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>My physics professor secretly believes in Hegelian absolute idealism

How can we free him from that nonsense? Any books?

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Marx's critique of Hegel

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> absolute idealism
that doesn't exist
most probably your idealist physics professor doesn't exist either

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Hegel's core critiques are on the money. You are the retard here.

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What are Hegel's core critiques, anon?

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Mostly that niggers tongue my anus

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That's not what absolute idealism means.

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>My physics professor secretly believes in Hegelian absolute idealism
No, he doesn't.

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You're the idiot. Facts about the physical world have nothing to say about metaphysics. Why shouldn't he be a Hegelian?

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Guys he needs to correct his professor's metaphysics to free him. All STEMs need to be some sort of logical positivist! He must emancipated from the german idealists or else he'll be consumed by BEGRIFF

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How can you judge it to be >that nonsense if you don't seem to have a conclusive argument against it?

Protip, if you're the guy with
>It's false because I don't like it
then you're worse than your prof.

Whatever he believes in, if he's a physics professor that rejects naive realism, then he's already far ahead of most people doing physics.

t. physics PhD holder

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For real. Also, wtf does 'secretly believe' mean anyways? More like this kid heard him make some remarks / comments about PoS or something and that equates to him being a full blooded Hegelian. Anyone worth their salt who studies philosophy won't dogmatically follow one philosopher as a religion.

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late heidegger

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Make him read Russell (pbuh), who retroactively refuted H*gel's nonsense.

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You just got filtered by Hegel, just like Russell was.

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I heard Russell was hardcore Hegelian in his early days

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Russell is pleb-tier philosophy, couldn't refute a cat

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not even kafka could conjure such a bugman

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Give your professor an apple and tell him to teach you his ways.

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What about Niggerman?

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Just bought phenomenology of the spirit
what am I in for?

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From personal experience: a mental breakdown.

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