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>he fell for the start with the Greeks meme

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How can one island full of such ugly people produce so much lit?

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What are some anglo works continental euros will NEVER understand?

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Pic related. Continentals SEETHE at Johnson, who exposed their obscurantist faggotry through good English common sense

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based monolingualmonkey

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I don't know but I started this thread because I am sick of the spic and kraut chauvinists on this board it's gotten really bad lately and they need a reminder of WHERE THE FUCK THEY ARE.

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Even the Anglos are Kraut chauvinists, anyone who isn't, low caste, ass ugly and 4ft tall from the island has massive Germanic admixture.

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Corre que o anglo tá puto. Huehue

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Get the fuck out of here. What language are you speaking? The cost-benefit of learning a foreign language for us isn't worth it.

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One should learn english just as an instrument of communication, not to write verses.

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I love Paradife Loft!

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Just want to remind you that indecipherable and gibberish text is against the site rules. Maybe you are drunk tonight, but please be more careful in the future friend!

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Spic, even Borges shat on his own language's poetry. Get fucked.

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I feel bad for Borges. He clearly would have given everything to have been born an Anglo

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I say we accept him as our own. He had the Eliot spirit.

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>cost-benefit analysis
Spoken just like an Anglo

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FACT: When you look back in various epochs you can find honorary Anglos.

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Too much common sense for you?

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Only a third of that shit is actually worth reading.

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Yeah the whole site is infested with spics. That's why you have so many threads complaining about "anglos".

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Chinga tu madre guey

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1. american website
2. america is nearly mexican rn
3. ergo mexican 4channers have a right to a portion of the board
also iamgine getting assmad cause people don't like the language of the usury spreaders lmao, fuck off

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Stop butchering our beautiful language please.

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The bottom of the sea is cruel

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These ESLs have their own native-language chans too, yet they insist of defiling /lit/ with their barbarous tongues. Why?

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They are desperate for Anglo approval

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No other language has or can produce a Dunciad

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What a waste of trips for this jibber jabber.

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Hispachan sucks

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(ab)Use lainchan then

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not everyone discussing american politics is american
a stunning amount of those who do care about it are from all across the world, even when it comes to the most mundane controversy or drama
i appreciate the quality of the new int threads but it's not fair to ascribe that factor solely to the country they represent

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i wonder why...

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Because they deleted the containment board, so the other boards got invaded by retards.

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English's "mongrel" nature is exactly why it's so efficient and powerful. All of our most frequently used words are of pure Anglo origin anyway. Damn I love my language.

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just make an /intlitg/ (internationa literature generals) and there will be an end to the horror
i'm currently rangebanned from /qa/ for spamming too many soijaks so someone else go propose this for me

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We have /frog/, /SpGT/ and /PtGT/. Curiously, these are the best threads on the board.

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It does not. English is just more monosyllabic.

It makes it harder to fit English poems in the original (or equivalent) meter when translating them, but other than that there is little difference.

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Romance languages are superior, that's a fact

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Ah, how I envy the naive rambling of the European tongues, the noble savages with their multitude of syllables, babbling so much yet communicating so little; if only we could add more syllables to our language, perhaps we Anglos could also have a true, holistic existence free from materialism.

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You probably post on /pol/ crying about American politics for several hours each week.

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Nice projection

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What cost? Four weeks reading a grammar and four weeks practicing?
That won't make you fluent but it's enough for you to start reading the romance languages if you are an Anglo. The only reason you remain monolingual is your own laziness and/or incompetence.

I am not anti-Anglo, by the way, though I am pro-Romance.

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the suggestion still stands, you're free to forget english and use a language that has less syllables and communicates more

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This is why we should have genuine anglo threads
I assume whoever has tried has been swarmed with posts from angry latin americans

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I don't care about your suggestion, I'm talking about the idea that I continually see suggested that there is something innately more holistic about other European languages. It sometimes feels like you're trying to apply the 'noble savage' concept to yourself in some way, which would be amusing if it weren't so ridiculous. Let me know when you get rid of the all your McDonald's restaurants and we can talk.

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in other words you never had an argument in the first place, well congrats you just wasted your time.

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Anyone else find it funny and kind of sad that Hues and Spics hide behind "Portuguese" and "Spanish" and "romance languages" to WE WUZ the western canon?

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All those foreign flags come from somewhere.

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Who could've thought that eliminating burger politics encourages refined literary discussion.

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>wasted your time
Woah buddy, that's a very Anglo concept you're using there. Don't you need to take be taking a siesta or something?

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No need for that, the entire board is in english already. We even get banned for speaking our native languages in our threads.

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Borges wrote many essays on Spanish poetry and Spanish poets.

He also put Dante (correctly) above Shakespeare.
Besides, he grew up with an English library, so most of his culture was English.

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but Cervantes, a spanish man, wrote Don Quijote, so it technically is?
idk about portuguese literature

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going by the record i can see why its an anglo concept

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If you knew those languages and were familiar with those literary traditions you would know how ridiculous your post sounds. But you are an idiot, and therefore unaware of it.

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Idk how you can hate on Spanish.Go take a bus, EL or subway in any major city and just bask in the pure beauty of it.Puerto Ricans are especially poetic

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If you're an idiot or are learning Latin/German/Greek, it will.
If you are English and learning French, it will take two months.

And you don't need to read fluently to read literature. This is a monolingual's myth. You can start as soon as possible and just keep reading. One day, fluency will come. But you don't start reading after becoming fluent, you become fluent after having read.

And you won't receive any understanding of the work from a translation because only the work can make itself understood. There is no substitute; and, if there is, it is not great literature, because literary worth cannot be substituted.
If you read one page of Virgil in the original you already know Virgil better than someone who read an entire translation of the Aeneid. This is no exaggeration. At least you will know his sounds and the full beauty of the preamble, when the other person will know only the story as told by someone else...

I am neither anti-England nor anti-America. I admire both nations greatly.
I am simply interested in the truth, and the truth is that the best threads of the board are those in which Anglos tend to appear less, for then the political babble is self-voluntarily put to a stop.

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>yeah from having dealt with every none anglo speaker being a waste of time

i love english btw, i think its very beautiful but you're getting ahead of yourself if you think it's a meagre compared to spanish
see you

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Those threads are by far the best ones on the board precisely because there is not a single reference to American politics.

Turns out that the rest of the world doesn't really care about what the American sub-celebrity Mr. X wrote on Twitter or about what random black person died in Chicago this week. Turns out that we are also genuinely interested in literature.
Amazing, isn't it?

Also, the best writing that I've seen so far in this board has come from Spanish and Lusophone posters. The only truly laudable American writer I've seen here was the guy who was translating the Commedia. The rest is journalistic and weak, as if they wished to publish on the New Yorker instead of becoming real writers.

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let's not get ahead of ourselves, we (romance speakers) do not have a tumult of the nigger writer among our midst
until then that stake about having the best /lit/ writer is claimed by anglos

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Damn it feels good being an Anglo sometimes.

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>It sometimes feels like you're trying to apply the 'noble savage' concept to yourself in some way
That's exactly what it is. The type of European literary nationalism we see on this board is always couched in a slavish resentment towards "The Anglos" and their (linguistic) imperial exploits.

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>syllabic rate is higher than most other languages
that's my favorite part of spanish, we probably sound like we're speaking very fast, and i've met people who speak so fast I can't even understnad what they're saying, I just imagine how they must sound like for none spanish speakers

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>Curiously, these are the best threads on the board
Perhaps because they're not crashed by a cadre of sub-humans lamenting "the eternal Anglo".

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They're ugly so they stayed at home all day and played vidya or wrote.

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You forgot pic rel. Better than Dante imo

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The best black authors of all time have been romance speakers, with Machado de Assis being easily the best (even the Anglo propagandist Harold Bloom admitted this).
Unlike American blacks, they didn't write the eternal clichés about slavery and "social issues", but about eternal themes.

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>information density lower than most other languages
that must kinda suck though

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I was talking about this masterpiece in the making
it is my personal belief that the author is refining it even further, he is going to make it into the literary canon when he finally publishes it

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is MA mandarin?

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I didn't include him because I wanted primarily 17th century lit when modern spoken English started to appear.

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>You could learn the absolute basics of a language in four weeks and then pretend you're reading things when you're struggling through them barely comprehending anything
It will require significantly more effort than that to read another language fluently and with enough sensitivity to make your understanding of the work better than that you would receive from a competent translation.

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we make up for it in how fast we talk

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No, it's because they are not spammed by political posters.
I don't know very much about /spgt/ but in the Portuguese threads we talk solely about literature, specially poetry. The day before yesterday we had discussions on concrete poetry and avant-garde in general, while today we were sharing poems by the neoclassic satirist Bocage (18th century, canonized by Bloom).
From what I've seen, the Spanish threads follow a very similar line, although they also tend to have a higher focus on literary theory due to the presence of Maestro readers.

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>having to make up for anything
that still kinda sucks

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>it's because they are not spammed by political posters.
"Muh eternal anglo" *is* politics. And shitty /pol/-tier politics at that.

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yonly if you care about minmaxing syllables contra information
if that's what you really care about as an anglo, I suggest you look up for other languages more refined for it and begin a revolution where your anglo brethren learn an even shorter on syllabilic density/higher information sharing language
gotta techni-cise everything right?

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Where is the chart which shows the percentage of loanwords in the core vocabulary, you mongrels?

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>be anglo
>call other barbarians
Ok, bro. Julius Caesar sends regards.

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>The day before yesterday we had discussions on concrete poetry and avant-garde in general
Link me up. I lost this edition. :/

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>be latin-derived language
>thinks he's not barabarian
Ok, bro. Demosthenes sends regards.

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I'm not denying I'm a barbarian. I'm ok with that. You're the one coping.
You jewanglo.

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that is 2/3 of an island not one island.

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Maybe cause you only know English

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UK is basically third world country outside of London. So pay attention if UK anon that you're speaking with is from London and not some north shitville.

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And yet every single one of them pretends to be a cockney.

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>all of the uk is northern england

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>tfw you realize that continental European / self-hating Anglo propaganda designed to make you ashamed of English is false and you finally understand that English is the greatest language and you need no other

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>English is the greatest language and you need no other
from the year 1066 until the the 1490s english language was considered low quality and only suitable for fairy tales.

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All of these Anglos make extensive references to Greco-Roman literature and mythology.

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>completely perfects your own language out of pettiness in your way

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Hate to break it to you, but Scottish lit > English lit.

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Everyone is this thread is autistic

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Don't deny the truth.

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This lad, I wanna see some God-tier prose of this fag. He's got an eye-patch so consequently he must be based.
PS: Please, don't post the Nora Fart's one.

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>Yes, the newspapers were right: snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, further westwards, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling too upon every part of the lonely churchyard where Michael Furey lay buried. It lay thickly drifted on the crooked crosses and headstones, on the spears of the little gate, on the barren thorns. His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.
Read The Dead, it's only 15000 words or so, it gives you the full effect

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Here's the first page of Finnegans Wake.

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What do you mean by this?

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>Read The Dead, it's only 15000 words or so, it gives you the full effect
I've already read it. I read it when my brother died... Is the only Joyce I've ever read.
The thing with the eye-patched irish is that I don't know quite well where to begin with the lad and I'm under the impression (more a suspicion)
that he's a massive bore.
This passage that you posted is really beautifull in its image and sound.
But if the guy start spouting multiple non-sense in several languages I'm gonna throw the book out the window, not lying.

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>A Frenchman must be always talking, whether he knows anything of the matter or not; an Englishman is content to say nothing, when he has nothing to say.
>I am willing to love all mankind, except an American.
>Sir, let me tell you, the noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!

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Read Dubliners first, it's fairly easy to understand and has some great stories even if you aren't Irish, then go onto Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man which is simple prose as well. Ulysses is where it gets more awkward but to be honest that's only a few episodes, it's fairly funny as well. Finnegans Wake is written totally in a Dublin vernacular that's gone in everything but accent and reading it out loud will make sense of it but it's not essential.

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>But if the guy start spouting multiple non-sense in several languages I'm gonna throw the book out the window, not lying.
It sounds like you're a fun hating queer, anon.

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You do realize that the current year is 2020, right?

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In an era of Film Noir and His Girl Friday and Early Radio, this style actually makes sense... very few people could probably read it that way today but I'm thinking of the actor Ronald Howard delivering it and it sounds alright. It leads directly into the way that the media informs part of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Series

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modernist lit always makes you think of Cubism and the way they would paste newspaper clippings and brand logos in

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Good lad. We should be proud of our language and literary tradition. It's a good one.

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Of course it's an insecure angloboi how can't cope with the fact that other groups are TALKING ABOUT LITERATURE IN A LITERATURE BOARD, that needs to make a fuss. Fucking envious worm.

>> No.16698039

This dude was a pseudo-anglo, no shit he's one of the worths.

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Ah, the mutt discount Boccaccio. Not Giovanni nor Dante. Sad.

>> No.16698060

Because they actually talk about Literature (that they read) (for once in this board).

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This thread is giving me serious early years /b/ 4chan. And that is meant as a slur.

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2 4 3 5 6 1

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i think it´s pretty evident when latin american literature has more artistic quality and worth than of those ex-british colonies (canada, australia, south africa, new zealand), really makes you think anglo mutt

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>Ok, bro. Demosthenes sends regards.

look who´s talking here!

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>english people are britons

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the anglo talks about pride, but the only "pride" i see from them is when they talking about shit like black lives matter, how laughbale, the entire western world laughs when the anglo acts submissive towards their ex-slave subjetcs, no wonder the majority of cuckolds come from America and England, submissive, materialistic, soulless bugmen

>> No.16699519

Doesn't stop Latinos from moving in droves to Anglo-Saxon countries.

>> No.16699591

And suck my big donkey ballz

>> No.16699621

Is this supposed to make them look bad? Because it does the opposite