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Luther was ok, a bit antisemetic, but who wasn't.
He made sure my country isn't catholic, fuck those.

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>a bit antisemetic
that was his best feature, he (indirectly) fucked up a good deal besides that

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Luther wasn't antisemitic until he was in old age. He is very tolerant for most of his works and one reason he split with the church. It's called dementia.

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Jewsus was a disgusting Jew. There is no bigger cope than antisemitic Christcucks. If you're truly antisemitic, you have many options for superior religions, many of which are closer to your ancestral religions before Cuckstianity.
You are all autistic and historically illiterate.

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>He made sure my country isn't catholic, fuck those.
Interesting syntax

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>Jewsus was a disgusting Jew.
>t. autistic and historically illiterate

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It might not have been dementia. Most people aren’t anti Semitic until they come into contact with jews.

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Read on the Freedom of a Christian

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Fuck Luther and fuck protestantism.
Imagine choosing protestantism over catholicism.

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He was Jewish. He was born in the Levant, he was raised with Semitic/Jewish myths, and so forth. The Levant was even important during that historical time period.

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You're the autistic one here buddy, but you're also correct.
This is also correct.

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Dividing Christianity into 1000 autistic denominations with their own pet interpretations of the Bible with freedom to add and remove canonical writings was ultimately a bad thing.

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>The Levant was even
The Levant was not even*
If you knew history well, you would understand I have many justified grievances.

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Luther was a pleb who couldn't finish what he started.

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Hey man I agree with you, you were just intensely sperging up there.

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