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How do I start enjoying reading and learning again

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read something you like instead of something you think you should read

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I don't like anything, not even stuff I used to like. Everything is boring.

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Read a children’s book or YA book
Im serious try it

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then perhaps its time to start seriously considering suicide. start doing some research.

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You're depressed, get out of your depression

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>tfw born2kill but forced 2 wagecuck

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Find a life purpose / goal, something to aim for. You probably either have nothing you're working towards, or something you're working towards but don't actually want.

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I'm studying a masters the subject of which used to interest me. Now I'm not so sure.
I don't feel like there's anything I want. Well I want her back but that ain't got nothin to do wit it

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it's a sea on self improvement on the internet, do some research pal

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>Well I want her back but that ain't got nothin to do wit it
Apparently it does lmao
>I don't feel like there's anything I want.
Read my post again. I don't care what you want, you need to find your goal. Women can't be your goal by the way, perhaps that's why you're miserable.

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She's not my goal. I know I can't get back to her and I was the one to end it because I knew it wouldn't end well. I just can't help to think about her because she was the last thing that ever made me feel good.

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Why is war the best and worst offer to humanity?

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My goal is my masters at this moment. So what. I still don't enjoy anything or conceive anything that would bring me joy. When I finish it it will just be "meh, so it's done"

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>she was the last thing that ever made me feel good
So you made her your goal. You slowly lost what it meant to be yourself because you gave it all up in order to be there for her. And when you lost her, you had nothing of yourself left.
Everything I said stands, you just don't want to accept it. Believe me bro, I was in a similar situation. I too ended it, but that didn't change what lead up to that or what happened after.

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So your goal is something you don't enjoy. You either stop moaning and soldier on, or find a goal that will actually make you feel alive.

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You don't. You cope with the fact you're an NPC. Open up the Instagram app and like pictures. Buy a PS5 and play 10hrs a day. Gratify your primal
brain, let them exploit you, give in to the consumerist threads so deeply embedded in your being.

Learning, development, and progression is for the ascended. Not all are chosen. You don't enjoy it because you're less than.

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Fuck idk anon. Probably better to get your shit together even if acheiving success want vanquish the vague and impossible questions that your soul keeps communicating into your mind ever so often. Call it existential crises or depression or the vacuous imploding totality of an entire universe stretching your thoughts out in an ever-expanding catalysing ongoing event of a magnitude that even to try to imagine would toss you headlong right back into the acceptance of how meaningless and short your life really is. Probably be better is you tried though....probably

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Nah she wasn't the cause. I've always had depressive tendences since I was a child. Last year I just went through some unfortunate shit, was forced to stay as a NEET in a small town with no jobs, got depressed, met her, she made me a lil less sad, eventually we stopped and right away this corona shit started. But believe me, if I hadn't found her those days would have been just like these. And I wasn't even looking for a woman back then.
How do I go about finding that
Nah man ascended is when magritte just feels trite baka what you gonna do next post some dali
But seriously tho, I used to enjoy that shit to the point where it was the centre of my life

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I laughed

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Cheers pal

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