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>/science-fiction and fantasy general/
Thread topic: Since horror is often firmly centered within fantasy and sci-fi, post your favorite horror sci-fi and fantasy. Bonus points for deep cuts.

Previous Thread: >>17148020

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



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First for fuck the discord poster.

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currently slogging through 'The Only Good Indians'. Did anyone finish it and can tell me just what I'm missing... it just seems so shit

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What book are you reading to start off the new year?

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The story I read that scared me the most was The Whistling Room by Carnacki but I was 7 at the time. Not sure how it would affect me today.
The creepiest book I read as an adult was House of Leaves.
Based on this, suggest something else, /lit/

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>mfw checking out Good Reads fantasy and SF winners
Who votes this shit in?

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he is in retrospective an overlooked fantasy author as far as mainstream goes

>this place still doesn't support webp format

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*In retrospect, esl

or retrospectively, he is etc

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>rhythm of war finally back in stock and cheap
>bookdepository won't deliver to yurop

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You are retarded for a multitude of reasons

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i won't eat the bugs, i won't live in the pod and i will not read ebooks

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Ebooks are good for many reasons. I read them almost exclusively and I don't give a fuck about the environment at all.

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I'm almost through the 1st book, when does this get good?

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When you try to explain things you didn't like about it and people call you dumb.

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I bought the hard cover edition in Europe during the early pre-order stage for 20€ on Amazon.

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They might be a key part of the book but it's annoying to read a sudden interjection.

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>won't eat the bugs

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I think it's time for a re-read of LotR, as I finished the Hobbit last weekend. I also have 2 collections of horror stories, one has 4 novellas by Algernon Blackwood and the other is pic related, thought it was interesting and got it. What about you anon?

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Tavagerian is the new odium
Teft dies
Navani is the second bondsmith
Kaladin gets his plate

There, just saved you 1200 pages of filler.

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jokes on you i was already spoiled
bugs are friends not food

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I have read arguments that pic related could be understood to be a science fiction novel, which piqued my interest. For any of you who have read it, do you think that is the case? I'm not asking out of its outer-/lit/ meme status, but would actually like to know.

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amazon has the hardcover for 12 bri'ish pounds which is cheaper even with shipping so I'm getting my sandersoy either way

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Whoops, didn't realize the other thread was dead before posting there.
Seconding Axiomatic. It's easily my favorite sci-fi short story collection. Luminous was another good one, also by Egan.
Baxter's Vacuum Diagrams is a Xeelee short story collection that presents many different things happening in different stages of its chronology.
I started and read the first few pages of Of Sea and Shadow last night.

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Sorry sandersoy, but you’re getting the trashy British version :)

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I fell for the minimalism meme so all my other sandersoy hardcovers are the bri'ish versions too

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The covers are ugly as fuck tho.

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Are there any good novels that feature Mechs at all?

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Better than the shitty U.S. cover desu.

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Guys check out this writer called B.R. Yeager, his Negative Space is so creepy

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There are western novels that feature mechs, as to whether they are good, that'd be up you to decide.

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I have the U.S. version and that's why I know it's shit. Seriously, just look at this cover.

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I didn't like the previous US covers but the RoW one is very pretty

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The description makes me think of Subahibi.

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I mean the Shadesmar stuff is nice but the character's poses are incredibly awkward. The best RoW cover is the Bulgarian version.

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I'm open to anything really

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>i will not read ebooks
This is how I read that part:
>I will be cautious with what books I pick so as not to fall for memes and bad books (even though it's very difficult to determine this before reading)
>I will waste time, money and space with shitty books
>I could well be collecting gawdy collector editions of MCU movies and videogames but books are better

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It is not really a science fiction novel. There are some near future dystopianism and some absurd elements introduced to comment on current society.

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Holy shit Bakker is nasty bros

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how descriptive should my female protagonists nipples be?

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There’s a creature on Bakkers universe with the head the size of a baby fist.

A few chapter later, it’s the size of a palm.

Can some one explain to me if I’m missing something? No spoilers please.

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B.R. Yeager’s Negative Space is a hypnotic collage of message boards, memes, and ruined bodies twisting at the end of a rope.
>message boards
yikes, sounds like some /x/ creepypasta shit

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just read the /lit/ books lol

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Also going to read LoTR. Never read it before and I hope it's worth the hype. I bought a very nice edition at the bookstore last week. Excited to get into it after I finish my current read.

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ebooks are based

So lads, since this is a /hor/ edition, what's a horror book that will truly frighten me.

The only horror books I've read in the last few years are At The Mountains of Madness and pic related. I enjoyed both, but neither left me shaking in pure terror.

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Nothing can leave you "shaking in pure terror" unless you allow let it to emotionally affect you.

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maybe try the battletech novels, the warrior trilogy is pretty good

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Probably just an inconsistency

It's meant to have a tiny face, are you sure it's not the face that's the size of a baby's face and the head that's the size of a palm?


i got you


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Might be, but the discrepancy is still very large. I was wondering if the creature was growing somehow.

Thanks for the answer in any case!

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horror + sci fi part 1
note: this isn't a chart, it's just books from my Calibre library. i haven't read all of this yet, this isn't necessarily an endorsement so chill the fuck out.

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I liked Kraken

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horror + scif i part 2

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When I was 9 I watched an episode of the TV show Sightings on the Sci-Fi channel (now SyFy) that reported on ghosts. I got more scared than I'd ever been in my entire life.

I want to be that scared again.

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horror + fantasy part 1

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horror + fantasy part 2

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How is Tender is the Flesh? I was thinking about reading it, but it sounded like it might be too reliant on shock value.

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horror + fantasy part 3

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It's shit written by a bitter native guy and is successful for that exact reason

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Kraken is a lot of fun

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>book 1 & 2: "nice rack!"
>book 3: explicit elf harem
>book 4: sea monster tentacle rape

>> No.17165551

Nice. It can be a slow read but it's very pleasant at times, with descriptive narration that oozes his love for nature, a lot of references and lore for forgotten or even unknown things (when it comes to the scope of this book) but it's definitely worth taking your time with it.

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I've read The Library at Mount Char and Ghost Story, which I both liked. I also have the Island of dr. Moreau which I'm looking forward to read, and have the Cold Hand In Mine collection on my radar. Also have read plenty of Smith's short stories online, and have Song of Kali by Simmons but haven't read it. Maybe I should take a look into the rest of the books you have there

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It's a tossup between the Dying Earth Omnibus and Wizard Knight that I got for Christmas. Also got The Sorcerer's House which was really comfy.

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>liked the first book a lot
>thought the second book sucked hard
is this one worth reading?

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yea like i said i haven't read most of them, but i try to be discerning when i download this stuff, it's mostly coming from Best Of charts and stuff like that, all stuff i plan on reading.

there's some Stephen King, Joe Hill, Edgar Cantero, Grady Hendrix stuff mixed in that some people here will blow a gasket about. i like reading dumb stuff along with the classics, i also like b-movies, wrestling, punk music, dumb shit like that.

i post these pics to try to get some actual book discussion going. i have to post the disclaimer because i get tired of people bitching that they're not perfect charts. that's because they're not charts and i'm not trying to impress anybody, it's just stuff i've read + plan on reading.

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I've never read Grimscribe but why is Mussolini the cover?

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Any /x/-core anyone can recommend? Started reading The Mothman Prophecies and I hate it so far. Just a bunch of disconnected anecdotes about how X person saw Y weird thing. I assume he ties it together at the end but it fucking sucks right now.

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I almost made it a full 24 hours without having to see this book cover posted here lol.

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Sounds good. I've also read the King in Yellow, the first stories were quite engaging. This and Smith's stories are more interesting than Lovecraft to me, but this whole aesthetic (not so much the cosmic horror, but the 20's investigator or scholar discovering stuff setting) is nice. If you've read Willows by Blackwood, try the Wendigo as well. It's in the collection of 4 novellas of his I posted about earlier.
Carnacki is worth a re-read I'd say, I didn't find the stories I've read so far that scary but they were engaging. Also, it might be worth checking out Blackwood's John Silence:
>Dr. John Silence, created by British author, Algernon Blackwood, is a psychic doctor, in which he employs his special powers to assist those suffering from psychical afflictions.
And WIllows and the Wendigo by Blackwood as well.

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This Year In Reading
174 items, ~48k pages
90 novels
35 light novels
26 novellas
9 short fiction
8 collections
6 magazine issues
0 anthologies
0 nonfiction

Average Page Count: 275
Average Rating: 3.1

Author Estimates
Male: 52
Female: 16
POC: 14
Non-"Western" (arguable): 1-8

Published Years
Pre-70: 23
71-99: 22
01-09: 22
10-14: 26
15-20: 81

Of those 174, only 9 weren't some speculative fiction in some way, and those were almost all thrillers.
What an outlier of an year. It seems unlikely that I'll read this much again, but I have way of surprising myself, since I have no idea how this happened either.
The light novels binges were certainly ill-advised, and I think I've more or less burned myself out on them as a result, which would be for the better.
Surprisingly I didn't read any anthologies, and unsurprisingly no non-fiction either.

Most Enjoyed of Published in 2020:
There weren't any 5 stars among these, and indeed all had their own disappointments.
I'll give the slight edge to The Trouble with Peace (The Age of Madness, #2) - Joe Abercrombie as first among 3.5s.

There were a lot of disappointments this year. The biggest being having multiple authors I thought I really liked, but when I looked at more of their work, I realized that I didn't overall at all. In the case of one author, probably a one hit wonder, which makes me wonder how much I enjoyed that single work.

As for 2021, the most significant change will probably be that I'll attempt to read more nonfiction, as it appears that I haven't for a few years at least.

I could blog a lot more, but eh. Replies as you will or won't.

>> No.17165947

A lot of reading, since March particularly for people who weren't struggling and weren't essential workers it felt like a prime opportunity for reading more. Nice to see them catalogued so precisely. Also shows how little reading I did myself.
Looking forward to the new Abercrobie trilogy as I enjoyed his previous books, but I'm waiting for the last book to be released.

>> No.17165962

Were the magazine issues that terrible, or did you just not rate them?

>> No.17165967

Better than the second book but still sucks. It gets way more into fantasy than the first two.

>> No.17166052

They aren't rated, but they are reviewed, as is most of what's in that image. I'm still thinking over how I want to rate them. Yes, the collections are rated, but at least it's the same author.

Yes, a lot of reading. I played relatively few game and watched relatively little TV or movies. Reading was my primary entertainment for the year.

>> No.17166238

Post a larger pic of your 5* and 4*'s
I can't see shit.

>> No.17166312

Gideon the Ninth is a 4 but Three Body Problem and Absolution Gap are 2s? Sell me on the lesbian YA cringe- what's the appeal?

>> No.17166322

Can you post a larger version of that picture, please?

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are there any nicely written fantasy novels like this one where everyone is going insane and the prose reflects that?

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I like criminal fiction with a supernatural twist.

>> No.17166388

If I zoom in on the image, it doesn't make it any clearer. It's from the stats page on Goodreads. The best you can is simply look at my Goodreads profile. I strongly advise against using what I read this year as suggestions on what you ought to read.

The appeal is I enjoyed myself. For more info, read my review. I couldn't care less what you read, so I'm not going to "sell" you on anything.

>> No.17166395

zoom in on the website then take the picture, dumbass
microsoft even has a built in magnifier tool ffs

>> No.17166414

>The best you can is simply look at my Goodreads profile.
Can you post a link then?
>I strongly advise against using what I read this year as suggestions on what you ought to read.
I just see a number of books that I don't recognize. I'm always looking for new things that might interest me, you know?

>> No.17166421

Zooming in on thumbnails doesn't help any. These aren't full size covers.

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File: 1.25 MB, 633x1562, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got accused of having shitty "woman tier taste" based on my GR reading challenge
what does /sffg/ think?

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File: 1.68 MB, 1433x6992, Screenshot_2020-12-31 2020 Reading Challenge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can you post a link then?
No. You'd just have to join the group in the OP and then you'd know.

I can do that it that way, but it won't have ratings. Seems some book covers refused to load for some reason.

>> No.17166578

Almost all of those are either written by a woman or the protagonist is a woman, so...

>> No.17166648

>No. You'd just have to join the group in the OP and then you'd know.
I don't do any type of social media, so nevermind.

>> No.17166654

Page 1 or never

>> No.17166663

The duality of man

>> No.17166711

4chan is social media.

>> No.17166726

Genre literature is in a weird place where readers who are into it as trend chasers looking to be seen as whatever you want to call them outnumber actual enthusiasts.

>> No.17166735

reviews that I posted on here anyway, which isn't 100% and some were later revised:

>> No.17166737

Maybe check Mask of the Sorcerer. It gets quite schizophrenic

>> No.17166743

I mean anything where I have to register an account.

>> No.17166751

That's called "gaining acceptance and going mainstream"

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I remember seeing something like this but I can't find it again:

1: A core group of people start something.
2: Their friends join.
3: Their friends' friends join. Some of the original members begin leaving as the group quickly deviating away from its founding principles.
4: Various people begin joining.
5: People begin joining for status. Almost none of the originals remain and they no longer have any influence.
6: Mainstream, those who joined from stages 1 to 4 are almost all gone and are only a tiny percentage of the total now. It's nothing at all like how it began.

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File: 443 KB, 2404x1260, women-ruin-everything.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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That's the one!

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File: 1.84 MB, 1313x1600, kellhus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, what does a sorcerous Mark "look" like? Bakker describes it vaguely as being watery, blasted, grotesque, etc. How did you visualize it when reading?

>> No.17166979

Is Memory Sorrow & Thorn worth a read? GRRM says it was one of his biggest influences as a kid; not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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File: 1.73 MB, 3000x1689, 4a1609439823949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've read more female authors than male this year...

>> No.17167015

consider suicide

>> No.17167036

I'm reading Earthsea right now and if you hate Le Guin then I don't know what to tell you

>> No.17167044

this. Le Guin is fantastic. idiots who refuse to read an author just because of their sex are absolutely pathetic and retarded.

>> No.17167048

They're pretty good classic fantasy novels but they're a hard sell to anyone who is already familiar with the genre as they popularized a lot of what could be considered the main tropes of fantasy

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Oh boy it's that time again.
Unfortunately, I can't track all the manga/VNs/short stories through goodreads, and I don't tend to track rereads. :(
My goal this year was 80 and I know I went over 100 so I'll set it at 100 this year to see what happens.

>> No.17167161

>I'm always looking for new things that might interest me, you know?
Radix Tetrad. The time is now.

>> No.17167187

only one book cover is missing, due to the fact that it was launched a few weeks ago and GR doesn't have the cover for it, for some reason

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File: 213 KB, 814x1200, proxima-b-iext65466980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just finishing proxima pretty cool

>> No.17167195

no u

>> No.17167264

Where do you think you are?

>> No.17167309

Is modern fantasy as a subgenre plagued by refusal to really integrate magic into the setting or the complete lack of imagination that comes with having the modernworld as a backdrop?

>> No.17167316

doesnt affect me i only read cosmere

>> No.17167363

What are you favorite tropes?

>> No.17167383

wait so do you autism-fueled magic system or not?

>> No.17167399

I like when a problem could be solved easily by just talking to one another, but instead the characters decided to hide information or be vague about everything for no reason other than to pad the story out...

Is that a trope?

>> No.17167403

Magic systems tend to take the magic out of magic when too autistic. I prefer it when no one really knows how magic really functions but they just do what they know works for them.

>> No.17167422

The big problem with modern fantasy is magic being common but also being a secret. It's incredibly retarded.

>> No.17167430


>> No.17167458

Yeah, it's better for magic to be supremely rare in that type of setting. I like the idea of some portions of the world knowing magic exists but still not interacting with mages and the like because would you? Something you know can be powerful as fuck but something you can never really understand? Better to stay away from the crazy fuck who can make water into whine then associate with him.

>> No.17167471

Well, it's a common problem in real life but not one you'd want to witness in a story. Pretty fucking contrived and boring.

>> No.17167519

When the goofy or comic relief character turns serious and dangerous. I especially love it in visual mediums such as anime where a character usually has squinty/closed eyes and then opens them at a dramatic moment.

>> No.17167524

Is it standalone or is it intended to be read it back to back with Ultima?

>> No.17167529

antagonist joins the party

>> No.17167597

Badass old man who is ripped as fuck
Happiest/silliest character is the most depressed
Sexy female villains wants to fuck the protagonist
Final battle is a fist fight between the main guy and the big bad

And, my favorite, the romantic love interest holds hands with the protagonist at the end

>> No.17167614

>Final battle is a fist fight between the main guy and the big bad
There's almost nothing in the world as hype as this. Sadly it seems to mostly only show up in Japanese fiction

>> No.17167653

In general, a lot of authors can't write a fight scene to save their fucking life. It's embarassing.

>> No.17167689

>What book are you reading to start off the new year?
We're reading Warbreaker on discord.

>> No.17167864

Notre-dame de Paris.
Is it /sffg/?

>> No.17167894

>reading Bakker.
>is more red and black pilled than you guys said.

Does better after the first book? Because this shit is fucking lit right from the get go.

>> No.17167937

>Does better after the first book?
Yes. The first book is essentially a prologue to the rest of the books.... You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The second series are gonna blow your fuggin MIIND.

>> No.17167948

Sanderson, Discord, discussing with degenerates. That's three strikes.

>> No.17168135

I'm sorry to inform you that you are no longer 9 years old.

>> No.17168277

I will...never be a memory.

>> No.17168302

Warbreaker was a good book. It contributed to the genre by being a one-shot with an ending rather than a bloated milkilogy.

>> No.17168308

It's not a one-shot.
Nightblood (Warbreaker #2)

>> No.17168318

It's part of the Cosmere. That's as bloated as it gets.

>> No.17168321
File: 236 KB, 596x596, chichoni-icon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks, looks great

>> No.17168329

It's an unfinished duology.
We never even got the fucking star chart for the Nalthian system.

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File: 467 KB, 400x300, 98ß7ß7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what's a horror book that will truly frighten me
Dunno bro, but I'm going to suggest you try The Quiet Earth

>> No.17168357

All that is after-the-fact retconning. When released, it stood alone

>> No.17168403

Stop posting. Warbreaker and Nightblood were always going to be a duology.

>> No.17168450

Here you go:
The "cognitive anomaly" in orbit is interesting.

>> No.17168456

You stop posting. The book tells a complete story with a beginning, middle and end, which was almost unheard of at that time.

>> No.17168477

It really wasn't. Long series are a modern trend.

>> No.17168489

Absolutely untrue. Unfinished business hoping for a renewal was the rule at that time.

>> No.17168569

when the fuck did this happen
sure won't find out what the COGNITIVE ANOMALY will be for another 20 years
>retconning your own post

>> No.17168604

Whether he had an idea for a sequel at the time doesn't affect the story itself. If you read it, you weren't left in the holding pattern Stephen King and Gurm put you in.

>> No.17168788

elantris was a one-shot before warbreaker and from the same author, wtf are you smoking

>> No.17168796


>> No.17168806

when compared to what came after, it was fairly self-contained
hell the only reason most people read warbreaker is because it ties into stormlight so much

>> No.17168873

Yes it was...those statements aren't contradictory.

>> No.17168883

Why does Sanderson write YA shit like Skyward instead of actually focusing on the Cosmere? W&W #4 has been delayed for forever.

>> No.17169000

W&W IS YA. But I wish he would go back to focusing on storytelling rather than marketing

>> No.17169012

Literally everything Sanderson has written is YA. Almost all SFF in general is YA.

>> No.17169015

>it's not grimderp le sexy sex so it's YA

>> No.17169026

In a sense, yes. But I don't think you could read Mistborn and Wild West Mistborn back-to-back and not say the latter was aged down. Even if you hate the first series and think it's juvenile.

>> No.17169042

>sure won't find out what the COGNITIVE ANOMALY will be for another 20 years
Obviously something to do with the 2 shards mushed together in the cognitive realm.

>> No.17169044
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>Almost all SFF in general is YA.
only modern shit

>> No.17169052

So he doesn't burn out on cosmere projects and pull a GRRM.

>> No.17169056
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Which two Shards?
If you mean Devotion and Dominion, they were Splintered on Sel.

>> No.17169071

Yes, but it's YA with a greater plan. Skyward is just another forgettable YA series.
Agreed, see Wayne for example. Sanderson needs to tone down the quirky sidekick bullshit.

>> No.17169116

And YA is only a curseword in the modern sense. It used to be a coming-of-age ritual. Now it's a validation-of-age ritual.

>> No.17169221

YA is the modern bildungsroman.

>> No.17169242

Lotr is ya. Hobbit is middle grade.

>> No.17169253

How do I into Bakker? Do I start with prince of nothing

>> No.17169261


>> No.17169262

I more or less hate YA solely on the grounds of it being heavy on teenage romance

>> No.17169277

Start with The Darkness that Comes Before, yes

>> No.17169445

Men having sex with each other

>> No.17169471

Teenage romance is the ideal form of love

>> No.17169480
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since this is a /hor/ edition of /sffg/ give me books that are like pic related
like clark ashton smith

>> No.17169530 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.17169636
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>One Piece will finish before the Cosmere
>One Piece will finish before Berserk
Shame about Ch. 1000, what a letdown.

>> No.17169726

>the anime will have 1,000 episodes within a year and a half

>> No.17169768

I don’t read it, was it that bad?

>> No.17169920

>don't consider significant priors when allocating precious resources

>> No.17169979

Generic Luffy wank. No big reveal. The reveal in 999 was bigger than 1000, even.