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What were Tolstoys and Gandhis arguments for nonviolence? Seems illogical to be a god among devils.

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That violence is cringe.

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I wonder what her tongue would taste like

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Probably dick

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Tolstoy was insane, he had no idea why he believed in what he believed in

He's the Kanye West on the 19th century

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Kill yourself, faggot.

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>He's the Kanye West on the 19th century
Weirdly accurate. The archetype of the unaware artist

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If he had Twitter or something he'd probably go on rants about nonsense now and again like Kanye too. He'd probably delete it a re download it constantly

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kek, indeed he used to go on tirades, talking down on random people in the street then disappearing for some time until he calmed down. If he were among us today, he would have been on a cocktail of mecations consisting of antidepressants and anxiolytics.

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Go back to discord. Dilate.

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I wonder what was actually wrong with him? He 100% had depression but i wonder what else

The mans a genius but he was insane

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And it happened to Nekhludoff, as it often happens to men who are living a spiritual life. The thought that seemed strange at first and paradoxical or even to be only a joke, being confirmed more and more often by life’s experience, suddenly appeared as the simplest, truest certainty. In this way the idea that the only certain means of salvation from the terrible evil from which men were suffering was that they should always acknowledge themselves to be sinning against God, and therefore unable to punish or correct others, because they were dear to Him. It became clear to him that all the dreadful evil he had been witnessing in prisons and jails and the quiet self-satisfaction of the perpetrators of this evil were the consequences of men trying to do what was impossible; trying to correct evil while being evil themselves; vicious men were trying to correct other vicious men, and thought they could do it by using mechanical means, and the only consequence of all this was that the needs and the cupidity of some men induced them to take up this so-called punishment and correction as a profession, and have themselves become utterly corrupt, and go on unceasingly depraving those whom they torment. Now he saw clearly what all the terrors he had seen came from, and what ought to be done to put a stop to them. The answer he could not find was the same that Christ gave to Peter. It was that we should forgive always an infinite number of times because there are no men who have not sinned themselves, and therefore none can punish or correct others.

“But surely it cannot be so simple,” thought Nekhludoff, and yet he saw with certainty, strange as it had seemed at first, that it was not only a theoretical but also a practical solution of the question. The usual objection, “What is one to do with the evil doers? Surely not let them go unpunished?” no longer confused him. This objection might have a meaning if it were proved that punishment lessened crime, or improved the criminal, but when the contrary was proved, and it was evident that it was not in people’s power to correct each other, the only reasonable thing to do is to leave off doing the things which are not only useless, but harmful, immoral and cruel.

For many centuries people who were considered criminals have been tortured. Well, and have they ceased to exist? No; their numbers have been increased not alone by the criminals corrupted by punishment but also by those lawful criminals, the judges, procureurs, magistrates and jailers, who judge and punish men. Nekhludoff now understood that society and order in general exists not because of these lawful criminals who judge and punish others, but because in spite of men being thus depraved, they still pity and love one another.

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>he had no idea why he believed in what he believed in
Have you ever read Anna Karenina, Resurrection and How Much Land Does a Man Need?

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Gandhi's argument for nonviolence was that India could never actually fight off the British army, so instead they would have to fight against British popular opinion. It was a specific tactic for that time and place; Gandhi wasn't against violence in general.

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I've read anna and resurrection.

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Then how is it not clear to you that he is well aware why he believes what he believes? I mean he like literally explains it in borderline direct speech to the reader.

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Imagine the stench of her breathe.

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Stench of a maw of a sperm whale.
>I saw the opening maw of hell,
>With endless pains and sorrows there;
>Which none but they that feel can tell--
>Oh, I was plunging to despair.

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historical data shows that non-violent movements are far more effective than violent ones.

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>Gandhis arguments for nonviolence
being a rapist pedophile sex freak is a argument for nonviolence? supporting caste system by birth is an argument against nonviolence? supporting segregation is an argument against nonviolence? telling people to present their asses to their colonial masters is an argument against nonviolence?
fuck you dumb hippy faggot do your research before sucking le spiritual eastern enlightened hindu-man's cock. ghandi was an asshole of highest degree.

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uncomfortably hot

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can anyone qualify what this anon said? would be quite a shocking redpill

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That's due to the nature of "movements". Doesn't really take into account all the times a domestic leader showed up at say, Constantinople with an army and said Look at me, I'm the Basileus now

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In the case of Tolstoy, he was simply following the lead of Christ. Read Tolstoy's rearranged translation of the gospels, "The Gospel in Brief".

As for Gandhi, Satyagraha is simply the most practical method ever devised for creating social change.

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The Indian independence movement was Hindu nationalists, so that anon isn't wrong. What he gets wrong is that it was based, not cringe.

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It's what he wants to believe but was never really able to. At one point he tries to pull a Levin himself and completely accept god, even going to church, but he was completely offended by their focus on the miracles which he could never reconcile with his nihilistic leanings partly inspired and egged on by his promiscuous history around as a youth. Eventually he just made his own version of Christianity bereft of all the supernatural.

It's impossible to adhere to a higher principle, nonviolence or otherwise, in the face of actual difficulty and hardship, without some corresponding belief in an afterlife, not necessarily heaven or hell, but an idea of something after death which is influence by correct action in this life. This is biological, an extension of the theory of picoeconomics, recursive self prediction and the iterated prisoner's dilemma into the life beyond.

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Isn't this a perfect example of that he perfectly comprehends what he's rooting for? Including the faith, but excluding the earthly ritual of it. I just don't get how is he in your perception failing to realize his own worldview, since it's so clear.

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Comprehension is not the same as belief. Sure, he understood perfectly what he wanted to believe (as evidenced by Levin's ending), but was unable to bring himself to believe it--which was perhaps the whole point of writing that novel and that character and that ending. Read Memoirs of a Madman if you haven't already.

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>but was unable to bring himself to believe it
I get what you mean, but why do you think that?

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Read Memoirs of a Madman, it's put in plain black and white there.

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I just want a lit gf with a bubble gum tongue to cum on

come on, my turn now

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Imagine being 1cm tall and hanging off the uvula in the back of her throat desperately trying not to fall down that beautiful hole down into her belly where you're painfully digested alive and turned into fat on her tits and ass

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Here I am on a sfw board and your text alone managed to break the threshold of my desensitization. I hope you're writing.

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good post

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these hippies just outsourced violence to slaves and subordinates, hid in cage.

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can you explain more?
yes, ahimsa...you don't read much do you?

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non violence is a path to immortal awareness? same path the monkey is on, played out into monkeyness with a multitude of distractions

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Lev 19:18

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