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What is this book? I remember seeing it on some chart for "dark and disturbing" literature, but there's basically no info about it anywhere. Is it actually worth reading or did someone just make a chart to shill their own self-published shit?

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damn i hate the cover art

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i love the cover art

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>did someone just make a chart to shill their own self-published shit
This. The author is shilling it constantly, or used to. You're probably him

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The title and eerie cover art are absolute kino but from what I've seen the actual content is typical shitty "incel" crap, worthless.

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It's a book that keeps getting posted by the author under the guise of genuinely asking about its nature and contents. The author might be in this very thread, and no amount of shilling will fix his shitty book

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I’ve seen this book mentioned before and couldn’t then or now find any information regarding it. From the little I have found out about it it’s likely close to incoherent psychobabble, but as I say, I don’t know.

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It must be a good book if all the cucks are in a confederacy against it. Where can I buy it?

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found the author. is astroturfing bannable?

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How much of a loser do you have to be if you comment on threads with "fOunD thE aUtHor"? Reevaluate your life, cuck.

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Never read it, but always assumed it to be outsider literature like Elliot Rodger or Ulillillia's insane writings. I actually find these types of books fascinating, but it's not for everyone.

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mad that one one likes your shitty book?

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What if I told you I'm not the author?

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Long excerpts were posted like a year ago. They were disappointing. If you did get memed into buying an overpriced second hand copy you would likely get bored by the 5th page and forget the book exists. It’s more interesting as a /lit/ meme than actual literature.

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If the author is in this thread, you need to fucking make your book available to purchase if you want people to read it. I was interested but couldn't find a single copy online. Nor a website for the book.

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behead all satans is a redditor tourist who shilled this incessantly for years but never actually used /lit/. it's not even like he was some resident schizoposter who wrote a self-published thing, he was just some reddit fag who tried to inject his self-indulgent crap here. he'd do a lot of odd things like edit it into other charts and then post the chart as if normally.

>sometimes he tries to pretend he's talking about himself as a third party, like this:

There was NEVER any organic interest in this book, it was never a meme or even memed, it was solely the author shilling it alongside cringe reddit expressions that revealed he wasn't even a /lit/ regular.

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ugh i have the entire backstory.

most of the time it wasnt the author spamming that shit in here, it was actually a schizophrenic who had become obsessed with the book fro some reason. i asked her and she scanned both her copies (Behead all Satans and The Tainted Turd) and emailed them to me. i can post them on mega somewhere if you want

theyre low-tier edgelord shit, like squidward creepypasta tier with none of the artfulness


no, see above

idek if it's the author astroturfing, it might be the schizo

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ok well i shouldnt say i have *the entire* backstory, that's actually all the backstory i have.

it was a she. thinking back i dont think it was the author.

i got in contact with her when she started harassing me on my irl goodreads account lmao (since i was one of the few people who had followed the author "mnmdr' and his shitpost "books"

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could you please post them Id love to read them

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This is the author astroturfing for anyone who is too fucking stupid to realize. You are a pathetic faggot.

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gofile dot io slash d slash NGhljm

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im literally not the author. i wish there was some way i could prove it to you

i am the guy who keeps shitposting about hegel though lmoa

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There is criminal investigation ongoing for this. I scrape what MNMDR writes on 4Chan to keep an ongoing file to provide to the police. Christian Chapman (maybe an alias of MNMDR was provided a pdf to see if her could provide further information that may help - that could be included for the investigation. The FBI has been contacted. MNMDR is definitely writhin this thread. He is trying to displace his identity because the facts are getting nearer him. His only way to deter this situation he has created is to silence me, blame me (which adds further isolation to him in the investigation) or that I am dead. You may go to the Twitter @escapingmnmdr where the FBI, local police and district attorney's office are regularly tweeted. I suggest any of you that are authentic lose interest in him. I have directed the FBI and police to this sitr regarding him. His final attempt is to project schizophrenia onto me as he hunts me. They are specifically aware of this. You may view the Twitter. Again, I strongly suggest you disassociate. There will not be another entry provided by me. Though during gathering the comments by MNMDR for law enforcement - I will be exiting this and promptly sending screenshots forward of the thread and the obvious association between MNMDR and Christisn Chapman whose phone number was made available and appears to be enabling MNMDR, and I will pass that onto authorities. The attempt to throw blame from a monster, MNMDR, onto the victim is deplorable. There is phone access for them to Christian Chapman - that should provide a window moving toward MNMDR.

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hory shet its happening

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post vagene

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