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/lit/ memes thread

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This one hitting kinda close OP

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>Hard on by Mike Hunt

Absolute legend

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this isn't a /pol/meme thread retard

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>Books of gay romance and porn
>The antifascist Mein Kampf
Was this legit? Cause that's a lot of effort and embarrassing purchases for just one shitpost.

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Bruh, it's clearly a shop, the letters are gaussian blurred.

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My friend, I have to tell you I don't know shit about gaussian

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Made this in the earlier thread. Honestly, I don't even see it as too meme-y of a cover; I'd buy this edition.

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Which ones do you want? I know all the famous ones.

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Mainly looking for this one

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Do you have my dragon thread meme? I'm too lazy to open my laptop and post it

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old but gold

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did you see the OP meme?
The antitranny meme at least will ensure some quality in life if it jsut nudges a tranny by an inch to suicide

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the OP meme is /lit/. have you never heard of the man without qualities?
stop obsessing over trans people and hating them.

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the other meme literally has a book in it.
That makes it /lit/

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Here's another

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Can you post the original image?

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Stendhal did the last part two where he would just make up quotes that he thought sounded good to put at the beginning of his chapters. He probably figured that the vast majority of reader's would just accept it at face value anyway

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Thats not a book. Its a summary of a Wikipedia article pasted onto a representation of a generic made up psychological volume

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Stendhal did the last part too where he would just make up quotes that he thought sounded good to put at the beginning of his chapters. He probably figured that the vast majority of readers would just accept it at face value anyway

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stfu faggot.
you are jsut mad that you are reminded how degenerate trannies are and that you will never be a woman

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you are as cringe online as your existence is irl.
jsut kys before you hurt other kids like you were hurt

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Made this. Thanks for saving it desu

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Here you go! :)

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Thanks fren

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A classic

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woops was meant for you >>16892609 my friend :)

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Ted Kaczynski ref 1:
>better known for other work

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both of you are retarded, accept it, and by replying to your retardation i have accepted to be a part of it.
either die denying your own retardation or live in acceptance of it

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OC 1/2

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OC 2/2

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beautiful, anon

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this was good

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shit meme loser

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God damn it this hurts, I bought an edition of M w/o Q where they only ever published the first volume, didn't realize it was a multivolume book until after I bought it, FUCK

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i fucking hate nagel, fuck you for posting this

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Does anyone here unironically believe this or is it really just a meme?

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is this supposed to look like stirner

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>tfw you're not sure if people believe this or not due to how certain posters behave.

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i really like this

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>This statement has been criticised. I stand by it.

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>wojak and pepe
try again, less cancer this time

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A cringe ripoff of Stonetoss

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>Better known for other work
Never fails to make me laugh

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Aah... my diary desu ne

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Where is Mahayana?
Also I am apparently an enlightened soiboy, what do I make of this

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Narnia made me chuckle

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reminds me of Eco and RA Wilson novels

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Lol don't forget to back off of your harry potter studies if you get burnt out by reading critique of pure reason

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where is the one about Baudrilliard from?

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trannies getting worked

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lmao what a faggot

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What a retarded meme. Does printing a book on paper not take place in highly industrialized factories?

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but printing predates industrialism, there's a point

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>peepeepoopoo fart
You'll never be a woman

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Personally I think ebooks are probably more sustainable in the long run because 1 ereader can hold thousands of books. I have nothing to back this up though, just a hunch.

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Physical copies can be made exclusively with sustainable resources whereas as electronic devices require scarce components e.g.: gold. We're doomed anyway :)

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the baudrillard bit reminds me a bit of how it's a tradition among russian authors to misquote each other in their novels. no one knows why, russians just seem to take pride in not having to look up a quote and/or not care about getting it wrong. maybe it's similar with the french

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>We're doomed anyway
This is my logic too. ereaders last forever and ebooks can be pirated for free.

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One of my favourite posts from /lit/

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good shit

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Based, keep triggering the faggots

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This is seriously a better poem than anything she ever wrote

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which book?

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filename, unfortunately.

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wish we had ids so samefaggeing autofellaters like yourself would gtfo, also don't respond to me

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Oh shit I missed that. I struggled with Phaedo desu and I'm not even a womyn

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based, trannies will say this is a samefag and they still will never be a woman

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Don't worry, fren. We're all brainlets here. As long as you persevere and double check things you don't understand you're golden. Don't be a useless cunt and leave a 1-star review like KAREN.

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you will never pass

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go dilate your necrocunts, you fake women. I love reading suicide statistics for tranny freaks; it makes me laugh more than anything I've ever seen.

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The Finnegans Wake bit got me good

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is this the peak of schizophrenia? The heteronymically anonymous assault on martinician chandling forums and other digital spaces a la Guy fawkes masked militia poseurers? it's all one Guy hitting F5 more often than the entire midwest? im honestly impressed

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ok, egg.

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Is this the tranny hate thread? I hate trannies.

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This is a good post.

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I like how I am in every group besides agents of destruction.

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back to bunkerchan faggot

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fuck off back to r3ddit you scum

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what book?

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You will never be a woman.

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You will never be a woman

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I'm almost halfway through the book and none of those jokes make any sense. is it stavrogin?

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based and truthpilled

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It's more /x/ than /lit/, but everytime someone brings up RAW I think of this picture.

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Prometheus Rising is a great read tho, regardless of the metaphysics toward the end

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lmao based af
Gnostics are just another Cabal within the Conspiracy. Buncha Pinks who get POZZED hard by little interdimensional rapists, and their "Gnosis" is just post-astral-creampie hysteria.
Buncha chumps wouldn't know pure Slack if it slithered into their anus like a snake (they're big fans of Ass Play).

>> No.16900588

you seem unhappy

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It's no secret Gnostics are gay, anon. Cat's been out of the bag for a while now. JUST TELL EM YOU'RE GAY.

>> No.16900633

what does raw say about hierarchy?

>> No.16900676

generally skepitcal of most organization

>> No.16900705

RAW ain't a gnostic though?

>> No.16900746

people don't know the difference between Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Metaphysics
fuckin' chodes

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I was going to make a virgin Aziza and chad Princess Dunya meme but I couldn't find a good burqa template and don't think most here are familiar with those two stories.

>> No.16901683

Pretty sure its just the average big D enjoyer

>> No.16901689

And it was going to be like

>hates all men based on a dream, completely a random whim
>threatens to crucify a man for writing her love letters

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Kinda makes you wanna ban internet access to kids under the age of 15

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It's no use. Normies are so infantilized there's no difference between a 15 year old and a 25 year old.

>> No.16901936

What book?

>> No.16901949

>antifa sprinkled in

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Something about this post had me really loling.

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>He can spot edits to a gay porn collection
>Calls other people a faggot

>> No.16902008

You can easily figure out for yourself man

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The Prestige

>> No.16902093

that's an old ass picture, lurk more

>> No.16902216

>reddit speech
easily identified

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Don't you have some period blood to drink or something?

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Tranners seething

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They aren't just Demons references, the Verkhovensky and Turgenev and the samovar for sure are. But a lot of them are general things that recur in Dostoyevsky.

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kek, I took the Urantia pill desu

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Based and orangepilled

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Based stax. I want a bottom antifa bf now

>> No.16903123

So many people believe it here. It is also becoming a meme lately.

>> No.16903388

Ted literally told a guy to buy his books off Amazon. Someone must have that letter.
I've got 70 year old books but no 70 year old television.

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'tis an ill wind etc. etc.

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Confirmation by Gianni Segre

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This one never fails to make me laugh

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