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>be anon
>read something of depth or informative
>look for a short video on the subject for my spouse and friends, knowing their short attention span
>video is 18 Minutes long
>only reply "tldr?"

I'm not that big brained and the concepts are really mostly relevant to current affairs, yet people which I see day in day out wate hours playing doge2048 or rewatching the same old youtube videos will look me in the eye and tell me they have no time for that. Those people can't shit without scrolling through some virtual shit. Friends are the one thing, but my spouse really makes me fuggin angry. Those dead fish eyes focused on the next instant gratification.

How do I fix my social circle, /lit/? I even thougt about fucking up our internet connection, but than again there is mobile data.

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Can't blame them, youtube videos are boring as fuck. Books are ironically more engaging, they're harder to get into but once you've started to get your pace you can easily spend entire afternoons mired in them.

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No way any of them would read a book if their life depended on it. One of them only bought 5 hardcovers of normie meme books to look smart. Hasn't even read the ontro of any of them.

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Then I can only offer you my sincere condoleances, I don't see what you can do, except perhaps talk to them about /lit/ subjects in entertaining ways when they're drunk or something.

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>How do I fix my social circle, /lit/?

Too late, so you will cope reading novels about 19th century aristocrats like most people here do.

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The sad thing is, those subjects really float their boat. When they come up in some videos they see by coincidence between their shitty yt lists, it really gets their noggin joggin and talking. Same goes for when some of their favorite yters speak about them. Yet when I actively try to show them how truly great it is, in hopes of now being the perfect moment, they are already "bussy" watching some other shit, playing games and simultanously checking some forum. God forbid their might take a minute to ponder something.

The fact that I know, that in any other time in history they would loved those books and concepts make it just so much worse.

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>tfw kids are on their way
Cope is a bad role modell, anon.

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You can't "fix" your social circle at once, burning bridges would quickly make you a perma-loner. Try gravitating around social circles that bring you higher. At first you attend some events as anonymous public. Then you get to know who frequent that scene, maybe even get along great with them. Slowly you spend less time with your dumb friends and more with the ones that make you feel like life is worth living and humanity isn't a desperate cause. These friendships are mutually beneficial, you grow in touch with them as they do with you. You keep visiting your old friends although less and less frequently, each time feeling more remote and having less to share. Once you've gone in such direction for a while you either stagnate in a place you feel right in, or strive for ever-bolder circles. As you grow old you realize it's always pretty much the same social competition and concealed ego-stroking, that maybe Schoppy was right. You start thinking more and more about retreating in the woods in the good company of yourself.

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too real. And then you tell yourself it's not escapism like fantasy/scifi because it's realistic

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That social circle are family. Cutting ties with them because they are ruined be technology is a non-option. I'm not leaving hubby behind when a Ted-out is on the menue.

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Your entire social network can't be entirely made of your close family. You need a window on the outside, however tiny. If family takes up your whole time, you don't get your own growing space. Without such possibility, there is no hope for a better life.
You either try saving them or you let them stagnate and do your own thing. Being depressed about other people acting retarded gets you nowhere.

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This is what happens whenever you are a slave to sexual habits.

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>complaining about people refusing to watch 18 minutes video on a LITERATURE BOARD
NO. I will NOT watch your VIDEO. 18 minutes of video ? It would take me FOUR MINUTES TO READ THE SAME AMOUNT OF INFORMATIONS.

Fuck your videos. Fuck everyone who thinks they can learn from videos. It's entirely passive, unlike books you cannot watch a video at your own pace, or go back to a certain passage conveniently. Imagine willingly putting yourself in a state of hypnosis.

Read a fucking book. If what you want to show me doesn't exist in written form, then I assure you it's not relevant nor intelligent.

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>unlike books you cannot watch a video at your own pace, or go back to a certain passage conveniently


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Ma only friends are my extended family and some autists on a taiwanese pizza spelunking forum. Your claims that you need friends to grow is retarded 20th century shit. Having your own family makes you grow beyond any friendship, which wither away either way once you embrace true life. If only because you work on bettering your envoiremet instead of just changing it like dirty underwear.

Can you be retarded somewhere else?

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youtube videos can literally be sped up to 2x

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Literally all books are escapism, literally all media is escapism

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Get a pet fish instead. I have two and the get really excited to see me when I wake up in the morning. I have them in a tank at the end of the couch I read on so I can watch them float around. It's comfy af

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nothing you can do really without making them hate you. we have access to way too much stimulation of all kinds now and pretty much everyone is drowning in dopamine and their brains are fried and they have no real motivation to personally aspire to having great intellectual capabilities because being stupid and oversocialized is enough to get you sex, and pursuing intellectual subjects in your free time is seen as weird and workaholic.

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>literature board
>defending youtube videos as a learning resource
I'm not him, but hes right. Unless video demonstrations are essential to the content, any piece of writing beats a video. No one these days is capable of reading a textbook. People buy these $100 dollar textbooks for their classes so they can do the homework problems but when it comes to not knowing something instead of reading the fucking textbook for 5 minutes they go look for and rewatch 10+ minute videos purely because videos are more stimulating with distractions and encourage passiveness and discourage critical thinking. speeding up videos is not the same as being able to read at your own pace and is much more inconvenient, especially when the speaker themselves vary their speech speed already. Text can easily be referred to with detail after the fact, read and criticized with scrutiny down to the individual words, you don't have to fiddle with video speeds or pausing, its easily quoted and shared, you can do things like text searches on it, and you don't have distractions of colors, movement, sound, faces and gestures, etc. and your mind should be entirely occupied with the material.

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Nigger, it wass about bringing concepts to people which don't have the concentration to read 800 pages to get the basc gestalt. That's why short videos with tl;dr are usefull. Retards like you two miss the whole points high off your own farts

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I know why OP is using videos. I agree with him that low IQ people need videos because they will not voluntarily read anything. My problem was with so called literature enthusiasts defending videos for their own use. No 18 minute video should amount to 800 pages of script.

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>it wass about bringing concepts to people which don't have the concentration to read 800 pages to get the basc gestalt.
what makes you think these people must be familiar with these concepts? lol.

> I agree with him that low IQ people need videos because they will not voluntarily read anything
Nobody needs what they cannot voluntarily achieve.

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Well, for starters, stop thinking of yourself as an intellectual among idiots. In fact, stop thinking of yourself as an intellectual. It's unbecoming. Everyone around you probably already thinks you're insufferable and pretentious, so inevitably everything you take interest in will be a turn-off for them. And I'm not saying, "Get on their level," because you already are. The difference is your near-solipsistic ego.

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Coomer cope and no argument.

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Coomer? Did you just learn a new buzzword, brainlet?

It's not about feeling superiour, it's about stuff like how we should raise our kids or behave when faced with goverment sheniniganz. Or about if we should Ted-out when faced with the current Yuga.

Stop projecting your teenage intentions onto adults.

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Never claimed that videos are better than books. But they can be a pretty good tool for learning, just combine it with google searching and writing.

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>Stop projecting your teenage intentions onto adults
he says, as he makes a thread about trying to get his family to watch this “really cool historical youtube video”, and he’s so mad they don’t want to spend time with him that’s he’s considering cutting off their internet service
Yep, real mature behavior right there :^)
Remember OP, if someone doesn’t think they “need fixing” then they’ll only resent you for trying

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In a similar sense, DO NOT let your children have screen time. Don't watch screens or play video games in front of your children either. Read books to them and in front of them. Read newspapers. Putting kids infront of a screen destroys their attention span

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Way to intentionally missunderstand the point of the issue because you can't face the fact that you have been called out for edgy branletism.

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>>15715110 this is partially correct. People do think that people that read books and actually care about philosophy enough to read books on it and such are insufferable but only because it highlights what they are unwilling to do.
Yeah people's brains have literally been rewired. Sone are ugly enough or have enough other weird autist traits that they feel compelled to read and such which gets them out of it but the average brain feels no need to be in any kind of discomfort mentally or physically in today's world. I am sorry Anon. I sympathize.

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It's just so tiresome. All that potential wasted. I don't expect interest for the sake of it, but to remain ignorant on pressing issues because one rather watch something more positive is such a disgracefull ostrich behaviour. Especially when I consider that we both didn't even have a smartphone till 2016 and he always made fun off those zombies.

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Very based comment. I think the same.

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board games

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Show me how you learn to crochet from reading a book, sperg

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Lol buddy, my cousin has a YouTube vlog where she comments on The Bachelor and my sister is a TikTok dancer. and they're considered the normal successful ones. Meanwhile I am the college droupout vocational freak. I know.

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>18 minutes
Likely more of a free time thing than an attention span thing. If you wanted to measure attention span maybe take the difference between how long they're willing to read vs how long they're willing to watch a video or movie.

>Those people can't shit without scrolling through some virtual shit.
Was the video you sent not virtual or something?

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There is no evidence that goldfish only have a 9 second attention span. That's a lie that was spread in the popular media and caught on with people. The truth is goldfish, like many species of fish are complex and emotional creatures. For example, this gif shows a goldfish helping it's sick friend swim to the top so it can eat. The can also recognize their owners. Fish likely have more complex emotions than this but it has not[ been adequately researched.

Goldfish can actually grow to be quite large but their growth is stunted by the small tanks we keep them in as well as the conditions in which they are raised

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That gif look more like he is eating "his friend", as many caged fish do, similar to chicken cannibalism. Also please stop trying to share stuff which evrybody knows. It's like explaining that the moon isn't made of cheese.

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Immense levels of irony

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>as many caged fish do,

cannibalism is very rare in goldfish and only occurs in stressful situations. Here is a different video of similar behavior which is more clear


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I can relate OP, none of my friends have any curiosity in anything other than the most basic shit. You can't force interest. Just let them live their life and pursue knowledge independently.

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Honestly, could be anything like curiosity. People too often try to see human-like behaviour in animals. While fish aren't as stupid as we think, trying to make such behaviour in a heavily inbreed specias look like heroism is silly.

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Are they even interested in the video topic?

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Yes. When they get to know a couple facts they will gladly take a stance and share their knewly gathered knowledge with others, sometimes even me, when they forget from whom they got it. I'm not pstering them with stuff not interesting to them. It's only the fact that they can't be bothered to just read a short article or watch a clip to even get the basic gestalt.

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The opposite is true. Humans feel so sure of the superiority of our sapience that we refuse to recognize noble emotions in animals. It's anthropophobic: any suspicion of "human-like" behaviour must be excised from the non-human; the beast must remain a beast.

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Nah, I know that there are many intelligent, sadistic or funny animal. But we have to seperate those higher creatures from those lower once. Unlike you, I can differentiate and don't try to see emotion where basic instinct can be at fault.

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Curiosity is just as if not more advanced than empathy, but it seems to be trying to lift that other fish up not just inspecting and leaving.

Anyways, fuck you guys, I'm going to /an/

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I wasn't defending videos, I just pointed out a factual error.

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how do you develop friends at anonymous public events? i've gone to shows, readings, openings, screenings alone (because i'm interested in the work) but too autistic to randomly start talking to a stranger because it seems like everyone else is with their friends.

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