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Is Don Quixote hard to read?

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you could read it to kids as an adventure serial.

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Why don't you open it up in your web browser and find out?

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Yet they wouldn't understand it. Literature is a trap for those who cannot reason.

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Depends. A lot of translations simplify it but if you understand Spanish and read the original text it's kind of like reading Paradise Lost as a modern English speaker.

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they'd understand more than you

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No, they wouldn't

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Ironically, if Spanish is your second language, then Don Quixote is easier to read than Paradise Lost for a modern English speaker.

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the hard part is how repetitive it is

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I remember it being really short and repetitive

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>1000 pages

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like reading dumas. long, easy, good

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Basado, best books I've ever read!

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Here's some reading advice for you, OP, and everyone else that tends to ask this sort of question. If you want something easily digestible and are afraid to struggle and put some effort into understanding a work, then don't read, or at least steer clear from works that can actually impact you on a profound level or at least impart some wisdom on their reader.

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Why is /lit/ sucking this guy off?

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He probably read an abridged version

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Maestro thinks that he has to be essentially appointed the official transducer/scientist of spanish literature, what a quixotic character. Personally i think the reader has the duty to tell the literary critic to get bent

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