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Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me what love of traps consists of

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what kind of traps? bear traps, rat traps, or something akin to that?

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Love is.. err... love.

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I can't, and i never claimed to. Socrates only did this to people who claimed to be knowledgeable about things they were actually ignorant about.

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It consists of being a straight-faggot, sir Plato.

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In the ancient times men where the ones that were shcooled, educated, and intelligent. So the love of twinks comes for the need of a man to find himself in his pairs with the physical atraction that embodies those who are femboys.
In modern days is similar but it's more of how femenine a boy can look and not so much about finding the mind of a "man" in an androgynous body or femenine body.

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It means you're a faggot.

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