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Is The Count Of Monte Cristo worth reading?

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if nobody knew I would

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Here's your count:
One Monte Cristo
Two Monte Cristo
Three Monte Cristo
Four Monte Cristo
And so on

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imagine the

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>The Count Of Monte Cristo
More like the Cunt of Mounting Crisco

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Being on such a high floor she must have a lot of potential energy.

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god I want to cum in her belly button

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What a sexy fat girl. What's her name?

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It's so much better in French

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My brethren

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I want a sexy fat wife so much, bros. I'm actually pretty /fit/ myself and I love the idea of having a wife who's fat as a contrast. I love the idea of getting into even better shape as she eats herself even bigger.

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>ywn use her belly as a pillow and read your own book on it

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Reminder that an obese, overfed form has always been the most ideal version of the female body until recent thin fetishism. Hopefully, fat acceptance movements will return us to tradition.

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Not the prettiest face I've seen on a BBW, but still very nice. Hell, that big double chin is actually really sexy. Nice belly, too.

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Looks like a man of that same weight, so I doubt I could.

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>I want a sexy fat wife so much, bros.

You ever been with a fat girl while she eats? It's absolutely disgusting, I guarantee that will cure you of your desire to wife one.

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I Have Lost Count of Many Krispy Kreme

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Fuck off.

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what are some books with fat women?

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Boule de Suif

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Good rec, I love Maupassant.

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Americans should really be banned from this board

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OP girl is Brazilian though

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The server is in the US.

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Gross and underrated

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>knowing anything about who should be banned

Lol pls.

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Her features would be much more attractive without the makeup tanked all over. But those body moles are top tier

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You can tell by her facial expression that she's dumb whore

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hell yeah boy im down with the thiccness

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Imagine getting a hotel with her and spending the entire weekend in bed alternating between reading, fucking, discussing books, and feeding her takeout

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I dunno but damn that is hot!

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Same bro

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The person who posted this fat cow is a stupid american

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I'm not.

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Anon, I HAVE been with a fat girl when she eats, and it just makes me more erect. God, the way they will inhale food messily is the hottest fucking thing in the world.

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I want to cum all over her belly. Fat girls are the best. They are up for anything. They hate themselves so when someone shows interest, they fall immediately. It's cute. I love to use them and toss them.

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>what are some books with fat women?
Little Women

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Am I mistaken or do women tend in general to have simultaneously weaker, fatter bodies than men, but also a socially protected sense of validation and self-worth in regard to their physiques?

Fuck, man, I've hated my body since day one, then you get these absolute landwhale BBWs chubby chasees preaching how beautiful they are. I don't get it. How can you be comfortable in your excess skin?

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t. Pierce Brosnan

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What the fuck are you talking about you fungus?

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>nobody discussing the actual book

keep it up /lit/ :)

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You are at heart

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> the only discussion of the book is a discussion about a discussion of the book
/lit/ truly does not read

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You should perhaps learn from them. Hating your body will not help, at best it will make you become a self-hating self-obsessed /fit/faggot. Might as well smoke every day and get cancer in an honest, straightforward way.

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You missed the point.

Are fat women allowed to show their areolas like that? Even on blue boards? I thought that was a privelege reserved for men. I have never read the Count of Monte Cristo so I won't say anything about it.

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I already am a self-hating, self-obsessed /fit/faggot. If I didn't have an asthmatic, recreationally conservative girlfriend, I would smoke.

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Read it this year and really enjoyed it. It was riveting, if long

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yes. it's very engaging, a fun super hero self insert story with lots of drama, plotting, and action

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I know that pain

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Caspar D. Friedrichs wanderer really gets fucking dragged on every piece of cover there is.

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a modest amount of self hate is healthy, too much or too little is bad. it helps you chase an ideal and improve, but it can also make you a depressed and disengaged “whats the point?” type of guy.

golden mean.

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WRONG. Being overweight makes pregnancy high risk.

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thank you my fren. you made me lol.

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Is this what Butterfly has become?

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