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Give me literature that will explain why I want so badly to be humiliated and dominated by a voluptuous and strong Latina minigiantess?

>T. Anglo American white supremacist

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Latinas, the good ones, are 10/10 don't regret fucking them

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Fornication and pleasure pervert the understanding and change men into beasts.

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Just go to Texas, California and or the southwest in general and you'll see that frequently

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You never had the agency to regret such a decision nor the cognitive capacity to retrospectively see why it is beyond your control. You're level of insight is about that of a wild dog roaming the streets with an imprint of past successful copulation which serves to impell him to do it again. You mastutbate or fuck daily and your only thoughts are "ooooh ahhhhhh that felt good gotta do it again next time". You aren't going to make it.

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You like strong women. It’s sad that there’s so few that like to play that part or men who are such subs.
Go be nice to some women OP.

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now i need a picture of your ass to contrast

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I need literature that explains why I want to dominate strong voluptuous Latina women giant asses

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Could you be my minigisntess? Pls let me worship your ass.

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She doesn't have one. That's why she's here.

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It’s not as shapely, I have to admit. I am not Latina, Armenian or Persian etc.

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i was genuinely asking for a picture of your ass

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Butterfly, are you an ass(wo)man or boob(wo)man?

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holy shit that is one semen demon

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I am a nape of neck woman, a small of back woman. I love every inch and in a great range of type. Yes yes yes.

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i won't judge

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t. cumbrain with no agency

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i'm waiting :3

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Giantess is my favorite

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butterf*& and OP BTFO of orbit.

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Apollonian drivel. And I have no semen to “waste”
Life ought to be enjoyed. Excess is NEVER advisable. I always preach balance to your type of excess.

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>I have no semen to “waste”
yeah, if you stop pumping yourself full of estrogen, maybe your dick and balls will work again

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Come on butterfag. We know you look horrible. Why you post someone else pictures? Post your real pictures so everybody can see how horrible you look.

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>I can’t sleep at till I convince myself that this is just a man in a wig
Fookin weirdo

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>Failure at art school
>Mediocre Job
>Moderator in 4chan no pay

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hey, at least (s)he got nice tits.

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Meh. Her face is goblina tier. If I fuck her she will need to use something to cover her face

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This is her? She's not ugly at all you weirdo, is she the most beautiful woman? obviously not but she isn't ugly by any means

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Holy fuck, check those numbers

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She is ugly. Nice cope.

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Naomi - Tanizaki

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She looks manish but I wouldn't say she's ugly. Furthermore, she seems to have some tatas. She looks cute in
>>15233302, probably the blur though.
Are you really in your 50s? If so, you look good for your age.

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i would take good care of you :(
we would be so happy that neither of us will ever feel the need to return to this horrible place

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She is not terrible ugly, but she is indeed below the average. Her tits are pretty average to me. In that pic she was younger, it was taken a couple years ago. She probably looks worse right now.

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Butters let’s say you were completely naked and have a really brappy stomach from taco bell and right before you is a wooden stool with all the alt right incels that bully you on /lit/ at 1 cm tall on top of the stool. The stool is at the exact height of your asshole. What would you do with them?

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sizejeet autism

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I checked. Some of these pictures were taken around 2014-2015

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>change men into beasts.
Actually, ayur veda says it makes them effeminate. Vigour is accrued from abstinence.

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some fetishes are straight out mental illnesses, also
>imagine how pungent her tranny braaaps are

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>I checked
fucking how? you went and got her photos album?

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please answer >>15233427 thank u

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we all know butters would gas those fascist incels, (s)he is just too shy to admit it.

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4chan archieves. Some of these pictures were posted around that time. However these pictures could be older than that.

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Oh, well. It's what it's, man.
Thanks. Do you have children? What makes you linger around /lit/?

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Clothed or naked. I would not with to sit on, shit on or fart at a stool of anonymous pests.
I have posted here for my amusement, but what keeps me coming here is also my concern for you all. I want to help. —stop posting my pics

Never had kids. Probably why I still look so good for muh age.

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I think your first question answers the second

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>I would not sit on, shit on or fart at*
Stupid auto key board

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We do not want your help. Fuck off.

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hah, a middle aged spinster wasting time arguing with 20 year olds.

find a hobby, tripfaggot

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Post more pics I might create a deep fake of her :3

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So would you motherly take care of all the shrunken incels? How would you protect them and discipline them? Would you let them suckle your test for sustenance? What would your do if one only feels safe at his size sleeping in between your tits or in your warm pussy?

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>I want to help
do you want me to start calling you mommy? are you going to help me, mommy?

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>motherless werewolves
>we don’t need help!
>mfw no gf/suicide threads/general depression.
Yes you do.

I prefer auntie.

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holy shit sizejeets make a mockery of my fetish
giantess is the thinking man's fetish please do not do this

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here’s a book for you, cumbrain

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a few of your ass pics would be of great help for this young man

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>mfw no gf/suicide threads/general depression
you must be thinking about r9k, its that way >>>/r9k/, this is a literature board, silly auntie, you spent years here trying to help the wrong people

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Hey granny, is time to take your pills.

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>mfw no gf/suicide threads/general depression.
Those faggots should go to >>>/r9k/

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You guys leak everywhere. We all know that.
Also like to point self styled rightwingers in a better direction. These things take time.

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> self styled rightwingers
what is your political leaning anyway?
>inb4 leftist communist

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Kek, if you are seriously trying to help then you are really bad job. I saw some of your discussions/arguments and they are terrible, full of fallacies and emperically wrong. If you want to help then at least try to improve your arguments.

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>mfw everyone knows the real butterfly left /lit/ around 2013

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doing a bad job *

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what is your sage advice for a self-styled right-winger, butterfly? what would you say, given the opportunity to uplift a fascist from the trenches of political autism?

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It would point me in a better direction if you shrunk me down and stuck me in your ass crack and took me around with you everywhere mommy!

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honestly, very based. shove me in their too, auntie.

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I want to end capitalism and statism to facilitate freedom. This is considered leftist and anarchist. I don’t care what it’s called, the majority would like the program.

You wish.

It was 2015.

Fascists want a strong state figure to satisfy their daddy issues. You look to hero, but you ought to be the hero of your own making and let people free to love their lives..
Well, I hardly know you.

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Haven’t answered my request of shrinking me down and sticking me in your ass butters. I want to be smothered in your ass fat and cellulite.

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Femdom is the worst fucking fetish to have. Worse than normie shit like footfaggotry or male-on-female rape fetishism. Worse than the outlandish shit like vore or transformation.

Imagine being a malesub. All you've ever wanted sexually and romantically is for a strong, assertive woman to dominate you. Maybe with disdain, maybe with affection. Maybe with pain or maybe with pleasure. You've known since your sexual awakening that you've wanted a woman to possess you.

And then you get out into the world and you are gradually forced to confront the sad truth that 99% of women are ultra-submissive fuckdolls who just want to lie there and be fucked into a puddle while screaming about their daddies. First you try to go for the women with assertive and dominant personalities only to find that the facade of being in control immediately slips away the moment you get to the bedroom. Then you go for the meek, nerdy girls in the hopes that a tiger might lurk within, but they're even worse. Warped by hentai and fanfiction, they want you to Dorian Grey their asses.

If you ever come out and confess your desires, they're met with disgust and revulsion because submissiveness is a universally unattractive trait to straight women, especially in men.

Rejected by the world, you're forced to live out your fantasies solely in the realm of pornography and imagination, slowly mutating into an unfeeling husk as you come to terms with the harrowing understanding that you will never have what you want.

The only true female doms in this world are either only dominant for money, genuinely insane or only attracted to Chads who don't even want to be dominated.

I wish I was just into feet or some other bullshit. Instead I'm saddled with this need to be pinned down or tied up or cradled like a child. To be used and abused and forced. And the more time that passes without a single woman to dominate me, the more detached from the world of romance and intimacy I become

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The entire country is just Mexico at this point

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It’s really weird, man. I’m not even into anal.

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Geez. I didn’t read all this, but it sounds like you just need to find some dominatrix to try and get your kinks out.
I never understood the heaviness of some of these things. Normal sex lives would tamp this kind of thing down, I do believe.

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What weird about it? I just want to be shrunk to the size of a microscopic speck and live in a wrinkle in your asshole, why can’t you just accept me for who I am mommy?

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>You wish
Kek, sure. Your arguments are terrible and lack of evidence. They are mostly based on subjectives experiences rather than facts. Your perspective and personal views are irrelevant. Data, logic and evidence are everything.

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This is 100% true and I wrote this >>15233813

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Most women aren't submissive,Most women don't have intention to participate in power plays at all. But yeah there are x2-4 more sub men than dom women but it's no surprise as variance in women in very minimal in literally everything.

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Why are women so boring and un-unique. I propose we transform society so that women are breeding cows and we only date and have romantic love for men.

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you're in the age range to be my parent hot

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