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I've never in my life read book written by a female.

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good taste

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You’re missing out on the greatest active writer

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true, he didn't read my diary

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A shame, you are denying yourself many wonderful stories. I suggest reading Margaret Weis’s Dragon Brigade trilogy if you are into /sffg/. It is a very enjoyable story.

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Everyone is female. All books you've read have been written by female authors.

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I've never in my life talked to a female

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and that's a good thing. There is only so much time in this world, and it's best you don't waste it on writing that tries to imitate men. Why not just read men?

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I'm sorry you never had the chance to meet your mom, anon.

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>Dragon Brigade trilogy
Sounds really enthralling...

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I'll never in my life be a female.

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I've never in my life looked at a female

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ayn rand is 1,000x smarter than you'll ever be you dumb sexist kike nigger

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Sorry, I meant to say a female that wasn't related to me by blood.
Pretty cool

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It really is a nice fantasy story! It has dragons and magic in a quasi-early modern Europe setting. The cool thing is that the story takes place on floating islands in the sky, a trope I don’t see enough of.

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teach me

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anytime I see a woman I draw a penis on their crotch

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Yeah, glad you enjoy it champ. Anything that gets kids reading.

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You should, some are very good

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I've met his mom

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I was forced to read a book by a woman but found out later it was written by her dad so still haven't read a book written by a woman.

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who would emotionally manipulate you like that? I'm so sorry anon

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I mean you're missing out on Sappho, Anna Komnene, Virginia Woolf, George Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Agatha Christie, Daphne du Maurier, Anna Kavan, abd many others. I'd say you shouldn't deprive yourself of enjoying kino /lit/ because the writer is a woman anon.

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My 6th grade teacher. I think she was a cryptojew. Hence why we read Anne Frank

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>mfw same

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Anglo women write shit books. So I can't blame you in that.

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We've all met his mom, it's hardly something to brag about.

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sometimes they are good. most of the time pretty shite compared to their contemporaries.

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Post tatas

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>I've never in my life read book
Oh, it shows.

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Harry Poitter

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Is this supposed to be a flex? Your close-mindedness is preventing you from enjoying brilliant works of literature. No academic would ever be able to take you seriously.

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Good, stay away from my Sappho.

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i don't even know what you anons mean with female

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>Your close-mindedness is preventing you from enjoying brilliant works of literature.
Like what?

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Like Harry Potter.

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Is this supposed to be some kind of incel accomplishment?

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Anything by george eliot

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everyone who posts this meme is a glasses wearing onions faggot without a single doubt.