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>What is the source of this premature anxiety to establish fundamental laws? It is the old conceit of being wiser than all posterity—wiser than those who will have had more experience,—the old desire of ruling over posterity—the old recipe for enabling the dead to chain down the living.

For a technopunk that spans the limits of modernity, from the eyes of the dead.
The utility of machines viewed from rotting eyes, for only they know the hour.

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>If then, merely out of regard to population, it were right that paederasts should be burnt alive, monks ought to be roasted alive over a slow fire.

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>Convinced that even the dead should serve a utilitarian purpose, in his last will he directed that his body be publicly “anatomised” in order to publicize the benefits of donating bodies for medical research.
A metaphysical organ donor.

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>The punishment of death-shall it be abolished? I answer-Yes.

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