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Do you keep the slipcases that come with your books, or throw them away?

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You keep them.

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I usually toss them. It's just one more thing I gotta deal with in order to get to my book. I just want to grab my book off the shelf as quickly and easily as possible.

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Why the shelf though?
Or the covers? Rip those off. Preface too, right?

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Of course you keep them, they're aesthetically pleasing and you already paid for them

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You should break the spines too so your books open faster.

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I keep them because I like the rush of air that comes out when you pull the book out

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not him but I do break all my spines

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Discard. Shelf space is more valuable than tacky covers

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Do you think if you told someone you were planning on taking off your eyeliner/lipstick it would be appropriate for them to ask
>why those though? Or the eyebrows? Rip those off. Face too, right?

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I rip them off in disgust then make new ones so all my slipcases match. Don't you?

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surely you would but a cheap paperback with small print and fewer pages instead of a fancy slipcase edition then

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why would I pay the money for a book that comes with a *slipcase* and not keep it

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>surely you would but a cheap paperback with small print and fewer pages instead of a fancy slipcase edition then
Most of the time I do but occasionally there'll be a set which only comes in a slipcase or I'll see a dirt cheap used copy where I'd not save any money buy purchasing the cheaper paperback.

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The only reason I buy a slipcased book is because I liked the book and probably read, and still have, the paperback. It looks cooler in my "library" rather than the dog eared, age chewed paperback. And it reminds me, "Yeah, I need to read that one again". Of course, in my original paper back

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I crushed so hard on this girl growing up

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Cases are for people who want to display books, not read them.

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you can do both

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I burn them.

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Me too. The original Goth. I probably would have been disappointed in the real thing though

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i throw away the books and fill them with pornos so to impress my hosts while not wasting space in my house

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> hosts
i meant guests

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Better without the correction anon. Lol

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I keep them. If it even has a slip cover, then it's some kind of special edition, and if I dish out money for a special addition, then it's for aesthetic reasons.
Either that, or it's a box set, and then why wouldn't I want to keep my books together?

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Keep them, obviously. They reserve the space on the shelf that the book should be returned to.

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This man knows it.

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Nah, luckily there are no slipcases in my Goyndle Kikereader™

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