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stop watching porn

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Adderall, cocaine, nofap.

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Don't take mind altering drugs and don't watch porn

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exercise, drink water only, caffeine if needed, eat well, intermittent fasting, moderation, patience

thats it, thats the solution

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Eat right (high protein, cut gluten and dairy (common issue if you have brain fog)), walk daily, stop multitasking and watching porn and hyperstimulating with the smartphone.

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Addy can help. Never taken 30mg XR tho.

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Adderall, working out, and no fap is the combination to a patrician lifestyle

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i still fall asleep on 20 mg of adderall

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Ignore everyone else itt: the only thing that really helps is getting off social media. Adderall is a terrible idea long term if you can stand not taking it. Nofap is a meme. Working out and eating right will help and are essential but they won't help with this.

The absolute first, most critical step, is to stop letting zuckerberg and poole turn your brain into a distracted cockroach

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Reduce your screen time and make sure you have an adequate and consistent sleep schedule.

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do still-images count as watching porn?

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They're less bad. The more you have to use your brain the better

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adderall is literally meth. don’t fall into that trap anon, slow and steady wins the race.

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Real question what’s bad about porn

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it fries your brain's dopamine receptors by overloading it with overwhelming stimulus. In other words, it's like your brain on opioids.

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ok I wanna know why specifically addy is bad. i've been diagnosed with adhd but still skeptical of amphetamine treatment. I'm afraid of becoming dependent on it to feel good

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I have a box of ritalin.
I've never taken more than 10mg at a time.
How much do I need to read Moby dick in a day?

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if you take too much in a single dose it will overwhelm you and you will start having auditory hallucinations

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Purposefully lied to my doctor in high school so I could get a prescription to sell in college. Highly recommended if you're a poor college student who wants to work as little as possible and rip off rich college students

Never liked taking it except with alcohol or Xanax. I'd take it to finish big papers last minute sometimes, but it always put me on edge. Took like 200+ mg once, became convinced there was a ghost in my apartment and wrote dozens of rambling pages over the requirement for a final paper

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how do you stop hyperstimulation after hyperstimulation for 20 years?

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You come across as not too bright

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Wouldn't the same be true for sex?

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You have to fix the brain fog itself.

Start meditating. Block certain time-wasting, dopamine boosting websites. Stop watching porn all the time.

After a certain time of day, just stop using any internet accessing devices. Turn off the wifi. Turn them on airplane mode. Whatever you need to do.

This takes time, but this is your brain you gotta fix.

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But if I took say 30mg tomorrow morning and sat down would I just breeze through a big whopper like moby dick?

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probably not
the first time i took adderall i was able to read about 50 pages of the idiot when before i could read like 1 page a day
you might be able to read a lot of it tho
maybe im retarded or something or have sleep apnea or whatevr
idk what day it is today

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You have become so numb by watching some dude slay pussy. Lets face it, what would your ancestors say if they saw you jackin off to some Schlomo porn action on the screen. Would you jack off in person watching them? No? Then why do you watch em now you disgusting piece of shit? Are you really trying to morally defend porn? You see it as righteos? You bitches are too weak to stop the coom I did it without a problem. Cut the porn right out. Thats it no more brain fog. Sure I had a couple relapses as you might call them, out of curiosity or boredom and it was a shitty experience I saw how numb and tortured my mind was before. Its not a real addiction, trust me. I stopped a year ago and I used to rub one out first thing in the morning and last before bed I shit you not.

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>high protein
>cut dairy

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Go cold turkey, it doesn't take long to get back to a reasonable level

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watch more porn, actually

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>Don't take mind altering drugs
>and don't watch porn

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Based coomer

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Masturbation itself is responsible for the ill effects experienced. Still images are only useful for reducing the frequency as you try to quit.

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>nofap is a meme
Stopped reading there. Anyone who thinks this hasn't tried it or is too addicted to PMO to give it up.

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This. Imagine committing an easily traceable felony offense for a just a measly $200 in pocket change kek and then taking a neurotoxic dose of 100+mg and then bragging about it here. Imagine being such a smoothbrain.

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Yes. Both sex and masturbation impair focus.

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Let me list some negatives:
1. Overstimulates dopamine receptors on about the same level as morfine, making everything else in life dull and not worth it.
2. Can give you erectile dysfunction.
3. Can fuck up your attraction to real women.
4. Causes brainfog and literally shrinks your prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that's responsible for making rational decisions.
5. Orgasms take a lot of physical energy because you're unloading big amounts of vital minerals on a daily basis. Some people will unironically go bald because of this.
6. You'll become almost psychopathic, manipulative and just a very bad person in general.

Please you guys, take a look online on the site I linked and watch some talks on YouTube like "Raised on a diet of internet porn" by Noah B Church. My porn and drug addictions have ruined my life and my relationship with my family and friends. Please don't make the same mistakes I did, thinking "Oh it can't possibly be porn, it's just pixels on a screen bro" Yes it can and yes it's probably just as bad as a hard drug addiction. I've had to deal with crippling withdrawal, being suicidal, random panic attacks, asexuality, brainfog, feeling like my IQ dropped 50 points, muscle aches. Trust me, the fleeting pleasure of PMO isn't worth it. There is a more beautiful world out there.

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>porn and drug
>and drug

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Keep PMO'ing retard, see where you'll be in 20 years time.

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You should be skeptical of the very diagnosis of ADHD (formerly known as organic brain syndrome (OBS), minimal cerebral dysfunction (MCD), minimal brain damage syndrome, minimal chronic brain syndrome, minimal brain dysfunction (MBD), maturational lag, morbid defect of moral control, neurophrenia, organic drivenness, hyperkinesis, childhood-onset dysexecutive syndrome, interjacent child, clumsy child syndrome (CCS), psychoneurological learning disability, functional behavior problems (FBP)*, character impulse disorder, defect of inhibitory volition, surplus of inner impulsion, deficits in attention motor control and perception (DAMP), association deficit pathology, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADDH), developmental hyperactivity, hyperexcitability syndrome, hypokinetic syndrome, hyperkinetic impulse disorder, hyperactive child syndrome, hyperactive reaction syndrome, hyperkinetic reaction of childhood, et cetera).
There's school districts in the US where a third of children are diagnosed with it. It's literally just standard childhood/adolescence behaviour for kids that have poor diet and do little excercise. God I fucking hate the psychopharmaceutical industry, there's so much shady shit there that hasn't reached the wider public yet. There hasn't been a single serious FDA, CDC, or NIH long-term study of the safety of giving speed to children. See if you can find info about how pharmaceutical companies continued to sell thalidomide under different brand names in non-English speaking countries for months after it was discovered it led to limbless babies, it's buried pretty deep. Point is, these companies don't give a fuck about your health when it comes to the psychoactive stuff, try literally anything else to cure your concentration issues first.

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