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From a philosophical standpoint, am i going to regret fucking this ladyboy coming winter in bangkok or should i follow my lust?

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you didn't make this thread to discuss philosophy.

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If you were going to fly somewhere to fuck a prostitute why wouldn’t you fuck a female prostitute? Are you a gay faggot?
Also this thread is off topic and everyone should sage

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is it literally pic related? Shit, I doubt it.

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this. OP, if you're gay why wouldn't you simply fuck a guy wherever you live? also be aware that anuses don't feel that good, it feels nice around the entry but further inside there isn't really much sensation

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I don't think you'll regret it for any reason other than the cost of the flight.

He's clearly into the ladyboy aspect, it feels like he specifically sought this chick out.

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Im gonna fuck those aswell but after hundreds of them it gets boring at some point you need novelty and lately ladyboy porn has turned me on

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Also, I would make sure she's clean, but I've been assuming that she is or that you just don't care. I thought it was a given but hey, just in case.

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Do it bro

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Source: It occured to me in my dreams

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No. You'll only ever regret the things you didn't do. I've been with 2 shemales when I lived in Asia. It wasn't exactly the fucking highlight of my life, and I'll take that secret to my grave, but I don't think about it too often. Life is just experience.

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Based. Thanks meng.

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>and I'll take that secret to my grave
In your dreams you will, I'm already tracing your IP address ;)

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Would tear her apart go for it anon

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Desires fluctuate, past is constant. Think.

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SFW porn posting on blue boards should be bannable. It's just shitposting. I get that no other board has an attention span to do anything other than post thots anymore and you might want a discussion, but you're a slave to your desires. Sage.

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