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what am i in for?

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A meh analysis

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worst girl, by the looks of it.

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will i discover any new anime waifus? will it give me insight into my own lifelong anime and subsequent asian fetish(es)?

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wtf is this>>16127529

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>From Cutie Honey and Sailor Moon to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the worlds of Japanese anime and manga teem with prepubescent girls toting deadly weapons. Sometimes overtly sexual, always intensely cute, the beautiful fighting girl has been both hailed as a feminist icon and condemned as a symptom of the objectification of young women in Japanese society.
>In Beautiful Fighting Girl, Saito Tamaki offers a far more sophisticated and convincing interpretation of this alluring and capable figure. For Saito, the beautiful fighting girl is a complex sexual fantasy that paradoxically lends reality to the fictional spaces she inhabits. As an object of desire for male otaku (obsessive fans of anime and manga), she saturates these worlds with meaning even as her fictional status demands her ceaseless proliferation and reproduction. Rejecting simplistic moralizing, Saito understands the otaku’s ability to eroticize and even fall in love with the beautiful fighting girl not as a sign of immaturity or maladaptation but as a result of a heightened sensitivity to the multiple layers of mediation and fictional context that constitute life in our hypermediated world—a logical outcome of the media they consume.
>Featuring extensive interviews with Japanese and American otaku, a comprehensive genealogy of the beautiful fighting girl, and an analysis of the American outsider artist Henry Darger, whose baroque imagination Saito sees as an important antecedent of otaku culture, Beautiful Fighting Girl was hugely influential when first published in Japan, and it remains a key text in the study of manga, anime, and otaku culture. Now available in English for the first time, this book will spark new debates about the role played by desire in the production and consumption of popular culture.

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Why would anyone write this? Why would anyone read this? Why? Japan has so much to offer, and all you faggots want to do is watch cartoons. When you decide to read a book about it, the first thing you pick up is a book about your dumb fucking cartoons. Why do you do this? Delete this thread.

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it's critical theory, brainlet.

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From the sounds of it, a book that absolutely ignores the elephant in the room: Japanese mommy issues.

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yeah but we already have ryu murakami for that

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>Muh amae
Nihonjinron is cancer, the equivalent of popsci for nationalists and foreign dupes.
Write an analysis of something good using critical theory. Theory is too important to be wasted on slop like cartoons.

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Psychoanalytical babble

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learn to read faggot

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I don't watch movies or cartoons. I literally did not care about Japan until I took a course in which there was zero mention of their god-awful cartoons. Anyone who cares enough about their cartoons to write about them is beyond all hope.

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i don't know anon, saitō tamaki, the man who wrote this book, is a psychologist and critic, and the director of medical service at sofukai sasaki hospital in funabashi, chiba. the man's a doctor with 17 published books.
and what are you? an internet troll.

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Good for him. I can't speak for the other sixteen books, but I can say for sure that this one was a waste of his and everyone else's time.

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thinking is never a waste of time, anon. maybe you should try it sometime

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As a matter of fact, thinking can indeed be a waste of time.

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that's no excuse for your inability to. you do know you're on an anime image board, right?

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>As a matter of fact, thinking can indeed be a waste of time.

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/lit/ is not an anime board. Most of the site has nothing to do with anime. It is not an anime imageboard. And this thread sucks and should never have been made.

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And you waste your time arguing about book that is waste of time, which is more of a waste? Reading the book, or arguing about it without reading it, in chinese cartoon forum on top of that?

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I'm not arguing about shit, faggot. I'm simply calling you and everyone else in this thread faggots for posting about this here and not on /a/ where it belongs.

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I want tourists to leave

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4chan was founded as a place for western fans to discuss anime and manga. without japanese "cartoons," you wouldn't be here trolling about how you've never watched anime and how "thinking is a waste of time".

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I've been here longer than you, faggot.
It is literally no longer an anime imageboard. It hasn't been an anime imageboard for more than a decade. /lit/ in particular is not an anime board. This thread does not belong here.

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Yeah cockmongler, you had been here all summer lmao

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western civilization was founded as a place for christians to discuss god and salvation. without christ, you wouldn't be here trolling about how god doesn't exit and it's a made up fairy tale.

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Go back.
No. Now go back.

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it's a thread about a book of psychoanalytic critical theory, anon.

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I am a taoist thought

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It's a thread about a book about anime. Anything anime and manga related does not belong on /lit/. Take it to /a/ where it belongs.

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>>16128647 refer to this post >>16128340

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I've already read that. Take it to /a/ where it belongs.

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Take it to /a/ where it belongs.

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shoot yourself in the head so you can rot in hell where you belong

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No. This thread belongs on /a/, not on /lit/.

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>thread about a book doesn't belong in /lit/
>I'm just posing here as serious intellectual
Go back. Anime is the most efficient filter, you don't belong here.

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it's a book about psychoanalysis and critical theory. i don't watch anime or post on /a/. if you don't like the thread, report it.

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>It's a thread about a book
>does not belong on /lit/
for a moment i was confused too, thank you for bringing us back to reality
hopefully this will archive or get deleted soon, and then you can enjoy the rest of the catalogue, free of any discussion whatsoever about actual fucking books

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Yes, that's correct. Not all books belong on /lit/. Fan-fiction does not belong on /lit/. Manga does not belong on /lit/. Books about anime and manga do not belong on /lit/. Books about television do not belong on /lit/. All of these things have their own dedicated boards. Please return to the board dedicated to the subject of this thread, namely /a/.

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yeah... i was all excited to read this book, now this authoritarian troll is sort of ruining my day...

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Anime website, kid

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It's a book about anime that claims to use psychoanalysis and critical theory to analyze the people who watch it. Not /lit/. Take it to /a/.
See >>16128692

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look, buddy, if you don't like it, report the thread. i'm done talking to you, you're wasting my time

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>It is literally no longer an anime imageboard.
if it is not, then i will make it one

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no, it's still /lit/

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Reporting these threads will not make retards like you understand that your place is not on this board. Go back to /a/ and never come back here.
No you will not.

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yup and all the reddit whinge won't change anything

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No it's not. There is a board dedicated to discussion of anime, manga, and all things related. It's called /a/. Please go back there.

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misato man, huh?

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why didn't you just do that in the first place instead of wasting my time?

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I'm not the one wasting your time. Creating this thread was itself a waste of time.

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even you cannot win against me, chad
anime is stronger than even your chiseled jawline

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lol cope

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daily reminder, from the literal mascot of 4chan herself

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Okay, interesting. Now please go back to /a/.

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after you ;)

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when i asked "what am i in for," i wasn't expecting this...

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go on based lad, keep posting this lit related stuff

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I am fortunately not from /a/.
That's unfortunate. This is the only response that animeposters like you deserve.

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leave 4chan and never come back. you don't belong here

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Sorry, I don't take advice from animefags.

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Based animefags triggering the pseud doubling down summerfag

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I have not been triggered. I am calm and serene.

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Sure thing

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does /lit/ have an opinion on which neon genesis evangelion character makes the best waifu?
for me, it's asuka

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You are correct.

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>does /lit/ have an opinion on which neon genesis evangelion character makes the best waifu? for me, it's asuka

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Just ordered this yesterday oddly enough. Saito is a really engaging writer, Adolescence without End is a great (and prescient) read.

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Misato board

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>Just ordered this yesterday oddly enough. Saito is a really engaging writer, Adolescence without End is a great (and prescient) read.

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>summerfag bitching about anime by spamming a gay reddit meme
Redditors need to go back

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fuck off literal boomer

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>Misato board
>>summerfag bitching about anime by spamming a gay reddit meme
>Redditors need to go back
>fuck off literal boomer

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>Just ordered this yesterday oddly enough
based! i'm still excited to read it, despite the trolling ITT

>Saito is a really engaging writer
good to know he's an engaging writer, amped to read his work

>Adolescence without End
i'm going to read that too

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You know if you want more cute anime pictures you can always just ask

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>based! i'm still excited to read it, despite the trolling ITT
>You know if you want more cute anime pictures you can always just ask
The poster count hasn't gone anywhere. It's really obvious that you're samefagging just so you can save this pathetic excuse for a thread. Stop posting, delete it, and go back to /a/.

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Yes I keep posting anime pictures

>> No.16128946

Why not give up and go back where you belong?

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this is where I belong :)

>> No.16128976

Wrong. Back to /a/ with you.

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Plebbitors mad

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Nobody, all characters in Evangelion are broken. I would say Misato is the best choice.

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>alkie whore

>> No.16129042

Pen Pen is cute

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did we watch the same thing?

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Why the samefag?

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>> No.16129084

Yes and she's a slattern in it.

>> No.16129110

I dont even watch anime but being butthurt by animeposting is the surest way to spot a redditor

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So when are you gonna go back to /a/?

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yes and it's based

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after you :)

>> No.16129132

When you return to reddit?

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I've been here longer than any of you. You need to go back to /a/.

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>2016fag thinks he's an oldfag
it is to laugh

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I've been here since long before that. And anime still belongs on /a/.

>> No.16129205

fuck off I was here when /g/ was /g/uro

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Nah, you scream reddit. 2016 was me being generous, it's more likely much later. Was it the top 100 on r/books that brought you over?

>> No.16129218

Very interesting. Anime belongs on /a/, by the way, so if you could just delete this thread and go back there, we'd all really appreciate it.

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>Nah, you scream reddit. 2016 was me being generous, it's more likely much later. Was it the top 100 on r/books that brought you over?

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>literally one seething autist making it his mission to sperg out about weebs
Not been a very busy day for you, has it?

>> No.16129249

>he thinks /a/ is less autistic about what constitutes an anime than he is about what constitutes a book
Did /a/ kick you out for lack of rigor or something?

>> No.16129250

So are this guys books any good? I got intrigued by the Adolescence without End, it sounds like its about prolonged childhood.
She's a slob for sure, but not alkie, nor a whore.

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You need to go back.

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>>Nah, you scream reddit. 2016 was me being generous, it's more likely much later. Was it the top 100 on r/books that brought you over?

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I didn't need to remember those feels anon

>> No.16129277

To /a/? For book discussion? Pls. They would kick your ass to /jp/

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>tfw no Asuka gf

>> No.16129289

and they would tell on on /jp/ to fuck off to /lit/ since its not 2hu or vtubers.

>> No.16129294

Then go back to /jp/. The only thing that's clear is that you do not belong here.

>> No.16129298

In that case, it seems that there is no room for you on this website. Please go to any other website of your choosing. I don't care where you go as long as you get off /lit/.

>> No.16129302

how can you possibly criticize animeposting while brainlet wojakposting
you have no standing whatsoever to criticize the postings of others, you live in the most fragile glass house imaginable

>> No.16129303

>Adolescence without End
It's basically about the NEET manchild phenomenon which is a pretty big social issue in Japan (here too but it's not given nearly as much cultural consideration). Tamaki was the one who coined the term hikikomori. It's a good read, would recommend.

>> No.16129309
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anime website

>> No.16129310

No I do not. Go back to /a/.
Take it to /jp/.

>> No.16129314
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I'm not going to get off /lit/. I was here before you and I'll be here after. So what are you gonna do about it except carry on crying?

>> No.16129316

Not an anime website. Go to the boards that are made for scum such as yourself.

>> No.16129320

>he thinks a book on otaku belongs on /jp/ now
What's next? The Price of Salt going on /u/? Ulysses goes straight to /d/?

>> No.16129326

>noooo stop posting about books on my literature board

>> No.16129330

Ulysses is literature. Autistic "analysis" of weebs like yourself is neither literature nor philosophy. Go back.

>> No.16129334
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You seem to have been mistaken my dood

>> No.16129337

/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction)

>> No.16129339

Nope. Back to your containment boards, please.

>> No.16129341

Ulysses is hentai, anon, where the fuck else will a love object become a phone box? Go back to the porn boards, pervert.

>> No.16129346

Are you ever going to be upset by Lafcadio Hearn

>> No.16129349
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>he thinks /a/ is a containment board like /pol/


>> No.16129350

This silliness isn't helping your case. Go back.

>> No.16129357

Go back. Either /a/ or /jp/ will welcome you, so please go back.

>> No.16129363

Transformation porn belongs on /d/ or /h/, you need to go back and take your fart sniffing hentai porn with you.

>> No.16129370

You're really dumb, aren't you? Go back where you came from.

>> No.16129376

>he wants to send authors mentioned by James Bond villains to /jp/
You don't even know /tv/ exists do you, newbuddy?

>> No.16129386
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>> No.16129388

lol did I spoil Joyce for you by telling you he wrote hentai? Tough shit, perv, you need to go back to your red containment board

>> No.16129393

>implying he's even read Joyce.

>> No.16129398

Of course he hasn't, because then he would know it belongs on the hentai deviant boards

>> No.16129401

Go back. All of you, go back.

>> No.16129408

We're back, now let's discuss books about otakus!

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Ironically you began by saying that the book is a waste of time. Surely your time is more valuably spent compared to reading or discussing the book.
I will add it to my list. I think neets will become increasingly big problem in near future, so learning about it can't hurt.

>> No.16129459

The Anime Machine is a good one.

>> No.16129462
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>> No.16129466

It's a massive problem now, as evidenced by the angry retard ITT

>> No.16129474

Thanks anon! You're the best!

>> No.16129483

daily reminder that all boards are /pol/ and 4chan is an anime imageboard

>> No.16129520
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no anon the entire website is not a hugbox for your incel politics

>> No.16129646

It is desu

>> No.16129669
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fair enough

>> No.16130759

Beautiful fighting girls?

>> No.16130779
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Mental illness.

>> No.16130862
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>/lit/ is eternally full of threads that clearly belong on /his/, very few complaints
>someone finally wants to talk about a book, but the subject of the book is too close to the reason for this website's existence so the thread must be ruined.
>retard who wants to preserve the purity of /lit/ doesn't want books discussed on /lit/
>he'd probably rather see another advaita or racebait thread
This is a Rei thread. Talk about how much you love Rei Ayanami.

>> No.16131135
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>this sperg complaining about anime on 4chan

>> No.16131279
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I miss when animefags were based? what happened to the actual /lit/ weeabos?
It's almost like they got replaced by trannies from twitter and reddit

>> No.16131452

kek, based

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