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I actually haven't havent read a word of this faggot.
Seen 'in cold blood', fantastic
Seen, biopic, with Seymour, it was ok.
Read about him through Warhols Diaries.
So how is his actually writing? Does he hold up?

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I thnk he's good. In Cold Blood is very strong writing, you'd never know someone like him could write like that. Breakfast at Tiffany's and AThanksgiving Memory are good. Aunt Sookie is a very finely drawn character.

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I like his short stories the most. Breakfast at Tiffany's was good and fun. I haven't read anything that's a favorite exactly though.

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ill be honest, i just associate him with audrey hepburn and that movie and i know ill never read him now

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Other Voices, Other Rooms
Hand carved Coffins
In Cold Blood
He's a great writer, just didn't produce (like he should have).

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Philip Seymour Hoffman's impression of him in the biopic was phenomenal.

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I watched some movie a while back where he had invited all these people to dinner and nefarious shit kept happening. It was like a spoof of Clue, or something. He came across as a vain and flamboyant idiot with silly hat.

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When he died, Gore Vidal reacted to the news with "it was a wise career move". Homosexuals are more catty than women.

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Except that it wasn't anything like his actual personality.

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You can read through all his works in a week. Incredible writer and a horribly tortured soul. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is his best.

When he died, they did an autopsy and he had half a brain, the rest rotted from drinking. His editor would meet with him for breakfast and he’d be guzzling vodka mixed with oj, pretending it was just oj. He writes women better than anybody and may have written To Kill a Mockingbird, letting his friend take the credit

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The Grass Harp out-Bradburys Bradbury, Southern style. Other Voices was his first, and best.

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