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Nice try

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And who would be the most Aryan philosophers in your view?

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elon musk

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I see. All the greats that got their starts on /lit/

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He's correct, anti natalists have tunnel vision and think their opinions apply to all

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And at the same time he’s wrong for naming life affirming philosophers. We can see his trad cath agenda in everything he posts. A dead and dying cult that is ultimately antinatal in fact.

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Every philosopher. They're all reddit soibois who just scream over anyone trying to talk "NUH UH I'M RIGHT YOURE WRONG NANANANANNANA I CAN'T HEAR YOU I CAN'T HEAR YOU I'M RIGHT I'M RIGHT I'M RIGHT"

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> revisit lit
> still the same old children

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When Witt was a teacher he beat a student unconscious

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this but ironically

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yes but these are also 4chan philosophers

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nietzsche's not an antinatalist u turd

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Learn to read, pisspuddle.

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this but unironically. They won't bother screaming, it is all about down voting.

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And bans, but mostly down voting.

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Hot Ziggety's deconstruction of The Golden Bough was flimsy and hollow.

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Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Epicurus, Charles Darwin, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens

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Accurate list, but none of them are philosophers, save for Epicurus and Marx.

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What makes a philosopher?

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Surely the spenglerian mystic in your pic is not related.

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Nowadays? A degree, anon. That is what makes doctors, mathematicians, psychologists, computer scientists or whatever. People without a degree are thinkers, healers, enthusiasts or whatever.

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Concerning oneself with fundamental questions; on your list only Epicurus concerns himself (mainly) with fundamental questions, the rest are natural scientists and "scientists".

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Who are 4chan(nel) philosophers?

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ah fuck tripfag is right

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What is the IDW you may ask? The intellectual dark web (IDW) refers to a group of people who have been marginalized by the mainstream media and academia for their heterodox political views. They are usually politically liberal, but hold unorthodox opinions on race, gender, immigration or Islam that contradict the progressive orthodoxy. The movement grew out of the cultural backlash against social justice and political correctness in mainstream media.

Some examples include Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Andy Ngo, Tim Pool, Douglas Murray, Sargon of Akkad. The IDW is not about racism or sexism, it's about defending free speech at all costs. They are the true liberals imo and can be seen as a backlash against a sort of Cultural Marxism. The IDW has been often criticized by the left for being 'alt-right' sympathizers and even alt right themselves. But this is not true, as they are against racism and sexism.

Their objective is to provide a counter-narrative against the far left narratives being pushed by mainstream media. The IDW can be considered as an anti-establishment movement that comes from the center right perhaps, and although they are not 'part' of it, some dissidents in the alt-right have expressed their support for them. But this does not mean that members of the IDW themselves identify with or are part of the alt right. The IDW's core values are based on classical liberalism and freedom of speech. They often criticize the modern left for being authoritarian, intolerant and opposed to free speech as well as the alt right.

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If a pedo dislikes them they're probably doing something right

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>A degree
Maybe that's your definition. I can think of quite a few, even modern, philosophers who didn't possess one, and yet are considered philosophers by mainstream sources. Degrees are only relevant for those other fields because they are sciences, philosophy is different (mainly because it's non-falsifiable and subjective), and I consider most of the meme personalities I listed philosophers, except for Tyson, and mayyybe Einstein. For the latter, it depends on how much one considers his main contribution to physics (relativity) as metaphysically/philosophically relevant. I could understand if one didn't consider him such.
>the rest are natural scientists and "scientists".
Yes, but most of them more or less propose philosophical and/or metaphysical positions. Richard Dawkins proposes a metaphysical theory in Selfish Gene to replace Darwin's, Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, which is fundamentally metaphysical. Dawkins even has his own, mostly braindead, books on religion as well. "Fundamental questions" can be a lot of things.

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>What makes a philosopher?
Being honest with himself and in his search of the truth.

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specifically r/t_d

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100% this, although 4chan seems to like a lot of them too, or at least they fall for the same shit thats peddled by the IDW.

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>they defend free speech
oh there's definitely some speech you could do that would make most of those guys flip a gasket

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This kek

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The most reddit philosophers that I can think of are:
Rene Descartes
David Hume
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jeremy Bentham
Sigmund Freud
Jean-Paul Sartre
John Rawls
Michel Foucault
Noam Chomsky
Jacques Derrida
Slavoj Žižek

It's this mix between basic feel-good liberalism, French obscurantism and anti-authoritarianism, psychoanalysis and moral laxity, and Greco-Roman self-help that is essentially reddit.

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The final component that I forgot is the slight utilitarian and scientific positivism. If you mesh those together and make sure not one ingredient is quite too difficult to understand you get the dish that is Reddit.

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I'd add Marxists but I have the feeling they are too long-winded that anybody on Reddit actually read them.

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him and all empiricists, materialists, physicalists

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Every philosopher becomes reddit if you take him to his extremes

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Yes, because I'm worried about how this can end. And it doesn't matter, you don't have to be a philosopher to philosophize. Same goes for physics and everything else.

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