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Why was this series never able to achieve the same popularity as Harry Potter? What did it lack that HP had?

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The villains were lackluster and the author kept the Olympians minus a few as assholes so it's hard to root for Percy when he is helping these fucks.

Voldemort was a one dimensional villain but at least he was entertaining.

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Damn straight, Percy Jackson was the shit back in elementary school. Have a bump.

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a bad movie

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The movie really fucked it.

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I think it was the movie. I know most people at my school only started reading HP because of the films.

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It was too high IQ for w*men.

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At least unlike Rowling, Rordian had the balls to put homos into his books and actual be homos.

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It was too rooted in reality. The adventures had them regularly stomping around in the real world. Fun kids story, but didn't have the escapism value of a magical castle in isolated Scotland.

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I read the first book during my first year of hs and I very much disliked Percy, whom I consider to be a massive mary-sue. I was definitely older than the book's target audience though to be fair.

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Ares being a little bitch is accurate though

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They toned down his mary sueness in later books but they spread that mary sueness to other characters, in particular Nico and Annabeth.

Still shit. Don't read.

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It's less escapist. Children's storytelling isn't about quality, it's about the sheer fun factor. It's easy to imagine having the time of your life at Hogwarts, all day every day. Camp halfblood is generally either boring and stifling, or under attack.

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Even as a kid I could tell that Percy Jackson was a big rip-off of Harry Potter, it wasn't as popular as HP because it was too derivative

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Then as a kid you were retarded. PJ is a road novel in the American tradition. The only thing it took from HP is the "you're a special kid" and "we sort the special kids into competing factions" elements. The actual plot and mechanics thereof are nothing like Harry Potter.

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>not reading the superior kids fiction

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Percy Jackson was genuinely great, much better than Harry Potter. The only reason Harry Potter did better was timing and the movies. It's quite a shame what they did with the movies, I don't understand how they fucked it up so much. They should consider trying again, maybe as a TV series.

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Annabeth was ALWAYS a mary sue.
I think his mary sueness actually ascended in the later books.
First book was kinda your traditional quest for a hero, yeah he was clearly the chosen one but in books 2 and 3 he forced his way onto quests that werent fucking his. And got away with it. Book 4 was probably the low point for his mary sue-ness, then book 5 cranked it up again.

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Lies. As garbage as HP was, none of the characters in Percy Jackson come even close to being as well written as Snape.

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This series was always full of mary sue. Even weak nobody characters like fucking Will could beat actual demigods from mythology. I don't remember someone like Theseus being able to do sound bullshit because he has divine lineage. Hell Theseus would be a fucking nobody without Hermes and Athena giving him weapons.

I'd rather read chink shit like Saint Seiya, yeah it bastardizes Greek mythology, but at least Saiya is likeable and not always a sue.

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YA shit needs to die off

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These posts are correct. Harry Potter is the most popular ya novel series because it’s the first one that really kicked off the trend
>inb4 someone brings up some other ya novels with movies in the 80s or 90s that no one here has heard of

Hunger Games first movie at least was good which is what made a lot of people read the series like me. Percy Jackson movies were awful though they had nothing to do with the plot.

I don’t think criticisms that it’s a ripoff of Harry Potter is correct. Besides at the broadest view of the overall series arc ok sure. But that’s just basic fucking story structure and Riordan was able to fit it in well with Greek mythology
>there was a first war that happened before the series started that defeated the big baddie,
>hero fights minions of big baddie that are trying to bring back big baddie
>prophecy that hero will defeat big baddie
>eventually big baddie returns at end of book (though in HP this was the 5/8th book while in PJ it was 4/5th)
>then there’s a 2nd war and at the end hero beats big baddie (though imo PJ did this in a much more intelligent way with prophecy really being about a different hero and Percy’s decision being about whether to trust the other hero or not)
All of this is pretty basic story structure, and in fact PJ’s is a bit more intelligently done.

None of the individual book stories resemble themselves at all. None of the characters resemble themselves at all. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are characteriscally completely different besides being MCs.

Depends on the book. Some of the books Luke was pretty good some of them he was shit. Kronos was completely basic though that’s what he was like in Greek mythology. I thought Atlas was cool for the one book he was in but none of the other titans were done that well admittedly.

Olympians were assholes in Greek Mythology, if anything they should’ve made Poseidon more of a dick. It was central to Greek myths and it’d be dumb to change that.


What are your rankings?
>Titans Curse
>The Last Olympian
>Battle of the Labyrinth
>Lightning Thief
>Sea of Monsters

If I set up a white nationalist Hellenic Republic in the middle of Wyoming called Camp Halfblood where we worship the Hellenic gods, train like Spartans, read the Greeks, study and speak Ancient Greek, and sometimes do a rape of the Sabines, how many of you would want to join?

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ToA series are dog shit. I can't believe I want Percy back. Apollo sucks. You'd think a narcissist trying to gain humility would make for a good story, but you'd be wrong.

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Riordan post the og series in generally just trash.

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Isn't this shit supposed to get a Disney +?
How the hell are they going to add the bits where like 20% of the cast become gay all of sudden. China will never tolerate that.
Nico himself is a fucking gay necromancer. For the CCP that's like Shia Muslim for Sunnis. Haram as fuck.

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None of that was in the OG series. Hopefully they never try and bring the shit in Heroes of Olympus into the OG shit.

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I'm certain Riordan said all his books are getting a season. That includes even shit like ToA.

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Then I just won’t watch those seasons. The Last Olympian if they do it right is a proper ending.

I just hope they keep out the reveal that nico is gain until the heroes of Olympus series.

Also hopefully they don’t fuck with the cast ethnicities. cmon Disney Riordan already added the one token minority in the first series with beckendorf. Keep that gay diversity shit till heroes of Olympus then go wild.

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Hundred percent they are going to make Percy a wetback. 95% of the tumblr/Twitter fanbase already fancanon him as such. It's going to happen. Just pray Annabeth stays blonde and white.

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He has Green eyes wtf. Plus Jackson is clearly an Anglo name.

Pic related is what he looks like.

I wish they could bring back Logan Lerman he’s a proper think to play Perseus.

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Green eyes in Latin American literature is usually used to denote a character is mestizo. But yeah he is white but in the year 2020 of coronachan, expect the worst.

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>a road novel in the American tradition
What did he mean by this?

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the movies destroyed the imagery of mount olympus for the youngins. edith hamilton said it best

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Artemis Fowl Disney + is shit, expect the same for this series. They should have fucking animated this instead or fucking tried to push for an anime. Do Nips like Greek Mythology?

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based Hamilton quote?

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I’m hoping we get a Mandalorian and not Artemis Fowl. It’s too early for me to tell whether Disney + is shit or not though this’ll decide it.

God I always thought the series would be perfect for anime please don’t remind me itll never happen.

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It depends on who is in charge of this. Mandalorian only got lucky that Filoni, an insane waifu fanboy but a decent to good creator, was put in charge.

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Is it known who’s in charge of the Percy Jackson series yet?

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I will read Siege if they make Percy non white.

What movies?

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You are the retard lmao. They are fantasy stories geared written for twelve year old's with a protag with magical powers (inb4 there are millions of those, there weren't before HP). The 'mechanics' have nothing to do with it. After HP this genre was seen as a cashcow. It's derivative in that sense.

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>No one posted this yet

It's like you guys are allergic to fun.

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Nope. So be afraid.

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All they literally need to do is copy paste the book. All the work is literally done for them. Millions of people have been proven to like what’s in the book so there is a set market. Why can’t they just fucking do what’s in the book and make everyone besides the 100 mentally ill people on Twitter happy.

Just fucking convert the fucking book to a screen play and make every 2-3 chapters an episode ffs.

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Someone on /tv/ said screenwriters need to get paid and only get paid if they create 70% new content. Might be bullshit, but it is a good explanation why film adaptations of books have shit track record.

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Wait what? I only read the first two heros of olympus books. Did it become a fagfest after?

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After book 4, they try to fix forced relationships with "oh they're gay."

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Thats lame

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Not really. The only main character that is gay is Nico. The Seven are all straight.
Apollo is bisexual but that shouldn't be shocking to anyone who knows Greek Mythology.

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In his defense, in Greek mythology the gods are constantly acting like assholes

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Why would Nico be gay

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Riordan pulled shit out of his ass and said that the reason hi I ran away in the og series was because he was gay for Percy dick.

>> No.15642660

Also he is gay with some nobody kid of Apollo who now gets screentime solely because he is banging Nico.

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>hi I ran away in the og series was because he was gay for Percy dick.
Wasnt nico like, 10 years old in his first appearance in the og series? And i'm pretty sure he said it was because monsters and undead were chasing him. I havent read the series in about 10 years but it sounds like some bullshit that would leave a plothole as gaping as nicos boypucci.

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Yep exactly. Also because Nico was supposedly pissed at Percy for letting his sister die, but I guess that was actually bullshit and this 11 year old ran away becuause he wanted Percy’s dick too badly.

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I really hope riordan doesnt go full woke

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Wait he was supposed to be a kid? Is he really fucking someone? I know the Greeks like boy fucking but this is ridiculous.

>> No.15642732

I think he’s like 13 or 14 now but yeah it’s weird.

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He already did. Look up Samirah al-Abbas.
Nico being a faggot is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Wait how? Is Percy in College now?

>> No.15642806

Wait who?

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It wasn't liberal propaganda.

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Snape is written exactly like Itachi from Naruto. And even Narutards admit that justifying an evil asshole by making them secretly a good guy is bullshit.

>> No.15643172

Itachi literally killed children and mind raped his brother twice before the age of 13. Please don't compare him to Snape.

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It is now :)

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Bad movie, not as escapist, sequels fell flat and seemed more like lifeless franchising

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How does anyone take this seriously? Who is mentally retarded to give a damn about any of this?

I know I’m harping on the basic years old tumblr/sjw hate bandwagon but Jesus fuck it still shocks me.

Are these people born retarded or do you have to be mentally twisted? Both maybe?

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literally every chapter has a boss. it reads like a videogame, no setting

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homosexuality is perfectly fine as long as both guys are cute twinks

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What if they grow up?

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I liked them as a kid, but doubt I would now.
Now I'm a shitty web who will occasionally read philosophy books.

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I re read them over quarantine and they hold up pretty well as a fun read, granted you probably have to have already enjoyed them as a kid.

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Meh. This was when I was a really interested in Greek mythology. Not so much anymore, so I might not. I have grown tired of young protagonists too, thanks shonen.
Would still fuck Percy's movie actor though, had a huge crush on him when I was a kid.

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Are you a girl or a gay, and are you hot either way?

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Gay and kinda.

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Fuck off faggot, any gay that’s not a 10/10 twink should fucking kill them selves.

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Please be sure to tweet that to Riordan, Satan. Nico should be fucking Percy, not some meh blonde twink who can't fight.

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I mean there's also the whole 'magical world' vs 'the real world' aspect that Percy Jackson had that felt completely cribbed from Harry Potter, like how normal people can't see or interpret magic shit but the demigods can or whatever. Also the chosen one prophecies and the resurrection of the big bad were all done in a similar fashion, though admittedly it's been a really long time since I read those books.
I quite liked the books (mainly because i thought annabeth was a qt), but I don't really remember much about the plot. I really have fond memories of The Battle of the Labyrinth, because from what I remember it had a lot of cute girls in it like Calypso Rachel and Annabeth.

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Stories with a separation between the real world and fantasy world go back a pretty long way and is in no way original to Harry Potter. Same deal with chosen one prophecies.

Both series use those story elements sure but it’d be ridiculous to say that means PJ is a ripoff of HP when those are simply just common story elements for children’s fantasy, and fantasy novels in general.

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I could never get into them because Percy was a gigantic mary sue. I mean Harry was too but peer pressure forced me to read that trash.

>> No.15647398

But to add, Percy is a better character and less annoying character than Harry Shitter. Again, peer pressure forced me to read that shit past the first two books.

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this is Sonic-fanbase levels of faggotry holy shit

>> No.15648005

got them quads

>> No.15648062

Man, book 3 was the high point in my opinion, it had everything, the only thing missing was a Percy and Annabeth kiss, then 4 was OK and 5 was meh. I have fond memories of it since it was the first book I read without being forced to.

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You should check out her tumblr and those who listen to "xir." Apparently a healthy gay relationship is treating your partner like a doorknob if you are disabled.

Goddamn it and I thought the Digimon fandom was creepy.

>> No.15648073

yeah, that movie really was atrocious
I knew it was gonna be bad when Annabeth looked like an MMA fighter and didn't even have blonde hair. How many fucking late teen-early 20's women in hollywood have blonde hair and they had to pick some stocky powerlifting dark hair looking bitch to play annabeth?

>> No.15648081

Again I'm glad I dropped this series after book 5. I'll watch the Disney + show but prepare to see these levels of autism more prevalent. Disney has awakened a sleeping giant.

>> No.15648087

Tbh i dont care if they gay guy from the book is gay. I just dont want it to go gull autismo.

>> No.15648101

The finale to ToA comes out this October. I fully expect Apollo to marry a black ftm trans to show solidarity with BLM.

>> No.15648116

Wtf? Nico is gay now? Why the hell do that shit it's a child's book, I loved it so much in my childhood, I was even planning to make my children read it, not anymore I fucking won't, what a fucking retard Riordan is

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For 12 year old me, it’s was the Titan’s Curse and The Last Olympians

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Guys, what happens to Annabeth and Percy in the new books after the first 5? Are they still together?

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I thought the sea of monsters and battle of the labyrinth were really forgetable. The third was my favorite because i had a crush on the zeus girl, but overall the first is the best because its most comfy and feels more tangible.

>> No.15648143

You can show your kids the books just stop at book 5.

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>the third was my favourite because I had a crush on the Zeus girl
>tfw no 100 year old tree gf

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Yes. Check Ao3, it's the 2nd most popular ship and the most popular straight ship. At this point, Riordan has to pander to his dwindling fanbase. He can't break up certain relationships, Percy x Annabeth, or kill certain characters, such as Nico and his dipshit boyfriend.
It's why he was able to kill off Jason and had to asspull Frank from dying.

>> No.15648154

Yeah, I got got halfway through the final heroes of Olympus book but quit halfway through bc I didn’t kike it and they were still very deeply in love. Was actually one of the only good parts of those books. In one they both got stuck in taurturous and definitely should’ve died and it was kind of dumb, but because it was the 2 of them together alone it kind of worked for me.

>> No.15648161

you clearly dont know about the pjo tumblr fandom. hell look up pjo ao3 rn.

>> No.15648163

It got much fucking worse. The first ToA book had Apollo imply that gays can reproduce their genes.

>> No.15648202

Well if he didn’t start pandering with shitty token diversity characters (it just so happens in HOO if the 7 heroes there’s a teepee Indian, Latino, Asian, and black girl) and then making characters gay out of nowhere, and instead just focussed on writing fun green mythology adventure stories for middle schoolers, maybe he wouldn’t be in that position.

>> No.15648217

What the fuck. Are his books still directed at kids? Who the duck is his audience?

>> No.15648223

Same audience as Digimon.
Essentially they put on an illusion it is for children, but in reality most of the fans are nostalgic 20-30s years old women.

>> No.15648235

If they do i will be mad, but i dont want to play polemics. If it makes sense gay is gay for the story and context, there, if they hamfist a trans black loke a decapitated statue up the ass im annoyed.

>> No.15648255

Wait what's the first!? Percy and Nico I assume? I mean that's retarded but we have shit like Naruto x Sasuke and Drarry so I'm not surprised.

>> No.15648256

If I do that, then they might want to read the other books in the series and I don't want them reading any gay shit during their childhood, not gonna risk it, I'll make them stick to the old children classics like Anne of Green Gables and Heidi.

>> No.15648362

Just tell them the other books are shit.

>> No.15648380

No guaranteed they'd listen, better not risk it for now

>> No.15648400

Which btw they are shit and they’ll realize that before they even get to the gay shit, even if they get to the gay shut have some faith in your progeny lmao they’ll think it’s weird and fucked up, and then you can have a conversation with them about virtue signaling and how at this time in history we were under a degenerate faggot authoritarian rule in our media which influence content creators like Riordan to fuck up his works by pandering to this regime.

>> No.15648406

I didn’t turn gay when I read that shit as a kid it just made me pissed off.

>> No.15648446

>female protagonists
Yeah unless they are Usagi and showing their panties or fighting monsters like Clare from Claymore, your kid is going to be a demisexual trans otherkin.

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Why are people so upset? Nico has had a boyfriend now for 4 fucking books and not once kissed or done pic related (spoilered because lit is a Christian board). I don't know why you are all getting upset. They had fucking fags kissing on Star and other kids show. This is kiddie shit in comparison to that.

>> No.15648667 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 942x734, 3502b228a874357ea0a91efa72afeda1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are people so upset? Nico has had a boyfriend now for 4 fucking books and not once kissed or done pic related (spoilered because /lit/ is a Christian board). I don't know why you are all getting upset. They had fucking fags kissing on Star and other kids show. This is kiddie shit in comparison to that.

>> No.15648686

All faggots should die

>> No.15648799

I agree. How do you want to die faggot-kun?

>> No.15648848

Well, that's a good point, I'll think better about it

>> No.15648860

It's not about turning one gay, but about brainwashing children into thinking it's normal and should be accepted.

>> No.15648868

Harry potter was able to build up it's brand because kids all fantasized about going to Hogwarts. If you think about it the world of Harry Potter is not some remote magical otherworld but rather the british bourgeois ideal. The harry potter wizard is what every british bourgeois strives to be: educated at an old elite institution, intellectual yet still down to earth enough to be industrious and like ordinary things like sports (see quidditch), masters over nature (in the case of the wizards this is taken to the extreme in their mastery over reality itself), and, above all, unconcerned with trivial day to day tasks. All of the actual work in their world is done by magic or enslaved magical creatures. The wizards are free to live idle lives of invention and intellectual pursuit without any actual work. In the real world the british bourgeouisie sought to achieve this through the subjugation of the proletariat and colonial subjects. The harry potter world takes the bourgeois ideal and removes the horrors required to uphold such a way of life. Voldemort is the villain for threatening to disrupt this ideal. Hell even the ministry of magic is just a glorified version of the British bureacratic government and intelligence apparatus.

Percy Jackson on the other hand is just a fun story that also teaches kids about greek mythology.

>> No.15648983

One thing I found fucked up about Percy Jackson is that the gods come here to earth, fuck whoever they want and leave their partners on their own to take care of the children.

>> No.15649015

Everyone should have seen this coming when he started adding randoms pocs. The gay shit that is. Slippery slope and all that.

>> No.15649054

Have they ever explained why all these demigod children have powers that would be on par with shit that Heracles (the pinnacle of all demigods) had? Seriously even the weakest kids have powers not even some of the most renowned demigods would have or would kill to have.
Hell aren't like of all of Apollo's current kids better healers than fucking Asclepius. I remember someone on tumblr showed a passage that said that.

Does modern day degeneracy make for more powerful offsprings?

>> No.15649131

>Heracles (the pinnacle of all demigods)
Hercule was stronger

>> No.15649168

He also was a bigger faggot. No thanks, that is haram for children.

>> No.15649469

Labyrinth was forgettable-ish but I still remember liking it because I was a tech-nerd type and Greek sci-fantasy interested me.

>> No.15649504

That’s how Greek myths were you retard.

>> No.15649609

It was Percy and Annabeth's first kiss though, not forgettable at all

>> No.15649616

Did they also have mpreg? I think that happened a few times in Mesoamerican mythology but never in Greek.

>> No.15649636

Fuck I dont remember that at all. Its been a fucking decade. I'm gonna order the series and reread them.

>> No.15649640

>kill off the Aryan Chad
>but not the fat chink that is "bulky"
Yeah I'm glad I dropped this. Fuck you, fuck OP, and fuck the cuck author.

>> No.15649665


JKR's writing is very on point with enough humour and surprises to keep going, and lack of trying too hard. I rarely saw it in other YA novel.

Voldemort wasn't even a relevant antagonist in most books. He only interacted with Harry in the first, fourth, fifth and seventh, and it was pretty brief in most of these.

>> No.15649666

Am I right in presuming Thalia doesn't even show up to react to that because that's the impression I'm getting. Seems like a bunch of older characters are getting sidelined hard.

>> No.15649689

Snape is just some boring incel and wasn't a part in the success of the series given how he only got depth later.

And Itachi had reasons for it, even though they were stupid given how the story was presented to us.

Snape had no reason to be some incel pinning for a single chick and even less of a reason to be a grown ass man who treated Harry and other houses like shit.

>> No.15649777

>Snape had no reason to be some incel pinning for a single chick and even less of a reason to be a grown ass man who treated Harry and other houses like shit.
That's bullshit and you know it. Incels exist. As do pining losers who carry that hatred to the offspring. Hell I'll give you example, albeit a non romantic example, Scourge and his nephew Fred.

A loving older brother but mind raping your brother twice is the height of retardation. Right along with Naruto calling the man that ruined his life, his best friend lives, responsible for killing his friend/future in law, master, and parents the coolest guy.

>> No.15649806
File: 337 KB, 1200x754, CBFCFC62-1A8A-4E5D-9FC7-F35843B7F42B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really, but there are a few times when Gods were born from male gods but not in a way I would classify as mpreg.

One time Zeus accidentally vaporized one of his pregnant lovers, and he sewed the baby into his leg calf and the baby spent the rest of his 9 months there, and that’s how Dionysus was born.

Also there was another time where there was a prophecy that the child of Metis would be wiser then their father, so Zeus naturally had sex with her anyway and when he learned she was pregnant, fearing the kid would overthrow him, he ate Metis. 9 months later he had a splitting headache and got Hephaestus to cleave his head open and out popped Athena.

Also when Kronos cut off the testicles of Ouranos, the testicles fell into the sea and created a lot of sea foam, and from this sea foam Aphrodite was born.

>> No.15649840

Fuck autocorrect.

>> No.15649894

> Incels exist.
And are usually complete losers who don't do shit. Hence they are incels in the first place. Snape was a very skilled wizard and potions maker. You don't become someone like that without serious dedication and talent which would in turn make motherfuckers pin for him.

> As do pining losers who carry that hatred to the offspring.
And these are generally miserable people who suck at life too. (Besides, Snape was a cunt towards other houses too, the emotional maturity presented wouldn't allow him to achieve the rest) Snape not only was a great wizard but also someone brave and skilled enough to risk his life to inflitrate the closest circle of genius magic Hitler to stop him.

He could work as an incel who changed his ways if he were a simple follower like Peter and motivated by something more basic, and bailing when shit got too risky. Or remaining more of a genius who gave up on love and focused on making up for his mistakes.

Scourge works due being in a more simple story that's basically a fable.

> mind raping your brother twice is the height of retardation
To make him stronger, and lower the chance he'd follow in your footsteps. Itachi acted kinda stupid by not having a real plan B beyond Naruto.

Naruto calling Tobi the coolest guy was stupid though but by that time, the manga went to shit either way.

>> No.15649913

>To make him stronger, and lower the chance he'd follow in your footsteps. Itachi acted kinda stupid by not having a real plan B beyond Naruto.
Not him, but he had no fucking back up plan beyond perma mindraping Sauce. He only saw Naruto as a back up mid way into Part 2. Had Sasuke actually listened to his stupid advice to kill Naruto, the world would be fucking alien zombieland and not Boruto.
Which looking back, was a mistake. Kaguya did nothing wrong.

>> No.15649951

Oh true, forgot about that. Might be down to Kishi fucking up as usual.

>> No.15649987

Yeah Naruto post Part 1 was badly written crap. Kishi clearly didn't plan this crap out.

>> No.15650008

Oh and he got a new editor, so that explains why it turned to shit. His old editor saved this garbage concept.

>Cutting out a ton of exposition.
>Putting in Sasuke.
>Making the Wave Country arc (with Zabuza/Haku).
>Stopping him from making the hokage and teachers animals.
>Having all the characters take the Chunin Exam all at once.
>The models for Rock Lee and the other Chunin Exam characters.
>Turning Naruto from a fox into a human.
>Changing Zabuza’s partner Haku from a bear into a human.
>Giving the protagonist narrow eyes and the rival wider eyes.
>Having him make the names of jutsu consistent for worlbuilding’s sake, rather than random and all over the place.”

>> No.15650043

>Stopping him from making the hokage and teachers animals.
Holy kek, I don't remember that one either.

Though didn't the same editor force Sakura in the love interest role? And there was something about Sasukes gender. If he stayed a girl AND were a rival, the manga would be so much better already.

Part 2 actually seemed to be planned out better until the war; the story became more focused, it just didn't mix well with stuff from part 1.

>> No.15650116
File: 15 KB, 169x207, 41897330-9684-4B5A-9A3C-1BCEFD18BDE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>HEADLINE: Alleged White Nationalist Teen Terrorist Percy Jackson Is Reported to Have Bombed 6 Mosques Across NYC

Oh no bros how’s the mist gonna fix things this time?

>> No.15650152

Half of his friends are shitskins or fags, he would never be that based.

>> No.15650167

That’s so retarded that it could only have come from /tv/.

>> No.15650168

I imagine the job of having to pump out chapters with quality art on a week to week basis is enough work on it's own to care about long-term consistency, so I sympathize with the guy

>> No.15650178

It's not like he works alone. He had people who could do most of the drawing, and a few editors. Nigga just didn't bother too hard because in the end it's a work for teens who'll either overlook or won't even notice long term consistency issues.

>> No.15650193

Most of them were white in the of series, and Beckendorf was based so I’ll give him a pass.

Selena Beauregard got what she deserved in the end anyway
>burn the coal pay the toll

>> No.15650195

Fuck you. Oda makes it work. No excuses.

>> No.15650197


>> No.15650200

Still canon, sweetheart. He is friends now with degenerates and destroyers of western civilization.
You should have killed Rick after the OG series ended.

>> No.15650216

You idiot the series ended at The Last Olympian. Rick ended his writing career at its highest point there.

>> No.15650221

One Piece has been trash ever since the timeskip

>> No.15650244

The ancient Greeks were well known for their heterosexuality. Cultural Marxist Rick Riordan is destroying their image.

>> No.15650300

Has anyone ever asked why kids of the same God parent can't fuck each other? Technically they don't share the same genes because the Gods don't have DNA. So why is that forbidden again?

>> No.15650304
File: 228 KB, 1024x1433, B3A9895D-38C7-4DE0-9768-F016E71A6817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s not just the fact that it’s a character that’s gay, I’d still think it’s weird for it to be in a kids series, but I guess if Riordan wants to be really autistic about it and make an Alcibiades type character ok if it’s not forced. This was utterly forced though, it was out of nowhere and up till that point in no way for Nico’s character.

Also Ancient Greek homosexuality was utterly different from modern homosexuality. If you read The Symposium you understand the homosexuals were homosexual because of their utter hatred of the feminine. Women were physically and mentally weak. Homosexuals were praised for their masculinity in lusting after only what is masculine. You would not see anything like these modern faggots that act like fucking little girls back then. As well all men no matter their sexuality were expected to have a wife and children as their civic during, and if you were ‘debauched’ even as a child you could have the citizenship stripped from you. The modern faggot would be utterly crushed if he were ever in a society with such brutally masculine men like this. Tbh most modern men would but most modern men are faggots.

>> No.15650323

>This was utterly forced though, it was out of nowhere and up till that point in no way for Nico’s character.
It wasn't so much that it was forced. More that it was downright creepy. Nico was like fucking 10-11. Why is he having dirty thoughts about fucking Percy?
And then Riordan did a Stephanie Meyer and aged up Nico so he could fuck Apollo's son.
That's sick my friends. Sick.
It's not so much an asspull, it's more that you are making a little kid age up and then use dumb anime logic (SHE IS REALLY 700 YEARS OLD SO IT'S OKAY TO FUCK THE LOLI) to defend it.

Also it's pretty fucking insulting to compare Nico and what's his face to Achilles and Patroclus (I don't remember either of them in the Illiad being pussies who can't fight, I'm not talking about Nico I'm talking about the other kid who I forget his name is). Goddamn it, ToA is fucking fanfiction of the OG series and no can tell me otherwise.

>> No.15650327

They didn’t really get into specifics but I remember a conversation where they said it’s just gross and considered incest if there was romance between 2 of the same god parents.

Gods must create some kind of dna when they make kids if children of the same god parent share similar features, like Hermes kids having upturned noses and downturned eyebrows, and Athena kids being blonde grey eyed and serious looking.

>> No.15650335

Hera and Zeus are literally siblings and Hades and Persephone are uncle and niece. If you are going to say homosexuality is fine because the Gods do it, then you better allow fucking incest.

>> No.15650347

What do you mean ‘aged up’? I never touched TOA I gave up on Riordan midway through HOO.

>> No.15650359

Yes but God are different then demigods who are still basically human. I’m just saying that when the god inseminates a mortal girl or the goddess is impregnated they must conjure up some kind of dna composed of their characteristics to birth the child, because otherwise the kid would probably be really fucked up if he were only made up of his 1 mortal parents dna.

>> No.15650361

Not him, but I think some bullshit about Nico aging really slow was reversed to let him age up physically by a few years.

>> No.15650370

I really enjoyed when the Roman and Greek kids joined up

It was very well done and I still remember fantaising about having sex with the girl on the transparent glass floor while on that ship with the angry boomer Faun

>> No.15650377

Way you mean cause he was in the Lotus Casino thing Riordan decided he could age him up a few years so he could do weird gay shit with him?

>> No.15650382

Yes. Somehow that had some weird side effect to age him up by a few years.
Now he is 15 and ready to fuck.

>> No.15650384

You are a faggot

>> No.15650388

Fuck you she was hot in my head retard

>> No.15650392

Christ that is creepy

>> No.15650394

Whoops meant for you

>> No.15650401

It's okay, they haven't kissed or anything. So it's totally normal and fine.

>> No.15650420

Unironically kys

>> No.15650464

Is it ok to reread books from my youth? I'm tempted to reread some YA stuff I read in middle school since I recently found a box full of my old books.

>> No.15650508

Yes. But stop after the 5th book. Never pick up anything afterwards. And for the love of God if you must be faggot and continue stop before the Trials of Apollo series.

>> No.15650514

I read the second series in middle school but never really liked it. Can't imagine the newest series is any good.

>> No.15650548

It's not been as good but shit is still on a stupidly high level and better than anything on the market.

>> No.15650635

They aren't. I'm still positive Apollo will get a black boyfriend by the end of this.

>> No.15650657

couldn't even read this shit
do these people know about punctuation?

>> No.15650666

So if you have a hot doctor and they want to fuck you, that's rape?
This is why I don't read YA books. They attract the mentally ill.

>> No.15650838

They still don't understand it.

>> No.15650875

No I think they do. It's been trash longer than it has been good. It speaks to them in a way it can't speak to us.

>> No.15650912

I want to fuck Nico to death.

>> No.15651862


>> No.15652471

It's a good way to bridge other heavy readings, for instance let's assume you just read the huge Ulysses, then it would be nice to read something lighter after that while you meditate on Ulysses, then you alternate between those classic, heavy books and light books like Percy Jackson.

>> No.15652786

I think there are better "light" books out there. I think the Hornblower novels and even Alice in Wonderland (a children's novel) offer a more intellectually fulfilling experience than Percy Jackson and 90% of contemporary YA.

>> No.15653177

I hope you are fucking joking.

>> No.15653967

I never read this, so I'm going to assume it was the film. Even as a kid I realized it was trash.

>> No.15654537


>> No.15654560

Everything is rape according to feminists. Gays for the longest time were untouchable by them, but no longer.

>> No.15655347


>> No.15655374

Then what was the point of making Nico a pillow princess? This is just Rowling making Dumbledore gay all over again.

Either have the fags fuck and go full degeneracy or don't. This fence sitting shit is cowardice.

>> No.15656281


>> No.15656322

I never read Percy Jackson or Hunger Games and only read a tiny bit of Artemis Fowl. For all the YA novel craze out there, none of those stories interested me. Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket were very inspired by Roald Dahl. That's something children can relate to and I think it makes both works genuinely better than just 'lets put kids in adventurous situations'. That's cool but there's not as much magic to it unless you're also a downtrodden kid and adults are something you can't always trust, even as other adults are always out there to help you. Maybe it's overly simplified but the Roald Dahl formula is just objectively more interesting than mere genre fiction featuring kids/teens.

>> No.15656509

Percy Jackson is what you described though, besides being inspired by Ronald Dahl.

>> No.15656516

Hunger Games books were ok. Pretty forgettable but I didn’t really dislike reading any of them.

I liked the first HG movie but the rest were trash.

>> No.15656517

The author came to my school as a kid, I should still have an autographed copy of the second book in a closet back home.

>> No.15656580

It was an actual book, not a movie on paper.

Let me try to explain the very subjective and wishy-washy distinction:

You know how literally every single movie based on a book gets blasted for missing huge parts of the source material's content? That's not because Hollywood doesn't give a fuck, it's because they're inherently different mediums with different limitations. Books can basically be as long and complicated as the other wants them to be, they can easily juggle a bunch of concurrent plots and put so much detail into a 60 second situation that it takes an hour to read, and readers are usually completely okay with massive subplots having little to no actual effect on the ending of the story and rather just standing as fun characterizations that set up the atmosphere. Movies not only have to deal with the fact that they generally have to be less than 3 hours and every second is horribly expensive to produce, but the expectation that everything happens in real time in a series of events that stack on top of each other to get to a single, satisfying ending. Sure, there are some weak exceptions to this, but the truth is that movies are perceived by your senses, not your brain, which can process things at whatever pace is necessary, and movie audiences demand that everything is 'cute'.

Harry Potter was written by someone who had seen to many movies and didn't understand how books are supposed to take advantage of their lack of limitations. Every book is a total 'Point A to Point B with every loose end resolved in one fell swoop with a cutesy message' piece of childish garbage, where all the world building is in whimsical images described to you instead of interesting dynamics to think about and apply.

Percy Jackson is obviously also written for younger audiences but it still takes the risks that books are supposed to like dealing with more obscure details, subplots to establish characterization, moral grey areas, and unsatisfying resolutions that don't tie into a nice 'plot bow' but still contribute to the overall experience. It doesn't appeal to the sort of babies we have taught people to think like, and it didn't work well as a Hollywood movie so it never blew up as an international brand.

>> No.15656598

I think you are overrating Percy Jackson a bit too much, I don’t remember there being any sort of deep subtext or morally grey situations at all

>> No.15656604

Fair, I don't remember every detail of the movies but I watched the first two and I don't recall getting the Roald Dahl vibes I liked about Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket.

>> No.15656691

One of Apollo's kids is literally the result of Apollo and a mortal man. This is clearly not like in Greek Mythology.

>> No.15657302

I heard both Athena and Aphrodite have demigod children. Ok that sounds really stupid.

Please tell me at least Artemis has none because if so, then this is such a bastardization of Greek mythology that it makes Evangelion symbolism using Christianity not look retarded.

>> No.15657350

rick already took a deep dive with his sjw bullshit with magnus chase dont expect anything from him or disney

>> No.15657453
File: 40 KB, 720x480, D1P6q9fWwAAJui1.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look up this thread
>can't believe half of the bullshit being spewed about one of my childhood franchises
>look up Apollo on the wiki
>his 3 main kids are
>an Aryan looking kid that is actually a faggot
>mpreg born tumblrina daughter
>nig son
Jesus Christ how. I remember enjoying the moment when Percy got to kiss Annabeth, what the Hell?

>> No.15657526

It was explained that Gods have magic DNA, hence Percy can date Annabeth. It's not incest. Don't think about it too hard.

>> No.15657645

Since you are not retarded, why can't kids not fuck their half siblings. They are technically not related.

>> No.15657652

*demigod kids fuck
Sorry I'm drunk

>> No.15657688

I don't remember. I just think it was funny Riordan spent a whole chapter justifying this.

>> No.15657766

Why is it a taboo if the King and Queen of the Gods do it? It just as natural and beautiful as homosexuality, Rick.

>> No.15657886
File: 58 KB, 360x450, 13153e7a-775d-407b-9d9d-550f4667b65b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is who replaced Percy as the main demigod MC.

Say something nice about her.

>> No.15657951

She doesn’t suffer from aneorexia

>> No.15658028

Tu trashpost lol

>> No.15658031

Why do I get the feeling she's telling to check my privilege?

>> No.15658113

I'm not a favela monkey, no thanks

>> No.15658247

Artemis doesnt, neither does Hera. In the OG series the big 3 (Zeus Poseidon Hades) weren’t supposed to have sex either because of a pact they made at the end of ww2 because there was a prophecy that the next child of the sons of Kronos to reach 16 would decide the fate of Olympus.

Athena kids aren’t born in the traditional way. Athena mind melds with some west point nerds or some shit and 9 months later a baby pops out of her skull.

Why would it be weird for Aphrodite to have kids? Aeneas of a child of Aphrodite.

>> No.15658253

Does it have a penis?

>> No.15658257

The movies were garbage, they barely followed the plots of the books at all.

>> No.15658297

Remember calypso’s Island? She was morally in the right for siding with the Titans in the first war because they were her family, and she did nothing wrong besides that, yet still she is stranded on her Island destined to have her heartbroken by a brave chad hero every few hundred years when he washes up there and has her heart broken, as well as the hero’s heart broken when he has to leave and never return.

The Gods were never portrayed as straight up good guys besides maybe Poseidon, only Kronos was portrayed as a clear evil while some of the people beneath him such as Prometheus and Luke were Synpathetic.

>> No.15658395


>> No.15658483

Rowling was truly too based for this world.

>> No.15658492

No but considering how fucking insane SJW Riordan has gotten, I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.15658496

Christ, I wasn't even aware there was a continuation after the Blood of Olympus. Already thought it was an incredibly weak climax compared to the Last Olympian but apparently it somehow got worse? Why the hell are some reincarnated emperors a bigger threat than the damn earth mother and her giants? Is Riordan a hack?

>> No.15658501

It's so fucking retarded that Jason died to one of these losers.
It's so fucking dumb.

>> No.15658504
File: 292 KB, 550x550, that makes me want to scream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>15641311 (checked)
>the Percy Jackson movie
>the Artemis Fowl movie

>> No.15658531
File: 61 KB, 374x430, 1383099350893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I, for one, liked Heroes of Olympus.
Percy being an absolute Roman unit and Leo winning the Calypsobowl and fucking off with his magic robot dragon was fun.
I was initially displeased about Nico being a fag, but Nico's angsty gay lovequest for Percy is funny in retrospective

>> No.15658560

Jason died? Huh, wasn't expecting that but I'm guessing it's mainly drama for the sake of drama now that he served his purpose and isn't nearly as popular as the other main characters. Wonder if Thalia and Piper will do anything about that but I'm gonna guess they'll be sidelined just because.

Same desu, Blood of Olympus sucked donkey dick but the four books before were good enough. Shit like Percy and Annabeth going through Tartarus and the Argo trip to Rome were fun times.

>> No.15658574

I did like him accepting his fate as a cuck to Annabeth. Rick should have kept him that way. But no the tumblrinas wanted him to move on.

>> No.15658638

Series should have ended at Last Olympian
and yeah, it never took off because of >>15641446
Harry Potter had a timeless quality with the hidden world.

>> No.15658884

You grew up with Harry.
Normies love that shit.

>> No.15658913

less appeal to rapidly aging young women

>> No.15658925

Too burgerized and bland. The mythology is not even original but Greek. HP had its distinct British flavor going for it and more or less original world.

>> No.15658929

The most popular pairing on ao3 is a gay canon ship with an MC and some irrelevant who has been made a secondary for fujo bucks. That's sounds like bullshit to me. If anything it has a vagina problem.
If anything, all the male fans ran away especially after the Last Olympian.
Meanwhile, I have heard male professors occasionally use HP to make fun of Trump. So sissy faggy libtard men still read HP, no man reads Percy Jackson anymore.

>> No.15658935

Saint Seiya is literally a multi million dollar franchise and it uses Greek Mythology. No excuses.

>> No.15658956

Saint Saya is cool and has soul. Percy Jackson is subpar in every way, not original, and even cringe. Urban fantasy is cringe.

>> No.15658988

It's also fucking original.
Athena is given dominion of the Earth by Zeus and reincarnates every 200 years? Come on man, at least it tries to be creative with the lore.

>> No.15659097

where do i register? are the sabines actually just the local injuns?
i would unironically dedicate my life to this larp, though i might also split off and create the roman version.

>> No.15659110

why don't you give your child a real childhood and have him start with the real greeks?

>> No.15659126

i read this ecksmen comic run. it was really bad. they even wrangled x23 up in it after the genuinely kino /emocore/ Marjorie Liu run.

thank you for reading my blog. follow /lit/ for more.

>> No.15659133

Saint Seiya sucks. Get the fuck out of here you dumb beaners.

>> No.15659139

mestizo? i would think castizo. mestizos are everywhere and they all have brown eyes.

>> No.15659144

>I will read Siege if they make Percy non white.
wetback percy will trigger the race war 4 real

>> No.15659150

No it's mestizo. IRL that's obviously not the case, but for some reason, Latin American authors have symbolically used green to denote mestizaje of some kind. This was cemented in the Death of Artemio Cruz but predates that, however, that story really made it become a thing in Latin American literature and since then has been a common tool to note someone is mixed race and that could play a part in their character.

No that will be black Annabeth. Her blonde hair is too iconic. Why do you think that trash movie bombed?

>> No.15659178

percy kinda failed at shit quite a few time desu.

>> No.15659200

So? That doesn't stop you from being a Mary Sue. Rey from SW and Korra from Avatar are bigger Mary Sues than Percy could ever hope to be and they fail all the fuck time.

>> No.15659290

wow HP is based
dora the explorer?

>> No.15659309

is hestia in the series and have children, or is she still busy wagecucking away at her fireplace?

>> No.15659319

that is beyond retarded, even for spics.

>> No.15659322

You will watch beaner Percy Jackson and you will like him.

>> No.15659329

>both Poseidon and Hades are infinitely weaker than her
>this is a good thing
Yeah no

Dora isn't that fat, even as a loli.

>> No.15659686
File: 66 KB, 498x350, 1589156516014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading this thread has just reminded be of how shitty and abrutly the second Spooks series ended

>> No.15660590
File: 24 KB, 315x475, Cirque_du_freak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else read this series?

I think the Cherub series would have made good films as well

>> No.15660636

The worldbuilding, mostly. HP's world is so rich, interesting and comfy. J.K.Rowling only managed to scratch its surface, but even like that, it was a wonderful feeling to be inside those books.

>> No.15660974

Sell it to me friend.

>> No.15661926

There are no pocs in the first book. Should have been an instant seller.

>> No.15662006
File: 554 KB, 287x216, 1590551024088.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all his new books are about gays
>Nico the hades is gay

Rick Broke my heart

>> No.15662051
File: 24 KB, 295x444, Evil-Genius-book-cover-image-295x444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you know what was a good young adult book?

>MC is an autist
>Wins because he studies trains and traffic signals

>> No.15662069

10000x better than your faggot Percy Jackson.

>> No.15662153

At least Percy gets the daughter of Athena. Seiya is a fucking simp and gets neither girl.

>> No.15662174

Who gives a shit about that? It's the aesthetics that matter. You sound like a woman evaluating fiction.

>> No.15662185

I'm glad Rowling is a Blairite lib. If she was a scummy SJW like Rick, Albus and Severus would be gay.

>> No.15662201

Western audiences you dumb beaner and or weeb.
The hero is supposed to get the girl. I could understand Seiya not getting the Goddess of the Earth, but not the normie bitch who lusted for his cock.

>> No.15662223
File: 54 KB, 320x479, 8418036c-60c3-4cab-bb0c-501f231ea68a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember when Nico used to look like this?

Now they made him look like this. >>15643180

>> No.15662621

made for dick

>> No.15662653


>> No.15662684

I hope you mean this one >>15662223

>> No.15662749

Percy should be fucking Nico, not Annabeth.

Fuck Annabeth
Fuck Will Solace
And fuck Rick Riordan

>> No.15662775

>every Western person has a pleb taste like me
See, this is why your burger faggot kids shit didn't make it.

>> No.15662829

I'm not a fan of this shit. I never YA shit as a kid. I read a few classics like Alice in Wonderland and Huckleberry Finn, but I was a strange kid and too interested in Egypt and Medieval Europe non fiction to give a shit.

Again fuck you weeb.

>> No.15662855

So you know the intracies of the plot yet you never read it? You are defending something you have never read? lmao imagine being this much of a retard.

>> No.15662873

>that reading comprehension
I said as a kid. I never said I didn't retard. But I expect nothing less from an ESL spic with shit taste in anime.

>> No.15662899
File: 697 KB, 512x512, 1505430263568.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You read it as an adult?? OHNONONONONO

>> No.15662934

Late teen. I was trying to bang some nerd. It worked. I dropped it after the 4th book. Worth it. I got to bang her and late her brother.

>> No.15663014

put a shotgun to the roof of your mouth and pull the trigger

>> No.15663016

I actually liked Harry Potter a lot as a kid. Grown women sperging out about it is embarrassing and Rowling is obnoxious but was it really that bad? It’s successful because it’s a very congenial and desirable fantasy

>> No.15663061

the only things I remember about this is how he taught a bully to make pipe bombs, called in bomb threats at train stations and got sent to super autist school

>> No.15663087

wtf is with ancient Greeks and eating children? It's in like every other myth

>> No.15663174

Never read PJ books as a kid. Should I even bother if I'm in my thirties? Are there any greek mythology themed adventure books for older audiences?

>> No.15663211

Is there porn for women humiliating gay guys by clicking them with the guys they want to fuck?

>> No.15663220


>> No.15663245

Yeah I'm not going to do that. How about you do that you 3rd world monkey?

>> No.15663253

Give it a few years

>> No.15663260

Awesome. Livestream it for us.

>> No.15663264

I was talking about you. From the look of all of your posts in this thread I would say I dont have long to wait

>> No.15663338
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>> No.15663377
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>Never read PJ books as a kid. Should I even bother if I'm in my thirties? Are there any greek mythology themed adventure books for older audiences?

>> No.15663515

As other said, it get progressively worse. Stop after the first series. Do not bother with the current series. Homosexuality is just the tip of the iceberg with what is wrong with it.

>> No.15663524


>> No.15663532


>> No.15663548

Cringe but also very redpilled

>> No.15664006
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Just went down the rabbit hole on Riordan's newer works and what the actual FUCK is this?

>> No.15664111
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Saint Seiya nor God of War ever had this shit.
This is some 4th century Rome degeneracy or Late Weimar Republic.

I thought the gays were bad, but letting children read this? What the fuck is Disney thinking in letting this on their docket?

>> No.15664401

>her and her brother

>> No.15664438

So why not add fucking sex scenes? Do you know how many fucking old fans would pay for a book with a scene of Percy banging Annabeth underwater or some shit? A lot of them.
If kids can read about trannies, then they can read sex scenes between hetero couples.

>> No.15664589

What they did to Nico should be considered a warcrime.
He went from badass little dude that was walking a little too close to the dark side, to then lusting for Percy's cock, and now finally playing camp counselor while getting fucked like some whore by a Z tier character.
You only see this type of character rape in anime.

>> No.15664912

I'll say it again in this thread, Percy Jackson is Digimon in literature form. Never could overtake their rival, had some good hits, and then went full SJW later on.
Only surviving because they pander to shippers and fujos. Children don't read/watch this anymore.

>> No.15664933
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>Do Nips like Greek Mythology?
Only thing I can think of is DanMachi borrowing a couple of gods from Greek mythology, but it's more of a plot device than an adaptation of actual myths. Norse and Hindu gods make an appearance too.

>> No.15664959
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I come to /lit/ to shitpost, not to get new fetishes.

>> No.15665160

Is digimon a decent watch?

>> No.15665178

Only Adventure and Tamers. Savers is decent if you are into manly men punching Digimon. The others are trash, avoid them.
Manga to read in Digimon are V-Tamer and XW (not the anime, stay away from that).
The Switch games are fun and story is good too.

>> No.15665229

>muh lily
10/10 character

>> No.15665296

Artemis recruits maidens to be her hunters. Usually other gods' kids but also mortals and minor godlings.

>> No.15665316

If you want to read trash fantasy set in the modern world as an adult just read Dresden or something, the greek gods show up in that.

>> No.15665344

>white nationalist
>camp halfblood

>> No.15665396

I always liked the bit when Percy crashed his own funeral. i don't remember much other than that.

>> No.15665413

Artemis Fowl wasn't really that novel or exciting to me as a kid. Everyone went apeshit with each new release in gradeschool, but I never understood the appeal of an orphaned, edgy millionaire "super genius" that's basically every 12 year old wet dream power fantasy.

>> No.15665627

>If you want to read trash fantasy set in the modern world as an adult just read Dresden or something, the greek gods show up in that.
that's exactly what I'm looking for, but I already read Dresden

>> No.15666114

I thought demigods were supposed to be fit and hot? What the fuck is that thing?

>> No.15666357

bro while i was in the scouts (gendermixed) the girls ONLY talked about percy jackson

>> No.15666818

Wait a month for the next one

>> No.15666895

I love Percy Jackson. I remember reading it in a week in 6th grade and just feeling so crushed when it ended. Got me I to reading a shitton of fanfiction.

>> No.15666901

I hope they kill off Nico's boyfriend in the next book. While Rick loves the SJWs and the love he gets from them, he also enjoys torturing Nico and won't give a shit if the fandom throws a collective hissy fit. He is like Anno in this regard, the master is focused on his art and not what the pleb masses want.

>> No.15666905

I read the Cherub series. Even read a bit of the Henderson Boys. Not a Brit but probably would have liked it more if so. Lotta underage sex

>> No.15666927

The first series is really fun. Probably won't like it as much as an adult. Second series second and fourth book have some good moments. Author gets creative with Tartarus but inasmuch as it's acceptable to children.

>> No.15667019

I read Artemis Fowl over this. Judging by this thread, I made the smart choice as a kid.

>> No.15667063

Now AF fans and PJ fans can bond over getting shitty movie adaptations.

>> No.15667078

Hey PJ is getting another one too.

>> No.15667159

Why was the best thread on /lit/ in the past month about Percy Jackson?

>> No.15667327

Because we've actually read this book

>> No.15667395

Unfortunately. I, however, had the misfortune of reading the first ToA.

>> No.15667800


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