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Dang, I had a really good word but forgot. After saying this now I shall remember to frame the word in my mind, no more wonder than reflection s' I have done, and in this moment remember forever on!

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i hate the word liminal, why did all the whingeing faggots starts using this all the time all at once?

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Oh jeeze these might be too small brain for this thread




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More like back anal hahahaba

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Definition of corpuscle
1: a minute particle
2a: a living cell
especially : one (such as a red or white blood cell or a cell in cartilage or bone) not aggregated into continuous tissues
b: any of various small circumscribed multicellular bodies

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Neat, so a moody twilight-hunting amoeba would be a capricious crepuscular corpuscle

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> licentious


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So honored to have butterfly tranny in my thread.

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Ha! Nailed it!

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Rude dubs
Take a lap

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Gonna have to work cognoscente and dilettante into my regular vocab.



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What's this






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Like buffet?

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posting a random selection from my word journal:

palpebrate – adj – having eyelids
polychrest – n – a drug medicine of value as a remedy for several diseases
impost – n – an imposed tax; a block, capital, or molding from which an arch springs
jerque – v – to search a ship for contraband or undeclared goods
currete – n – a surgical instrument designed to remove material by scraping, particularly from within the uterus, and formerly an implement for abortion; procedure: curettage
obnubilate – v – to darken, obscure, or cover with or as though by a cloud
mussitation – n – movement of the lips as in speech but without sound; mouthing
amimic – n – the loss or impairment of gestural communication

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more randoms, with more adj

cyclorama – n – a large pictorial representation encircling the spectator, usu. set on a curved wall
riparian – adj – relating to or living or located on the bank of a river
alluvium – n – clay, silt, sand, gravel, or other detritus deposited by running water
ludic – adj – of, relating to, or characterized by play; playful
convivial – adj – relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company
vitreous – adj – of, relating to, derived from, consisting of, or resembling glass
filiation – n – a filial relationship; the adjudication of paternity; descent or derivation esp. from a culture or language; the act or process of determining such relationship
sumptuary – adj – relating to personal expenditures and especially to prevent extravagance; designed to regulate extravagant expenditure or habit, esp. on moral or religious grounds
preciosity – n – overrefinement in art, music, or language, esp. in the choice of words

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verschlimmbessern: to make ultimately worse by repeated attempts of betterment

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You are a wonderful man
I love you

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German word faggot

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The only way this could look less Bacchanalian would be if it were lit by a single, flickering fluorescent tube.

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Are you reading Fagles Iliad anon?

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Women love this word.
Anybody ever unlucky enough to share decision making capacities with a woman will undertand the popularity.

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might as well just copy/paste a latin dictionary at this point

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Just read The Glass Bees by Ernst Jünger, he seemed to like this word (or at least the translator did).

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aw don't hate me cause i'm beautiful nigga

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Beata Maria...

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"Liliputaner" used to be a fairly common word in German literature, but it's not exactly pc anymore.

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he knows 0.0

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How is The Glass Bees?
I’ve been thinking of picking up a sci fi novel to read alongside The Magic Mountain because it’s such heavy reading

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my nigga did u even read the thread

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