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If you're smart, why are you poor?

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i’m not smart, i’m talented. every great writer in history was a failure. i fit the pattern.

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>i’m not smart, i’m talented
What's the difference?

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same as
I'm also super depressed and I don't have the psychological profile I'd need to get rich, nor do I know the right people.

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I'm not smart

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Underachieving mentality paired with megalomania makes for some effective but crippling self-destruction justifications. In other words: I have no fist and I must punch, but I'm learning to form a fist so isallgood

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Isn't there an ancient Greek story that Plato used to disprove that philosophers aren't poor by choice?

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I'm working class and even smart working class people rarely go anywhere due to the system (UK)

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im lazy and dont care about money that much, almost at a point of becoming a monk

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I'm too smart for my own good.

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what system

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money can buy me cool shit but none of those material things will make me happy for long+i dont care about money that much=no motivation to get rich

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I don't have a job. I spend my time reading.

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There's this story of Thales using his astronomy knowledge to predict the early fall of olives and bamboozle all olive gatherer by buying the olive press at credit the day before. Story said he made massive gains that way (we would now call that a successful speculation) and then gave it all away because he was just doing it to flex. It's of course little more than a myth.

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Because my family is poor

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But I'm not poor. I attribute my wealth almost exclusively to my reading and education.

Just surpassed 350 million yesterday. It will never be enough for my ambitions, for the things I want.

Won't post from my main account and on an Ipad right now, but here's a little proof.

Don't listen to anyone else, anons: in the right hands, knowledge is wealth; knowledge is presence; knowledge is power.

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I'm neither smart nor poor. My secret is making on-topic threads only.

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If chaos magic works, why are you poor?

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lame excuse

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my unconscious has been bugging me forever to not participate in the rat race, i humbly obey

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because my parents aren't smart

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Hardly, every study done shows class/social mobility is barely exists anymore.

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Nah Thales was based and got rich to flex on the normies.

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I'm not hard-working enough. Almost lazy. I hate it.

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I'm not smart, just knowledgeable

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Maybe that's because the system has more adequately sorted people out according to what they can provide to the economy than it previously did. Smarts that are useless to it aren't rewarded. Most ways of being smart are ; verbal IQ, visual-spatial, mathematic, etc. If your way of being smart is so specific that you can't sell it today, maybe it shouldn't qualify at being smart.

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If you looked at the studies you would see clearly that it's not, but you aren't looking for actual answers.

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Link me a study that takes into account things like conscienciousness/work-ethic and social skills.

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Not smart, but I could progress in my occupation more quickly and live comfortably. But since I don't care about the product or really any kind of product, motivation is hard to come by

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money is a demoniac substance, I am smart enough to fear retribution from the Multiplicity of Heaven

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Are you Rapture and if yes how do you feel about pretending to have gotten your wealth through education when it's known you are an heir to a rich family?

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>"the market is good at distributing jobs according to skills" meme
Let's be serious now.

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I’m not Jewish.

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I didn't say that, only that it's good enough that smart people (who, it's true it has to be added, are sociable and hard-working) rarely stay poor.

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I'm not.

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Biggest predictor of wealth

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IQ is a better predictor than childhood socioeconomic status.

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I’m borderline retarded and my savings just keeps growing because I’m too lazy to spend it

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>If you're smart, why are you poor?
I put effort into being comfortable and generally being lazy as fuck

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Only up to the midwit zone (~120)

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you do know 100 is the average

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Because I'm not smart

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fucking how

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100 is the mode, not the average, dumbass

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It’s also the median and mean

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If you're smart at making up good stories (which literature is about),how do you not stay poor?

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But Im not smart anon. If I was smart I would either have the will to pursue an authentic life or I would find a way to balance my beliefs and interests with the need to sustain myself through labor and I would find work that allowed me sufficient freedom from fiscal matters to tend to my own pursuits. I'm dumb though, that's why I work my trashy job and crawl through /lit/ waiting for the flash of brilliance or great opportunity that everyone who really Lived Their Life had and that surely must descend upon me if I fantasize in bed and whine on 4chan enough.

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>Because of CAPITALISM

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Smart and wealth are two different things.

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>smart and wealth

you mean intelligence and wealth?

geez, anon...

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which makes your original statement even more wrong not less

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You won't find that, because work ethic is a social trait that is linked to culture and thus race, and nobody in academia gets published by showing some cultures or races are less successful than others.

And don't go looking, or you'll get hit with wrong-think charges and end up in a rat helmet.

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not necessarily since outliers could be more present on the over 130 percentile or the under 70 percentile, it would make the mean something like 99.2 or 100.6 (which of course is meaningless since you don't break IQ points in decimals but you get what I mean). The same is true for 100 not being the median.

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How would you feel about giving me 10 million so I could stop waging and just read for the rest of my life? No real upside for you, except you'd always have someone to talk to about literature.

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They he fed the senpai for free, real nigga shit

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You can get into marketing, or some other type of fiction than litterature, which is not very popular today. These are pretty competitive fields.
But if you're smart at that, you're generally smart at other things. You're generally endowed with a high verbal IQ. So if you're sociable and hard working, a lot of jobs should be accessible to you.
Now you may have other problems, like for exemple hating the effort of having to work on things that interest you less than writing books. Which I think is understandable, a lot of common white collar jobs for intellectual types are retarded.

It is studied. Variance in conscienciousness has a genetic component, don't remember how high. And I think gaps in consciensciousness between the races is genetic too, not cultural.

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>haha gotcha there, CHUD, the word is mid-wit, and the morpheme "mid" implies "middle" therefore "midwits" can't be what everyone on this website understands as midwit, it has to be EXACTLY the middle of the bell curve haha, nazi chuds btfo

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>calling 120 iq 'midwit' when self is max 80 iq

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i am beyond material needs

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usually dumb people can't tell they're dumb

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what do you do

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It is, do you even know what a gaussian is?

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This is a cope dumb people tell themselves to feel smarter.
>at least I know I'm dumb, so that means I can't be THAT dumb, right?
No. All dumb people know very well that they're dumb. You know you're dumb too. If you think you are dumb, you are dumb.

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I'm not Jewish

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100 is the mean and median by definition, the scores are calibrated so that it is the case.

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Let us distinguish the dumb from the clinically retarded...

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No need to. Clinically retarded people know they're retarded.
Dumb people know they're dumb. Smart people know they're smart (although a lot of them like to stay humble because people dislike people who claim to be smart).

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you're saying dumb people who think they're smart don't exist?

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Even if it was true it means jack shit in the context of philosophy nowadays because the skills he used weren't related to philosophy at all

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>Clinically retarded people know they're retarded.
Not always. Sure, they know they're "different", but they don't always reach the level where they can objectify and thus compare themselves to others. At least when I worked around children with trisomy I noticed it.

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I don't have any respect for poor artists
If you are moderately intelligent you should be able to support yourself financially and live comfortably through your writing
Write some schlock if you have to or translate something
No dignity in poverty

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Money and wealth beyond keeping a roof over my head and my belly full aren't and have never been good motivators for me. Family would try to get me to get better grades in subjects I didn't care about by bribing me, it didn't work. All sorts of jobs tried to get me to work harder for more money or bill more hours because I had to hit a quota or else I wouldn't get a "bonus." None of it has ever really been interesting to me, and I have a minor in business and a law degree. The entire prospect of the grind in order to get a high score just doesn't seem like an attractive thing. Sure I could read 40 books on best business practices and create a dropshipping empire or play the stock market, but I don't really want to. The end goal doesn't create "value" for anyone but myself. I'd prefer to satisfy whatever pervasive feeling nagging at me for accomplishment in other ways. Sure, money would be nice, but at a certain point all it does is give novelty and more stress. You could spend your money on fun distracting entertainment, but then you lose your money that makes you more money! Moderation is key when getting hookers and blow with your millions from the stock market!

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That’s a lot, anon. How did you make it? You inherit it, i imagine?

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Ever considered that those artists don't care about what you think of them?

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Why would I want to be rich lmao

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based billionaire 4channer

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define poor? I got 10k covid neetbux saved up, first time ever having 5 digits. feelin "hood rich," as they say.

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I don't care what poor people think, so no I have not spent any time pondering their inner life
Further they are more likely to think thoughts like "I'm hungry what do I eat" and so on

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