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How are you this weekend?

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>Stack thread
>Posts shelf pic
Are you new here?

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*bites* :3

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arrived today.
I took the anglo pill.
Anybody else doing the same?

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It’s a horizontal stack after all.

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Wow, anon! You're well read.

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I'm reading a collection of Steinbeck short stories before I go back to rereading Ovid. I finished The Moon is Down today and I really really liked it. Probably my favorite of the four I've read so far. Just Cannery Row and The Pearl left; so far CR in a way feels a little bit like a retelling of Tortilla Flat. I'm only thirty pages in so it has room to grow but the whole aesthetic of it definitely gives me that feeling. It must just be something related to the Great Depression in general, I'd suppose.

Anyway picrel is my stack of Greek/Roman shit to fill out the holes in-between Homer and Virgil. I'm excited to get to it after I finish studying the Metamorphoses a bit more.

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Will be finishing the Iliad today.

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No stack this weekend, I am reading "Oblivion" by DFW in my Kindle Oasis.

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do you guys only ever read fiction?

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Half of this board only ever reads fiction, the other only ever pretends to read philosophy.

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Earlier this year I read "The Rebel League" which was just a history of the WHA association. I don't know anything about hockey but I really enjoyed it.

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apollonius was after virgil fren

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currently on book 2, enjoying it so far

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Yes, 99% of the time. More stacks.

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bit annoyed because I ordered my new amazon stuff to my dormitory by mistake and it might be january before I can read them

comfy shelf

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Anti-Oedipus is fucking hard, gl. The Borges is great too. Good stack
If you're gonna buy books that you never intend to read, at least be easier on your parents and buy them used

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>books that you never intend to read
>at least be easier on your parents

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suh dudes

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truly cursed

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And so was Statius. I know that, it was just a loose turn of phrase to simplify the message, nothing particularly meaningful about it.

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99% of non fiction is just fiction masquerading as the truth for a century until more information becomes known that falsifies what was previously thought of as the "truth".

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based econ books

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>mary beard

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How did you like him?

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He's a Paleo-Con based af

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I think as a total explanation of Austrian economics in one book it's good, pretty heavy overlap with Human Action, but more accessible

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god I wish that was me

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WOAH! Excellent selection.

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>No CS theory books such as SICP
You were so close

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Manga IS literature BAKA

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it's not a stack thread without this pic