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Probably a medieval coon man wrote a fake book to sell to idiots saying it is magic or some shit, sold at high prices and then just ran away without giving explanation, because there is no explanations, it is just pure simple bullshit drawings and faked out letters.
People been selling this book to each other for millennia now like it is a meaningful book.

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I found the answer to this whole thing a few years ago, I posted it here and it got ignored. I even translated the whole thing...

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Get the Penguin translation.

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a very elaborate shitpost by a bored botanist

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Gosh I cant believe so many knowledge people spent time with this bullshit text, seriously go do something meaningful of your life.

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who cares. its probbaly all about plants and herbs and shit, nothing exciting

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a decent reproduction is ridiculously expensive and hard to get.

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I saw a pretty thorough breakdown of this by a linguist and he thought it to be some form of gypsy writing.

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Okay post it then

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