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the thing is you can't know for sure right

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Bentham Unites All.

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It's a more humble opinion than thinking death is good

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It eventually inevitable, and coming to terms with accepting your mortality as young as you can will be one of the best things one can do for himself; so no.

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Without it there is no life

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How you even truly value your life if you didn't know that you were eventually going to die? That's the fucking point.
Fuck Absolutist who think values are eternal.

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How would you*
Sorry guys, I'm drunk and tired.

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What is the best schop book to start with

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i don't get this. when you're dead there's nothing, so your life has no value. nothing you could possibly do has any value or significance.

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seriously anon?

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>he thinks life has any value or meaning

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That picture is taken at UCL in London

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>when you're dead there's nothing, so your life has no value.
Okay, I used to think like that a long time ago, with a positive outlook, though. Let me explain:
A value is consequence of a judgement. Our instincts, our society, our idols and our Gods are the judges. (If you don't like the last three judges you can go with your instincts and derive a moral compass from your aesthetic views, this is the the option that requires the most strength).
There, I solved what people usually mean by "Nihilism". But let us go even further: the fact that someone likes, for instance, a chocolate cake and not a pear means that there is (for him) an instrinsic value in the cake while there is none in the pear.
The fact that your judgment, your value, is not going to last forever or is not going to be like that for everyone else does not mean that you do not value it.
There has never been a true nihilist human, for to be so would mean that he would be unable to judge and therefore, to value.
Perspectivism is a nice way from now, anon. Read Nietzsche and find what Nihilism truly is, I'll give you a hint: Nihil = Nothing/Nothingness.

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Death is the perishing of our being. It is thus detrimental to our own power of acting. Good and bad are merely ways in which we view exterior causes in relation to their effects on our potency. What helps to preserve our being is good, what detriments our being or power of acting is bad. Death is detriment to our power of acting. Death is bad. QED

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literature board

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He really is Nietzsche's predecessor. It's a pity he doesn't go far enough.

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It's good that we got Deleuze to synthesize them and defeat the Hegeli*n

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If life is good then death is bad, makes sense.
If life isn't good then death isn't bad, makes sense too.

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>thinks he can understand literature without one of humanity's most important conflicts

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>you can't read without water; let's discuss water policies on /lit/

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Our notions of good and evil stem from experience. No life = no good/evil. Your concept of good and evil come from your own power of acting, you consider bad what diminishes this power and good what amplifies it. Life is the ultimate expression of a beings power to act, thus it cannot possible be conceived as bad unless under some delusion of a greater diminishing to one's power of acting through the continuation of life.

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Life has the meaning I give it through my personal beliefs
"B-but it has no inherent meaning"

Motherfucker I just gave it myself

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>he thinks death is possible
I'm sorry, buddy. Nobody gets to end.

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