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>Tfw you realize nu-lit is full to the brim with covid tourists

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looks like we are going back to normalish. how many ppd was it around 2014?

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It’s all so tiresome bros

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Looks like we're returning to normal. Good news.

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So there are usually only like 6000 different people here a day? that's less than I would've thought. So, it's still a niche place full of abnormal weirdos. What percentage post regularly? like 1%?

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Ah good, fresh rain to wash the scum off the streets.

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What is a covid tourist? Someone home-ridden who gets bored and visits?

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>muh secret club

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since covid? lit has been completely colonized by fucking idiots since about 2018. it was a relative paradise before then compared to now

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That's me. Reddit just doesn't cut it anymore. I've avoided 4chan since like 2010, because I thought it was all gore and gross tranny shit, and that's kind of true. Also, there isn't anywhere else that talks about the books I like, in the way I like.

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There are like 100 unique posters everyday, 10k refers to the number of posts, including replies.

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Considering that the quality of the discussions is still bottom tier i would say that the shitposters have effectively replaced the previous population.

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oh, interesting. So this place is even weirder and more niche than I thought. I have to remember to never let anyone know I come here. How does /lit/ compare to other boards like tv and pol?

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Around 5-10% of the activity of /pol/ and like 1/3 of /tv/ which has actually declined since covid.

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Only 100? What the fuck?

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/pol/ has about 200k posts a day right now, so roughly 40 times as large as /lit/. I think when it's not election time it's somewhat lower there though
/tv/ I think is around 50k, so 10 times the size

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Doesn't the information we get from the self-serve ad page suggest there are a ton of lurkers?

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Wait, so only 100 people are making around 10000 posts/replies a day? that doesn't seem right. Who the fuck is making 100+ comments a day?

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Well Guenon poster for one. That tripfag as well.

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That's all me and my alter egos

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Ads are board specific. I visited other boards and got different ads. That's why you tend to see "lit" ads on lit.

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what happened there?

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sniffle lobster debate

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~6,500 replies a day
But 100 is way too low and based of erroneous inferences from thread IP numbers. I would guess it more likely ~600-1200 regulars

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Based on the date I think it was the mueller report

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I started coming here august of 2018. God I miss Junior year of college. That was a good year.

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Hey that’s me :)

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yea there's way more posters and the full total is much higher because the majority are lurkers who may only rarely post or not at all.

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Why is this an issue?

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It isn't. Just typical newfag hazing. Nobody likes a tourist... I just want more active threads.

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Double Nobel prize

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I haven't actually seen Guenon poster in a while. Though maybe I'm not on here often enough, or the Jannies are doing their jobs for once.

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/pol/ went down.

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