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Holy based.

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Is this the guy who fucked Jack Kerouac in this ass and also received a bj from him?

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Yes and that's why he's based.

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I do wonder how people take Hemingway as an unironic manly man. The conceit is so obvious

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You’re thinking of Buckley

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My esteem for Vidal was eternally raised after reading that intro he gave to the Shahak book about Israel

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No, Vidal also ass-fucked Kerouac. It's Beat canon.

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They do? I'm not American, but where did they get this idea?
I was surprised to find out that Americans look up to Jordan Belfort (from The Wolf of Wall Street). Somehow, they saw the parties, yatchs, mansions and girls as things they want; I saw it as a lost man going aimless at life and a critic of how out of touch the whole financial system is.

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I’ll never be able to explain my distaste for the Empire as elegantly as he did

RIP to a legend

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what empire? can you explain?

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He described the US as an empire in several books.
The US is a commercial empire of oligarchs
The republic fell ages ago, and voting does not mean democracy

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thanks fly

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Hemingway is based though

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You don’t like funny ha ha?

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Hemingway was based, but the people who think his writing style is the best are not

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I enjoy Vidal but he is a narcissist. Someone like Hemingway reminds him that he is a narcissistic faggot at the end of the day and men like Hemingway are needed to make his faggot self-centered life even possible.

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You sound like you are intimidated by him

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munt sep cunts dont know bantz up their munts.

Jesus fuck could Vidal be any more obscure?

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What are you talking about? Hemingway himself was the ur-narcissist. His swashbuckling image (which pales in comparison to someone like Roy Campbell or any of the less insecure and genuinely - and thus less ostentatiously - ‘masculine’ writers of the 20th century) is directly undermined by his (early) books which somehow all manage to be rather sober portraits of impotence and emasculation

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He's a fag, he himself is the joke, not his work. He's right to shit on Hemingway but this sort of catty remark is typical of the homosexual.

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Aren't you the one who took a picture of his poop and posted it on request? That's taking anarchy too far.

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Vidal was a quip machine and little else. Writing some passable historical fiction in between three or four shitty shock fiction and saying everything in a condescending tone does not a literary giant make. Dude was a failed politician who regarded himself as a self-exile from high society when his only connection was that his one-time stepdad became a one-time stepdad to Jackie O. After that he spent most of his time after 1980 passing pithy judgement on America and drinking himself into wet brain while desperately hoping no one would expose him for being a pedo.

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Also if you watch interviews with him over the decades you'll hear him repeat the same half-dozen anecdotes over and over. The one about JFK and Ten. Williams having a shooting contest especially. Constantly complained jr was blacklisted because of The City and the Pillar but then writes shit like Myra Breckenridge where a postop rapes a guy in graphic detail for eight pages. Dude wrote a billion reviews and only managed to praise people like Montaigne and absolutely regarded himself as a cultural gatekeeper. I'm genuinely mystified by how some dude who was mediocre almost from the beginning is revered on the basis of being a self-righyeous snob.

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I have never bothered reading Hemingway. Nothing says you're compensating for deep seated faggotry more than shooting large game for validation.

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Shooting large game is based you limp wristed soi

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He was coping with his small dick

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This is just the typical literary intellectuals response to any writer attempting to escape bookish values. Hemingway's life was a conceit in the way that any person's with ambition is.

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Better to cope than to mope.

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Get in the ring Gellhorn! See ehat you're made of!


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No, that’s a troll

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>le usa is le last empire bros
>there's now a chinese empire 10 times worse than the US ever was

Humans are confirmed for brainlets and inability to predict anything at all.

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How are they an empire? They capitalists and mean to their natives. But they build shit in Africa and leave their politics alone.

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how naive, they do not leave the politics alone, for now they use them for UN votes for cheep but that will not last long.
And even China in itsel is an empire the chinks where not one people as the west believes. Anyone who says that in china is put in camps tho.

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They literally colonize Africa with their Silk Road 2.0 meme forcing the countries do whatever they want. They influence american media with their propaganda and how you can't even support Hong Kong or Taiwan. They almost annexed Mongolia (but they got saved by russia), they wanna gobble up independent hong kong and taiwan. They are fighting for the global domination and influence way harder than the US ever did.

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Shit was just the same for the Euros in the beginning too. Eventually building small businesses and factories transfers to trying to take things over very quickly.

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Explain Hemingway to me.

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Europeans built shit there too. Does that make their colonization justified?

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Deep cope

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>WW1 was an event that rendered certain words meaningless
>something good may be found in my immediate experience, explained as closely and clearly as possible

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Can someone tell me the joke?

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Bumping this question.

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I've never read any books before, except for call of the wild. I think they mean people in America think Hemmingway is manly, but he's a fag or something.

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This, people who crticize Hemmingway due to his lifestyle are limp wristed weak faggots, they should criticize him for the terrible books he wrote.

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Ah, so massive infrastructure spending without meddling in internal affairs allows for a stabilized state that will vote in the UN with their newfound allies. Why didn’t the US or Europe think of this?
Kissinger on back two hundred years of blundering.

Excuse me? Egypt was industrializing back near the beginning but they bombed them back into “third worlders” or “developing nations” for over two hundred years now.

They built ranches and hunting lodges for them and ghettoized the natives. C’mon, you know that.

I’m not even a fan of China, but they aren’t doing this pseudo-colonization you try to point towards as much as the US and UK did.

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