfully that does not happen.

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They're in the business of training future white-collar workers, not artists. If you want to do creative writing you should be doing a BFA.

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>>book reading
>I don't actually read, I just come here to take notes so I can quote from books I have not read irl and trick people into thinking I am intelligent.
>I don't go to either, I am above both in my intellect. Academic institutions are only a means of oppressing your own intuition.
>I study life and everything, not in the philosophical sense more so I am a student of existence.
>>things like during COVID?
>I have not noticed anything different, I don't wear a mask, I will not be vaccinated, nobody I know is ill or has been ill and I still socialize as much as I did prior to the "outbreak". Sometimes I walk by people in the street and feign a dry cough just to see their expressions, truly devilish behavior.

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Thank you, anon. But do you know anything about international law? Can I make it into something that isn't terrible if I'm not a t14 wanker?

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I enjoy online school more because I'm much more focused on the material. I'm drinking far less and devoting twice as much time to studying and learning. Furthermore, in humanities, many of the classes are in a seminar format, which is a suboptimal way of learning. I'd much rather listen to what this brilliant prof has to say than my classmates. Seminars are more difficult on Zoom, and I feel like many of my profs have compensated by talking more. Finally, if I am tired I can just turn off my camera and lie in bed.

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anyone from oxbridge here?

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fuck U of M

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>nothing because I'm a dopamine-fried media-addicted simpleton
>Indiana University
>All classes are online

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because I'm from michigan

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go to bed nerd

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not really something i could get funding for in my state unfortunately, and too late to swap

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i will say my professors known for novels/poetry did let me do some creative assignments. my conversations with them gave me the feeling I was one of the only students that actually took them up on those.

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Bloomington used to be a kino college town like Ann Arbor, but goddamn does it suck now.
t.former townie

>> No.17540749

Yeah I'm not sure what people see in this place. Kirkwood is just that Kilroy bar, overpriced apparel and fast food. But im also a bit of a misanthrope so I was never in a position to really enjoy that stuff.

>> No.17540847

Kirkwood was always a bit shit, but it seems to always get worse. Just a lot of local places with actual personality have closed, or turned into a shell of their former selves (i.e. Tracks). Around the time Rhino's closed and the Chocolate Moose moved into that new building was when Bloomington stopped feeling like home when I visited.
But, I'm pretty sure Soma on Kirkwood is still cool. Alley Bar is the best place within walking distance of campus to get a drink. And go eat at Do on 4th if you haven't yet.

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Ok, simulation overlord, you've really been taking it too far this year.

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tell me about respondus lockdown browser
Im being told to install it
Is it as fascist as it sounds?

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For what it's worth I pulled that name out my ass, sorry if I gave you a nervous breakdown.
also, for your own sake, see a therapist.

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i was just playing along with you.

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I'll get you for this Chris.
Don't sleep tonight

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>What book are you currently reading?
The Doctor Who Fooled the World by Brian Deer

>What are you studying?

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Oh hey I'm also reading that!
Anthropology at Berkeley, really annoyed at covid since I'm a transfer student and it cucked me out of getting to experience campus and irl classes. Maybe next year...

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>The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government
>Epistemology of the Internet, some bullshit art appreciation course, a lab, and a math class. Just graduation requirements.
>miserable. I miss my friends.

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Not duh heckin wacism duderino!!!?

>> No.17542507

Are you Jewish?

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Anyone doing engineering at an ex-poly here (UK) (aka brainiet who fucked about during sixth form)

>> No.17542524

American universities seem of a much higher standard than British ones, or maybe I'm wrong. Does part of your university experience include living in the inner city equivalent of Detroit too? That's the classic student living in the UK

>> No.17542530

well there are two fairly decent universities in Detroit (wayne state and u of detroit mercy)

>> No.17542548

I meant that as a student in the UK, you always end up living in the roughest most shithole areas.
What is accomodation like for yank universities?

>> No.17542563

that sort of depends. generally, you'll live in a dormitory your freshman and maybe your sophomore year. for upperclassmen, they tend to find some living situation of their own for the last two years. if your school is in a city or some place that can accommodate that, then it's all good. incidentally i'm >>17542442 and my school is in the middle of bumfuck nowhere so you are neigh on forced to stay in the dorms all four years, or the fraternities (which are semi-college owned) but that is an exception from what i gather.

>> No.17542569

I never went to college. I elected instead to live hard with the misfits of society and became an infantryman at the height of OEF. Combined with my readings, my experiences have given me a perspective on life you really can't develop if you've chosen to be soft. You can read about people like me in college, sure, but that's as close as you'll get.

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In the UK you get to live in these monstrosities.
I'm sure another UK anon here could talk about the stupid actions of our former PM Tony Blair in radically altering the value and experience of university education but I don't know enough on it.

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doesn't this largely depend on the UK college? I've heard St Andrews, Oxford and Cambridge offers pretty good acommodation, but those universities are far from the norm. Not sure about University College London and King's College, but since they're located in London I assume It'd look more like your pic related?

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>>What book are you currently reading?
The Denial of Death
>What college or university are you attending?
ENSA Grenoble
>What are you studying?
>What are things like during COVID?
i have permission to go to school just for project studio so thats cool i guess.

>> No.17542968

>ENSA Grenoble
do you want to be an architect?

>> No.17542982

why tf do you think im there for man?

>> No.17543040

Just don't become the new Le Corbusier

>> No.17543042

Same except the infantry but thats something I would have liked to have done.

>> No.17543047

Its the exact opposite nigga. I boosted my grade so much due to online exams that I was admitted in a masters degree 10x better than I ever expected lol
Thank god for the chinks, those niggas saved my career

>> No.17543057

which uni?

>> No.17543064

Corb is overrated af.

>> No.17543103

yeah he sucks ass.

>> No.17543397

My brother goes to Berkeley. I'm somewhere around p. 200. That sucks ass, I can't imagine going to college minus the social experience

>> No.17543436

I´m from Portugal, I was at a shit business college for my bachelors and got admitted into one of the top 3 business schools of my Country for my masters.

>> No.17543444

Fascists never had anyone instal spy software so no.

>> No.17543454

God, why do you still sound so obnoxious then? Why are you even here?

>> No.17543458

Damn, congratulations, anon!

>> No.17543471

thank you! :) but I was extremely carried due to corona, it was mostly luck

>> No.17543474

Pasolini essay anthology
University of Buenos Aires
I'm studying abroad, stuṕid bank froze my account, now I can only receive money through W.U, almost starve twice when pandemic started, I flunked all my classes.

>> No.17543483

well, we all need to get lucky at some point too.

>> No.17543508

he has a tabula rasa approach for everything.

>> No.17543536

I went to trade school.

>> No.17543614

I'm there now and I'm GTFO right into university afterwards. It's good to have some trade skills under your belt but I can't stand filthy, sweaty, joint-destroying labour for the rest of my life.

>> No.17543638

Good to realize that early, rather than late.

>> No.17543901

Is Argentina as bad as it's made out to be?

>> No.17543910

Rather than mediocre office work?

>> No.17543945

kys chuds

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Some Turkish uni
Master's in English Lit.
Lockdown at weekends.

QUESTION: is there any chance of me getting a PhD Scholarship anywhere outside Turkey in the same field? (any suggestions?)

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I live near and am planning on going to University of Michigan. I've been reading Infinite Jest, V, The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years, and Decay of the Angel.

>> No.17543987

How do you cope with the fact that you will have you academic education certainly subverted at some point? By Marxist, leftists etc etc etc

>> No.17544000

He goes to a top 10 american uni and doesnt seem black so yes, he probably is jewish

>> No.17544014

You mean currently with what has been going on economically? I don’t know as for super recent but I was there about 2 years ago and it seemed liked business as usual. The dollar can buy you so much it’s crazy.

>> No.17544019

That’s dope. Argentina has the best steak in the world and it’s not even close. It’s unreal.

>> No.17544102

Yes and no, you can really notice the decay in both the infrastructure and the people, they seem washed out, lots of hobos and addicts (my hometown is twice as big and we don't have that type of problem), crime is not as bad as in my country but still somewhat shocking at times, haven't had the opportunity to wonder thoroughly but it's pretty much a parody of a major European city.
On the good side, most people are nice, once they know I'm not Peruvian or Bolivian or Paraguayan, they really hate those guys, this is the first place I've been discriminated due to my physical appearance. The whiteness thing really is a meme, there are more white people than elsewhere in the region but I wouldn't call this a white country; the women are gorgeous and the men are sexy. Everything is cheap to foreigner, inflation is high so you have to carry a lot of money with you when going shopping. The food is good, but lacks vegetables and spices.
They drink a lot. They're noisy. Sundays are hell 'cause almost everything is closed.
It is, though the weather makes it not so appetizing.

>> No.17544143

I meant with regards to crime and general health of Argentine society.

>> No.17544168

That doesn't sound so bad actually. In western Europe, where I am from, I feel like I can feel society (and the nation's will to exist) slowly decaying and degenerating, due to an increasingly rabid liberal social political force and mass immigration. Most big cities aren't nice places to raise a family anymore
E.g. we had BLM riots last year and left wing iconoclasm because the retards wanted to copy America.

>> No.17544272

It's not bad, just harder than elsewhere, what they lack is cheerfulness and serenity. They're really impatient and dramatic.
As for the spirit of the people, all I can see is they're tired of being let down, what you is a nation trying to find stability. Though, too, I see the poison of American politics and culture swooping the nation.

>> No.17544317
File: 37 KB, 400x600, B9C57F4E-3E7E-4479-B89B-530EE0BAE9F4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No, I’m not Jewish. I was raised Protestant and went to a Catholic boarding school.

I’m a white male.

What type of architecture are you interested in?

>> No.17544472

>What type of architecture are you interested in?

>> No.17544555

Knowledge and the Flow of Information by Fred Dretske
University of Sherbrooke
Quebec was in hard lockdown until a few days ago so not much is happening.

>> No.17544582

sup another umich alum here
rochester reporting

>> No.17544601

ann arbor is literally the worst town in michigan and it's not even close

>> No.17544647


>> No.17544735

it's extremely expensive, the food is bad, the students are annoying, the townies are insufferable, there's absolutely zero culture but it imagines itself as some sort of "oasis of sanity" -- basically, there's a pervasive aura of arrogance which has been wholly unearned since Iggy Pop left

>> No.17545095

Hardly sounds bad, what about crime, cleanliness of the streets etc

>> No.17545102

northern oakland county represent

>> No.17545130

>Complete works of Gary Lutz
>None. Previously the University of Melbourne
>Rejected law and dental school. Going to med school next year.
>Wish I had more friends to hang out with

>> No.17545172

>cities of the red night
>st Mary's, Twickenham
>creative writing and film
>I'm taking a gap year this year so LUL at the freshers having a shit first year, hopefully it'll be back to normal in September

>> No.17545390

homelessness is getting progressively higher especially during covid, buildings are rapidly decaying, new developments are ghastly, needles are an occasional sight and abandoned booze everywhere

Troy Boy detected

>> No.17545409

Hello faggots, I am also Rochesterfag. This place is boring, the people are kind of insufferable, but hey I like the nature, and at least I can buy overpriced drinks in downtown Rochester.

and U of M students are massive jabronis with massive stipends. I used to have friends in U of M and would go there regularly for parties and get drunk. I've never seen so much fucking cocaine than in Ann Arbor. They're all a bunch of junkies too.

Grand Rapids is the new "cool" place to live in Michigan if you like BREWERIES

>> No.17545535

Sounds epic styley

>> No.17545551

Damn, cheers m8

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>> No.17546651

Umich engineering reporting in

>> No.17546881

>Hello faggots, I am also Rochesterfag. This place is boring, the people are kind of insufferable, but hey I like the nature, and at least I can buy overpriced drinks in downtown Rochester.

paint creek trail is real... also lots of good food in the region though not really rochester proper outside of pizza
love to spend $13 at pennys and watch 28 year old chaldeans try to fuck divorced milfs
are u /rhs/ /ahs/ or /schs/

>> No.17547005

go on a fucking hike and stop whining. it's only -20

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