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Will you be preordering her book /lit/?

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Imagine spending that much money on an 80 page book.

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stop triggering me

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>#1 bestseller in teen and young adult fiction about values and virtues
It should #1 bestseller in home decor, because that’s what people will be using it as

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i would get it for free, if i were interested

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>80 pages for $15
I'm currently reading a hardcover with over 3 times the page count for the same price.

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After reading her quote talking about how she’s unique in writing political poetry makes it impossible for me to take her seriously. How can somebody who clearly doesn’t have even a basic knowledge of poetry be considered the greatest young poet in the USA? Her poems are barely even fucking political, it’s all just typical benign shit.

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Does anyone have the image of Pepe on a TV screen with the text "SUFFER"
I feel like that right now

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I'm going to cum in it and return it

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For (You)

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thank you senpai

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Almost like the only thing going for her is gender and race

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If you want a good black poet who actually talks about racial inequality in America, surely you’d just buy Gil Scott Heron’s books. He actually has one called the nigger factory

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Poetry is dead.

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>If you want a good black poet who actually talks about racial inequality in America
i dont

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how can a hardcover of the book be 15 dollars, but a digital copy (which I assume only works on kindle) is 10 dollars? what? a digital copy should cost 1/10th a physical copy

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Congratulations, you just found out that this is a money making scam

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no one is going to force fat 50 year old american housewives to pay 10 dollars for a DRM'd digital copy of an 80 page poetry book, but they will anyway

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Kinda disgusting
If i werent white, i'd get into this business to make some money.

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pen name, bro. pick something brown sounding like Patel

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>Wow look at me I'm reading a 300 page book guys isn't that so interesting hurr durr
You overpaid for that too, retard. Stop buying new books

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why would I waste 15$ for 80 pages to wipe my ass with when I can convert 15$ to 52.5 million bolivares that will last me far longer?

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