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I think it's futile to resist this tendecy in modern politics and scientific discourse. Authors that take it as a matter of fact and take it from there?

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This woke brainlet shit is self-refuting, just to argue already proves that you believe some claims to be more true than others.

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>to temporarily lay
Split infinitive ---> into the trash.

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Nothing wrong with split infinitives.

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This is common to all perspectives that would deny the possibility of realizing truths, or reaching them in a non-accidental way. Such perspectives should simply be disregarded.

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Such perspectives as yours only exist accidentally, though. Let's go up the spiral

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I did not understand your post.

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Shouldn’t you be asking for authors that take it as a matter of emotion and take it from there?

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In 2016, 13 states in America had voting results that wildly diverged from exit polls to the tune of 15% in favor of Hillary Clinton.

That is the "alternative fact" that damned the left to hell.

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This kind of hysterical slate article is just liberal handwringing about the Trump election. they can't imagine that it was motivated by facts so they assume that the trump voter is working purely based on emotions. "Hillary was the more qualified, experienced leader! How could they have voted for Trump!"
There's a few facts they should remember.
>For many americans, credentialism is more of a red flag than a green flag
>For many americans, under the obama years quality of life decreased steadily with globalization and liberal trade policy
>For many americans, immigration is a direct suppressing force on their wages
>Many americans remember hillary from the before times, back when she was Clinton's interference team lead
>Trump actually bothered to campaign to key locations
>Trump spoke to issues which are verboten to the democratic party due to corporate allegiance (GOP's fossil fuels and extraction industry vs DNC's academia/press, international trade, and finance)

I peaked in grade school so my metaphor for the american liberal rightoids is always the tattle-tale horse girl, who gets the best grades and goes way out of her way to be super nice to the kid with downs syndrome and doesn't understand why people don't want to play horses at recess with her despite the fact that she told on someone for cheating, told on someone else for playing rough, reminds the teacher about homerwork, and openly perceives herself to be a smarter person then her pears. Meanwhile, the american conservative rightoids are the kid whose stepdad lets him watch rated R films and drink non-diet coke and takis with his lunch, makes farting noises in the back, and throws rocks in snowballs. He's a dick and will 100% do you dirty but he's also a great time and sometimes trades his takis for your sandwich. And he'll describe the deaths/ titty shots from Saw II in brutal detail to you.

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we have to do them one better and break free of the "facts <-> emotions" dichotomy

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Facts are an a posteriori given of utility.

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Choosing between whether to follow facts or emotions is a non-issue
The issue here is thinking of these things as "useful weapons"
One thing I've come to understand about human psychology is this specific state of mind where people begin to see everything as just another piece of ammunition to get back at someone else and that's because you will find this exact thing in every failing relationship that has ever occurred on this planet
It's not pretty on a small scale so I shudder to think of it on a larger one

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Twitter (a space of pure hysterical feeling) should be the absolute standard by which all objective claims about reality should be measured. Present a controversial study that goes against conventional liberal morality? If it upsets twitter, throw that shit in the garbage. Doesn't matter how sound it is, it can't be true if it made someone who lists their pronouns and political affiliation in their bio cry.

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Written by Jess (((Zimmerman)))
The jew truly is a vile piece of life, isn't it.

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Based and nice numerals

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>nooooooo you can't use facts that disagree with my opinions you have to listen to meeeeee
>noooooo don't argue, dont' debate, take my word for everything
>i have a journalism degree!!!

can we collectively bitchslap these retards with a copy of Finnegan's Wake yet?

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Even if they are basing their vote for Trump on emotions, why are their emotions any worse than anyone else's, assuming you're some type of atheist?

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There are no atheists in America

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It's the liberal rightoid idea that if anyone voted against clinton they must have been hysterically emotional, they could not have been acting on fact, that I'm talking about.
I don't think they based their vote on emotion but if they did it would be whatever to me, besides the point.

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Sure there are.

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The slate argument is that it doesnt matter why they voted for Trump and that even if facts support voting for Trump we should throw out facts an oppose him based on emotion. But it begs the question that if the justification for opposing Trump is emotional why is it any better than supporting Trump for emotional reasons?

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I doubt they'd see their opposition to trump as emotional

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you didn't actually read the article did you
in fact nobody in this thread did

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This was part of a huge amount of articles of similar tone which came as a reaction to the trump election

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That's literally what the argument is

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I like your middle school analogies.
I understand what you're trying to convey very clearly. Feel free to use those types of analogies freely at any time.

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So, OP, persuasion is a thing in politics. Who knew? Well pretty much anyone who has ever talked someone into something, for good or ill.

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post link you absolute faggot

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The author must be a treat to deal with during rush hour.

"All traffic laws are relative!!"

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I trashed it at slate

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>You’ll hate it because we liberals tend to pride ourselves on caring about evidence, science, and accuracy. Being factually right, or at least grounded in reality, is something we value, something meaningful to our self-concept.

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>draw attention to dangerous trends in the politicization of science,” the organizers say, citing “threats to the scientific community”
The absolute gall of liberals. They think (perhaps sincerely, who knows) that they are on the side of "science" (namely the scientific establishment) and that it's right-wingers that "politicize" science (read question the scientific establishment and media consensus machine).
It's jut like what they say about white people not seeing their privilege.
It's like you don't see your own "policizing" of "science" (so-called) when you are the dominant ideology and the "science" (so-called) is toeing the party line.

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