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top tier for writing, shit tier for reading. 6/10

top tier, you get really immersed in the story. Con is that if you get too high it's impossible

hard as fuck with the letters moving around, but on the comedown, reading is some intense shit. You get fully immersed in the story; I got a little fucked reading about Austerlitz in War and Peace

what about you anons?

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Weed is the lowest tier drug of all.

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Opioids for writing and reading. Most retards have no willpower though and get addicted.

Mushrooms and/or dmt for philosophical reflection.

Dude weed.

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Alcohol makes me write more easily, but overly emotively and dramatic. It's usually no good the next day. Anyways I dont drink anymore.

10mg weed edible PLUS coffee is excellent if you want to read for 3 or 4 hours straight without any adhd issues.

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For Reading:
>Top Tier
Opiates (pill form), Nicotine, Speed (preferably long release)
>Mid Tier
Kratom, DXM, Weed (only after the high as peaked, ~30 min after smoking)
>Bottom Tier
Alcohol, Molly, any psych

For Writing:

speed speed speed speed speed speed speed

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Nicotine usually keeps me on task but alcohol is purely for just kicking back and chilling

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Ketamine for interdimensional travel.

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>Feels the need to do drugs
You already lost, anon.

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A clear mind if you're reading anything of value. Kill yourself you weed smoking jew.

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Dubs of truth

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ik this is probably bait but imagine unironically having fucking Reagan as a role model, kill yourself

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Imagine feeling superior to weed users as an opioid user

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What about testosterone injections?

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agree with you about lsd. Read Liveblog that way

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I learned it from watching you.

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>top tier for writing
This is a pernicious meme. Alcohol dulls the mind and makes your thoughts groggy and unclear. In small amounts it can help loosen you up a bit, but anything more than a few drinks will see the quality of it nosedive.
Being an alcoholic does not improve any aspect of life and certainly not writing.
>t. alcoholic writer

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LSD, Ketamine, 4 Ho Met
Shrooms, Nitrous, Weed
Nicotine, Kratom
Opiates, Benzos, GHB, Cocaine

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It is both pleb and patrician tier.

if you are a loser and use it for escape
if you are somewhat stable and use it to enhance reality

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DXM can also go in F

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The Bible.
Get reading, hippie.

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Imagine being addicted to drugs.

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>that dopamine when the (You) hits

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Why are psychedelics frowned upon? The Catholics in South America have integrated Peyote and Psilocybin Mushrooms into worship. Psychedelics are non addictive, non neurotoxic, and they help enrich people's quality of life while also eliminating mental illness for many.

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>the sheer rush of those dubs

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i often have a very hard time concentrating - weed helps with that. although i am able to concentrate while high i usually get quite emotional.

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Psychedelic research chemicals like 4-HO-MiPT and 4-HO-MET are the ultimate patrician drugs.

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no, that would be, unironically, tobacco cigrettes

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bath salts

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Weed is a nigger drug that zombifies you and lowers your intelligence. The main literary drugs are caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. There are others too but they're for more disciplined souls who can bear the risk. That said, I'd be sipping opium tea daily if I could.

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Alcohol is literary in the sense that beating your child is parenting.

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I wouldn't write or read on alcohol, but I do think it could be useful in some ways for literary reasons that wouldn't involve directly applying oneself to literature, but it does facilitate life experiences that could inform one's literary habits.

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I just drink coffee till my eyes shake every day

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I agree, anyone who smokes often is misusing it. I've smoked with multiple daily users and it doesn't even appear enjoyable to them.

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no, i think the one where people literally huff shit would be the lowest one.

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every day on here i discover some weird fringe bullshit

why cant you internet hipsters just take normal lsd like the rest of us

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alcohol and tobacco are god tier, nothing else.
weed makes me feel retarded

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Methylphenidate down the line bro

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Try reading the dictionary, you will become one with language and be the word.

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Great for feverish scrawling and minor illustration, better used for thorough analysis or detailed descriptions

Good for short bursts of rant like writing, really dulls the overall potency of a longer narrative work

Jack of all trades, generally where a lot of your planning and most of your writing should take place, using the aforementioned drugs where the strengths they offer you are best utilized

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Nah bro cigarettes are high tier. They make you think better, faster and more creatively. The only drawback is the smell and the health effects.
Nicotine is based.

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you are right here my fren, lsd weed and alcohol, psychoactive, spirit active, soul active. but you cannot compare them in fact, three different tools, you don't compare hammer to scissors to knife to fork.

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because you are. you don't see it because your attention is stolen by larpings.

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Using it to "enhance reality" is literally the same as escapism.

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Wait, what? I have always had static without ever taking any narcotics in my life, what does this mean?

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Sperg-tastic post

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Fave is ketamine, not sure it helps with reading or writing though, maybe with low dose it does. Also wrecks your bladder. Nicotine not bad, speech makes you write like crazy but your just end up writing nonsense mostly. Psychs are hit and miss. Weed is stoner tier.

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>smoke weed
>do nothing but slowly talking about weed strains and munchies
I hate stoners and weed makes me feel like turning into a braindamaged retard if I'm not alone in a room listening to music I like. I always regret smoking when its already too late.

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no, at least you have to be commited or far gone to do that. weed is the definition of mediocrity.

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It's never too late to quit

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>top tier
>mid tier
ket, cocaine, alcohol
>nothing more than entertainment tier
benzos, LSD, shrooms, dmt, weed

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Now that's an interesting thread.

I found it very hit or miss. Sometimes a glass of whiskey did nothing for me, other times just a glass of red wine did the job. IF it works well, the confidence boost is alright although the absolutely best effects for me, came afterwards, when it's on the line of hangover and a state of carefree abandon. Too tricky to get there consistently, so a 6/10 it is.
Afterwards I tend to lose motivation to write and just want to dick around for the first 30-60 min. IF I did get myself to write; it was surprisingly helpful to stay on the task. I did most of my pre-final editing on weed, so it's functional enuff. No downsides either beyond the price. 6.5/10
Only did micro dosing and it was pretty unspectacular. Somewhat of higher focus than from being tipsy. A big con is that taking it is fucking boring. Still, solid 6.5/10
Pretty much does nothing beyond forcing you to take breaks. But breaks are good, so 5.5/10
Taking it is as boring as LSD and the effect is even more subtle. Huge money drain too. 3/10 shit.
Can't say it does anything but I'm addicted to the shit and can't go through a productive day without at least two cans of Rockstar. 2/10 for being a pointless money drain.

I'd love to try coke since at least in theory it sounds perfect for my needs but I'm also too Jewish for that.

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I don't smoke regularly. The last time I've smoked was like 2 weeks ago.

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Shit for reading, makes writing different.
Shit for reading, doesn't improve writing at all
God teir for reading, and god teir for writing if taken at reasonable doses. Only talking about very low doses though (10mg). Stimulant abuse is an awful rabbit hole to go down.
Weirdly good for reading while on the comedown, the only drug that has actually improved the reading experience for me. The imagery is incredibly vivid, read a horror book on lsd and it stuck with me for months. Garbage for writing though, when you find everything profound you're going to write psued shit
At low doses, see alcohol. At high doses, see pic related.

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I wouldn't call lsd boring, try doing more than microdosing next time

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>hasn't read on DXM

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my man

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>imagine being an h addict
>literally scum of the earth with no friends
>complains about dude weed bros

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>caffeine and alcohol
CEO of Based

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More /lit/ than weed scum (low IQ normie drug)

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>dried rose petals
awesome to smoke day to day, stablises my moods without the evil of tobacco addiction
fantastic dreams but extended REM cycles leaves you feeling spaced out and irreverent the next day
stops me from killing my wife regularly
commune with nature, good for the soul, once had a crow perch on my shoulder

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pregabalin and coffee

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The world would be better off if you killed your wife. Two pieces of trash gone, assuming you get the death penalty.

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I don't drink, smoke or do any of the drugs because I'm high on life! It's true I'm high on life!

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Why do you automatically assume i do dirty afghany heroin made in some sandnigger's hut? Oxy is my preference and I use it sparingly, few days a month at most you fucking drug addict.

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alcohol's fine for reading if it's mixed appropriately. Gin & Tonic or a Coffee Amaro are great to pair with literary pursuits.

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Dude weed lol

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>Why are psychedelics frowned upon? The Catholics in South America have integrated Peyote and Psilocybin Mushrooms into worship. Psychedelics are non addictive, non neurotoxic, and they help enrich people's quality of life while also eliminating mental illness for many.

>expecting christcucks to logically evaluate anything...

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nice blogpost full of useless opinions

this board is a joke.

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Shoo shoo, druggy

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, he typed before returning to refresh the catalog

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t. weedfag

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Not an argument.

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I am this person. It's not that enjoyable, just an addiction like any other addiction. For examples, just look at all these braindead retards defending nicotine addiction as something great instead of being honest with themselves. Just look at this guy trying to somehow rationalize his addiction to coffee and cigarettes >>16009599 by implying "but other drugs are worse".

Even worse is this guy who actually tells himself that cigarettes somehow make you more creative and smarter: >>16009279
He's definitely lost.

Same goes for alcohol, too, of course the main difference being that alcohol literally makes you mentally retarded if you somehow manage to be an alcoholic for 20 years without dieing.

If you smoke weed everyday, there is barely even a high because of your high tolerance. It's just a dumb, expensive addiction like any other addiction.

Using weed on and off is neat, if one can handle that. Even better is the combination of slight sleep deprivation, a joint and great music.

This is true.

This is also true, though I would still prefer to be a mediocre weed addict than an exceptional Krokodil addict.

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Start drinking tea instead of fucking Rockstar, the fuck is wrong with you.

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Imagine being this guy. Imagine thinking civilized countries have a death penalty. Fucking embarrassing.

>> No.16011833

Death penalty is justifiable and the cornerstone of a civilised society.

>> No.16011839

>cigarettes somehow make you more creative and smarter:
They do. It's objectively proven.


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>Sperg-tastic post

>> No.16011858

Never worked for me, besides preparing decent tea takes too long.

Then why is there not a single civilized country that has it?

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What the fuck even is this board anymore? Looks more and more like /r9k/ every day.

>> No.16011865

Anisette tipples have the clarity of a caffeine buzz, the 'sativa' to whiskey/rum 'indica'

>> No.16011883

Lets see how long that will last buddy ;) quit now, you prideful arrogant addict of the future.

>> No.16011918

Every civilised country had it up until a few couple decades ago.

>> No.16011924

Tell that to Bach, Beethoven, Kant, Einstein and any other tobacco smoker. Absolute brainlet. Kill yourself weeedfag.

>> No.16011953

Clearly they weren't civized then. The state murdering its citizens is only acceptable in shitholes.

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How is "hey, this smart people had this dumb habit" an argument?

t. literally about to light a cig

>> No.16011969

Imagine being a milquetoast teetotaler that no one (including himself) likes

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Beethoven smoked hash

>> No.16011999

Holy fuck these posts make me ashamed to come around here. "Sipping opium tea" holy fuck you NEED to blow your brains out they are uncompromisingly fucking gay. Go suck some out of a twinks ballsack you fucking fairy

>> No.16012002

Habitual use dulls this effect, and the constant smoker has to smoke in order to get to their "baseline" mental capacity

>> No.16012003

Why are Americans so opposed to cigarettes? Nobody gives to shits about smoking anywhere else. For some reason, Americans need to tell you it's unhealthy and you should stop smoking, like I didn't know it's bad for me. Just shut the fuck up and go back to eating burgers.

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>gang shit brra brra brra braaaaa

>> No.16012033

yea that's how it starts
quit now

if this gets you upset and you don't quit now, you're already on your way

>> No.16012035

If you need drugs to be able to learn and create, then you are in essence a shit learner and a shit creator. All of your learnings and creations are lies.

>> No.16012044

No, he smoked tobacco.

>> No.16012060

It's not dumb, see >>16011839

>> No.16012065

Circular reasoning.

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>like I didn't know it's bad for me
It's not.

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You're both addicts with no will power or discipline over your mind. I've been doing this for a decade. Apparently a few day binge every month or 2 is too much for most retards to handle. Try reading some non-fiction sometime.

>> No.16012475

Yes but he also smoked hash

>> No.16012794

Seems like the guy making a lot of jumps from questionable old studies that were probably sponsored, modern ones with a small sample size that are basically "yeah, it has an interesting effect that might give a small boost" and getting unclean info mixed up (comparing smokers vs non smokers instead of focusing on the nicotine).

Can't say I personally ever noticed anything positive either.
And the boost wouldn't be worth the damage to the body, unless it's something crazy like +20 IQ points.

>> No.16012819

Luckily the daily users I've smoked with aren't stereotypical stoners so our conversations aren't like that. Usually the conversations are normal and we listen to music, play music (although not very good music), go biking, watch movies, etc.

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I have a puff on days when i feel down

>> No.16013079

Ehh not worth the cancer bro

cancer sticks are cool but don't smoke them

>> No.16013118

Cancer isn't even the biggest argument against it. One can luck out after all.

Feeling as your lung looses capacity and coughing out weird stuff is much more sucky.

>> No.16013161

ah so you can't quit then? got it
i've got friends who are both dead and homeless who started out like you, and could handle it for much longer than a decade. but i'm sure you'll be the exception. just trying to help you out. good luck.

>> No.16013177

oh wow yea that sounds much worse than cancer

>> No.16013182

Absinthe or nothin'

>> No.16013187

There are a lot of LOSERS here who are in denial about their serious addictions. Get out and get a life and seek help.

>> No.16013263

Weed is very divisive. It's a love it or hate it kind of thing. Luckily for me it does me good.

>> No.16013395

The only drugs I use while reading are coffee and pipe tobacco. If I read while on anything else I’ll just forget it after a page lol

>> No.16013448

>ah so you can't quit then?
Quick to assume things huh? Ive taken a year off before, just last year because I had a few oz of shrooms and a half of deems. Had more interesting things on hand I guess. Ive had friends who died from dope back the day. I don't understand why some people get addicted to things like weed or dope so easily. Guess some people are just born npc's.

>> No.16013453

Alcohol is shit tier, you can't write anything meaningful being drunk. Cocaine is definitely S tier, nothing can beat it if you need to write a book in one week.

>> No.16013467

You're not supposed to drink until you're drunk, nigga.

>> No.16013477

>Feeling as your lung looses capacity and coughing out weird stuff is much more sucky.

Asthmatic here. Can confirm that this is the worst feel and that's why i smoke only one cig a day rn

>> No.16013486

Nicotine, caffeine, and small/moderate alcohol
Everything else

Alcohol is variable. I can only handle a small amount like a glass of red wine.

>> No.16013489

>Quick to assume things huh?
you've been doing this over a decade, i wouldn't say it's a quick assumption
and i wouldn't call it taking a year off if you were just replacing 1 drug with another
maybe you're right and some day you'll grow up and stop with the drugs. but i'll guarantee you this - 100% of addicts thought the exact same thing as you

>> No.16013496

Ok mom.

>> No.16013520

see you in the obituaries you junkie bitch

>> No.16013546

Lmao wtvr you autistic faggot. Try at least quitting dude weed.

>> No.16013726

Based and imperturbability pilled.

>> No.16013748

Meant for >>16013448

>> No.16013802

I run 5 miles twice a week and work out 3 times, i'm not worried about losing breath
Cancer on the other hand, my father and uncle died of it, neither touched a smoke for their life. It will probably get me too eventually anyway

>> No.16013816

idk ive never meet a weedsmoker who didn't appear braindead.

>> No.16013832

>not jenkem

>> No.16013866

Mate why are you shilling cigs in /lit/

They are literal poison just quit. I know and you know that you are coping right now

>> No.16013887


>Be me
>Be reading a book on LSD
>The Lily of the Field and the Bird of the Air by Kierkegaard
>Shit is ki-no
>Walk down a river with the poet and contemplate the gospel as a fiery muse
>Book gets more intense
>At one point the house is shaking, probably my own heartbeat in retrospect.
>My living room looks like a barn now.
>Literal corn cobs raining from the sky
>Somehow still finish the book

10/10 would do again.

>> No.16013938

I never would because she has big juicy milkers. It was hyperbole and afterwards I felt bad for typing it.

>> No.16014330

You do realize that some anons on /lit/ may actually put philosophy into practice and can interupt their thought process to overcome emotions like desire right?

>> No.16014359

ah yes all the disciplined monks with steeltrap minds who visit 4channel

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Where else are they going to go, plebbit?

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Only drug I enjoy is amphetamines.

>> No.16014777
File: 350 KB, 750x500, oxidative stress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a d d y g a n g

amphetamine explosive ranting over opiate hallucinatory rambling any day

>> No.16014804

most lit drug, 10/10
least lit drug, 0/10
best drug, 9/10
don't do it but 8/10
fun drug, 7.5/10
also fun, 6.5/10
wew, not much fun, 5/10
inspired ancient religious cults, 8/10
not really a drug but cafes are /lit/ so 7/10
needs more representation in literature, 7/10
not very lit, 6/10
the devil's drug, 8/10
the only drug i haven't done! ?/10

>> No.16014807

forgot ketamine, comfy drug, 7.5/10

>> No.16014811


>> No.16014877

Autist detected

>> No.16014906

>I'd be sipping opium tea daily if I could
Poppies are not particularly difficult to grow, anon.

>> No.16014925

Came here to post this because anons need to know this shit especially US anons. Anti-smoking propaganda has us thinking tobacco is demonic or something even though out of all drugs its probably the best and safest you can use

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>weed and alcohol are top tier
Retard, those impair you. Nicotine is the thinking man's vice. A lucid cognition is the essence of literature—not to mention its meditative properties.

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