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forest anon has posted a new video
I do hope that none of you have forgotten about our most committed /lit/bro

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That guy would join ISIS if it was still a thing

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you say that like it's a bad thing

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He would not.

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That was nice how he offered to help that guy who flipped his truck on the ice.
The fuck?

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Why would someone go to the forest only to get attention in youtube.

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We're the ones who told him to start posting on YouTube.
Lurk a bit more newfag.

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next level larp autism

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Just a matter of time

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Can someone post the original thread of him? It's a comfy read

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I'll see if I can find it. That thread was amazing.

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forest anon is a fucking hero and a legend.

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It would be a larp except he's actually doing it.

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Based. Love forest anon.

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Butterfly this is the first time I've strongly agreed with something you've posted. You alright.

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Actually living in a powerless hut in the woods, aiming for self-sufficiency, and spending most of his free time reading kinos is larping?

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Oh anons, how naïve can you guys get?

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His teeth are literally falling out and he had to take a train once to his old town just to see his best friend. And if you look at the comments on some of his videos you can see his friends telling him how much they miss him. Stay mad.

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He has ice on his beard. He's going to get frostbite.

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beards don't get frostbite anon.

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he's going to endure. even if his mortal shell crumbles, he's going to endure.

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hence why mr anon said *he* will get frostbite and not *it* will get frostbite.
Anything else you'd like to add, Mr. Retard? or will that be all

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You don't get frostbite from a beard.

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I believe he was saying that since the temperature had dropped so far that Mr. Forestanon was getting large amounts of frost & ice in his beard, it was surely cold enough to produce frostbite

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he made an error in execution and for this the collective mind of /lit/ will see him punished. interfere no further.

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I see.
Farewell, Mr. Anon.

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a very based man

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>actually goes through with living in the wilderness
>still browses 4channel
admirable but depressing. butterfly should visit and let him be her first (man), out of respect for his dedication to this board

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I’d bring supplies and books. He probably needs to see a dentist too.

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Based Butterfly bring him a good book and some cloves for his tooth pain

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based queen, I will simp for you

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He's still the one operating it tho

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Is forest anon gonna die

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Either commit proper and full or don't, what he's doing is larp, ted k wasn't larp because he actually went off the map and lived properly
That dudes either gonna commit suicide indirectly by pretending to do whatever the fuck he's doing or he's gonna come back into society I hope it's the latter.
This shit isn't healthy, you should participate in the world and improve it, not cuck out like an animal

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Just to be clear I think ted k was also a faggot loser who did nothing but worsen things more with his messiah complex narcissism and retarded ideology

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you sound mad kid

jealous you couldn't live the life he does?

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>stop liking things I don't like it's wrong

>> No.17514334

You're reaching too hard. Imagine being this angry at a hobo in the forest.
>Either commit proper and full or don't
Commit to what exactly? Forestanon said he wanted to just be a hobo in the woods. And that's exactly what he committed himself to do and is doing it. And he seems a lot happier than you anon. Stop being a purist. Kaczynski camped in his neighbor's backyard and would hitch rides from him to buy tuna and graham crackers. Sounds like you have a more personal problem with Forestanon. Who knows what that problem really is.

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I'm just mad that you fags think this lame bullshit is cool, does literally nothing when he has his mind on the internet somewhere, just transporting yourself into a forest isnt enough and probably harmful, dude's wasting his life I hope he doesn't die

>> No.17514392

>All this newfaggotry, unreasonable seething and disgusting tripfag behavior
this is the worst forest anon thread ever. Congrats!

>that meeting with the trucker though
wish he would talk more about what he has been reading though and his impressions

>> No.17514410

at least you admit you're mad, and mad for no good reason. ill give you credit for that.

>> No.17514425

>I'm just mad that you fags think this lame bullshit is cool
See this >>17514297

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>Truck laying on its side
>"I hope I see you again under better circumstances"

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>crystal castles and snowstorms
>birds are his supervisors
Just when I thought I couldn't love forestanon more. I was worried about the avalanches for a minute there. Forestanon if you see this, for next winter order some bunny boots.

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i like how friendly he was with the guy who crashed off the icy road.

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resentful little bitch that feels he owes society. ngmi.

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>his teeth are falling out
no evidence of this. and even if it were true, you can put them back in.

>> No.17514595

>never watched his videos
he showed his teeth in a video. the back of his mouth is nothing but gums.

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He's missing eight teeth and I don't think he was counting the broken one he was pointing at.

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Based butters.

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are you genuinely retarded?

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I'm always happy to see forestbro is doing fine.

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I dont wanna "make it" I'm what I am and I'll be what I'll be, unlike you faggots chasing phantoms I'm enjoying every moment

>> No.17514801

>I'm enjoying every moment
he said while seething on an anonymous image board

>> No.17514803

We all are, anon

>> No.17514804

And? I enjoy being an enraged faggot on here

>> No.17514807

>"i am happy not being happy"
>haha that'll show them how much happier I am

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You don't sound like you're enjoying anything anon.

>> No.17514827

It is a bad thing.

>> No.17514875

Buddhism in a nutshell.

>> No.17514880

He 100% has sex with children.

>> No.17514886

kek no.

>> No.17514894

I don't pretend to be an enlightened monk retard, I am in the world I am of the world and I'll enjoy everything society has to offer good or bad I don't take pride in cowering away and larping as a monk or a recluse

>> No.17514908

>I'll enjoy everything society has to offer good or bad I
EXCEPT for the parts of society I dont like i.e. the reculse hermit parts of society.

>seriously what is your derangement problem? you argue and talk like a 14 yo downie.

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You can't greentext faggot

>> No.17514938

This or some other fucked up shit, he's srsly repressing something

>> No.17514970

Yes, all those unattended children living two days hike into the mountains...

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You big mad
He big glad
Don't be sad
Be like chad

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>larping as a monk or recluse
Pretty sure if you're larping either of those for a few years solid, people consider you to be a monk or recluse.

>> No.17514983

Anon probably thinks actual monks are LARPing. Everyone except him is a buggy NPC who couldn't have different motivations to him.

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>spends hours on the internet arguing that if he were in a forest, he would be better at getting the fuck off the internet
>compared to the guy who uses the internet about once a month to provide proof of life and bird pictures or reading recs
I dunno anon. I think if you were out in the forest, you'd be just as desperate to let us all know how you'd be doing better if only you had yet another someone else's life.

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Unbelievably based Butterfly

>> No.17515401


Jesus fuck. 2 days walk in a snowstorm for boots
I wish that guy lived close to me. I could give him so much shit I no longer need and would be useful for him.

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Why doesn't he brush his teeth?

>> No.17515457

>tfw you've never harvested beard ice to make your morning tea with

>> No.17515651

autism is one hell of a drug

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>cooking your own semen not to starve
Imagine the smell.

>> No.17515688

He doesn't have teeth to brush anymore

>> No.17515716

So, his real motivation for moving to the woods is to stay off meth?

>> No.17515766

Shut the fuck up bro that's not even cum, semen doesn't look anything like that when you cook it.

>> No.17516450

I hope this loser dies a horrible death. From his voice and bearing alone I can tell he is a shitty person and human being who doesn't deserve life.

>> No.17516474

Who pays for his phone service?

>> No.17516486

Why so much hate for forest anon suddenly?

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>> No.17516548

I assume he goes to a place with free wifi.
Just ask him

>> No.17516592

>2 days walk
>went to free wifi to shitpost daily in the past
Yeah BS. Who pays his phone bills!

>> No.17516602

If this were true he would still post on 4chan. Use your brain. WHO PAYS THE PHONE BILLS!!!

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>to shitpost daily in the past
>in the past
>when he was living in a house

1. He is concentrating on the YouTube videos
2. Starbucks won’t let you use 4chan

Use your brain

>> No.17516696

Butters is based for defending forestanon. Jews and good goys ITT seething over anybody breaking out of the simulation

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> brain 404

>> No.17516879

This man will never eat ze bugs. Glad to see the forest’s recovered from the fire. Stay based

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he's said he works seasonal jobs such as ranch-handing during the summer for money. I know your parents probably pay for your nice Verizon 5g service so you think a phone bill is like $100 per month, but phone bills are not very expensive. if you were to work for a few weeks you can just pre-pay for all 12 months. watch his videos you fucking newfags

>> No.17516925

He probably eats bugs though

>> No.17516931

No he posted from his cabin in the woods you dumb fucking tranny.
You're also a dumb tranny

>> No.17516939

Sounds like he isn't based at all. I thought he was forging his own path? So it just turns out he is another LARPer who needs society after all?

>> No.17516948

Does this guy ever pretend to be 'forging his own path'? Isn't his thing just 'im going to go live in a hut in the forest'

>> No.17516958

watch his videos or get the fuck off of the board retard

>> No.17516967

No, I don’t think so
Sounds like you’re a LARPing contrarian coward.

>> No.17516971

This seems like projection

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Alright anon, that's enough. You need a fap and a nap. Come back when you're refreshed and ungrumpified.

>> No.17517105

this looks cool. what does he read?

>> No.17517360

goddamn look at those melons

>> No.17517379

you are supposed to suppress this pun, anon. you know how many anons before you succeeded in not sinking so low? shame on you.

>> No.17517432

i know i've been weak.
i just really like melons.
there was a snowstorm yesterday and i'm really eager for summer to arrive so i can grow some delicious canteloupes and seedless watermelons.

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File: 1.77 MB, 1242x677, vaporwave boogie w text.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon the watermelons will still have those black seeds, no? why must you lie and say they're seedless

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It's just the same 3 people who hate him and ruin forestanon threads.
like this guy for example >>17516450
says the same thing everytime. see pic related from a month ago.

Have you ever been outside and walked through a city? 60% of homeless people have cell phones and forest anon still takes seasonal jobs to make money.

Key words:
>Posting in the past
>Recently bacame unbanned
Holy fuck you are retarded and likely brown.

>> No.17518079

based as always. I wish forest anon all the best.

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>Shut the fuck up bro that's not even cum, semen doesn't look anything like that when you cook it.
>semen doesn't look anything like that when you cook it.
>when you cook it.

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Seething incels ITT are mad because they're intimidated by the unconscious and carefree sexiness of the forestanon

>> No.17518448

kek the amount of times Pepe made me laugh is unreal

>> No.17518509


>> No.17518556

hey.. where is the cara delevigne pic?

there are some cool ones in Carnival Row s01e03

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>> No.17518636
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you will not get your schlong wet no matter what you say

convert to one real pepe and go to horny prison

>> No.17518687

my t-mobile bill is like 50 bucks. if you put 12000 dollars in some bond etf thats around 5% return, you'll get enough to cover that coming in monthly.

>> No.17518703

dont poison him with your retarded "books"

>> No.17518731

Thanks OP, and bless you Forestanon.

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