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>so, i'm failing trigonometry...
>yeah, learning a second language actually decreases your memory and stuff so i have only learned english
>i can't wait until i have that 60 KAY STARTING!
>how does 0.9999... = 1?
>*college major by IQ thread*(/sci/ actually choose their major based on their future percieved intelligence)
>post your library!(they all have like 10 books on their bookshelf in a corner of their bedroom, brand new and clearly unread)
>post your gf(thread is a joke)

>Trigonometry? I didn't feel challenged until algebraic geometry, frankly.
>Right now? I'm learning Irish. It's my 9th language, haha
>I don't read too much, just 800 pages per day... yeah I know it's not enough...
>*thread in fluent ancient greek at bump limit with 70 unique IPs*
>post your library!(they're literally private libraries in their houses, hundreds of books, all clearly opened and read)
>post your gf!(everyone posts their gf)

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>so, i'm failing trigonometry...
Trig is mostly remembering a bunch of definitions, lmao. I don't believe you.

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Where people are honest
Where people pretend to be geniuses to cover up for their real life failures

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you're supposed to post this on the board you're insulting

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Quiet, ST*M weenie.

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sci: pseuds that think doing an undergrad science degree makes them a genius. Hence why the actual science they discuss is always boring homework shit.
lit: pseuds that pretend to read because they think it makes them a genius. Hence why they never discuss books, they just talk "about" writers.

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this desu. the only reason why i started reading was because i'm a failure at life

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Same here. I had no friends back when I was a kid and got into books to imagine interesting going on next to me without having to interact with people

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I’ve been reading Platos Republic for the past 2 years

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>I don't read too much, just 800 pages per day... yeah I know it's not enough..

I've always said that it is better to read slowly, drink it in and savour it than it is to read great amounts of books and forget them. I content myself with one hour's reading per day, which caps at about 150 pages.

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>feeling challenged by algebraic geometry
figured /lit/ is full of brainlets

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lying bitch that's 2.5 pages per minute

are you reading the very hungry caterpillar?

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