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What is the best way to retain information from a book (and furthermore be able to revisit it later)? Currently all I do is write down words I don't know and then write down their definition and re-read the context. I've thought about marking up the book with underlines and shit, but it just seems dirty, even if it's my book.

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Fat woman hand.

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Summary after every chapter based on how it goes w ur metaphysics. You just need to engage w it

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Writing a summary/ review of the book after you're done with it. If that's too hard, summarizing after every chapter should be easier.

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you should really just be able to read it and remember. not bait

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Stop masturbating, stop having sex and stop allowing yourself to get horny and you'll have perfect memory and focus assuming you had a good brain in the first place.

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this true?

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Kant, Tesla, Pythagoras, Plato and Newton are all proof.

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>list of bitter life-hating incels

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See >>15614710

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>Summarize in your own words after each chapter
>Underline or highlight seemingly key phrases as you go
>In order to retain into your long-term memory, utilize a SRS flashcard program such as Anki
(Use this to strengthen vocabulary, remember key facts/phrases)

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Speak the ideas to yourself as loudly as you're comfortable with. Take a word you don't know, think of a word you do know that resembles it, find some connection between the two (however seemingly spurious and contrived), and let the meaning of the unknown word be bound with the meaning of the known word. Should make it easier to remember.

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