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/lit/, what are the benefits of not being a coomer?

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+30 IQ
+15 years longevity
increased muscle mass
immediately removes depression, gives you loving gf, kills all jews, and proclaims you the god emperor of mankind

and other things /pol/ unironically believes in. Really it does nothing.

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you get wet dreams

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>Does Gary Wilson seem like a /pol/cel to you?

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You don't smell like cum

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You are psychologically more predisposed to doing things that are more high brow? I think definitionally that's true. As an abstraction of high brow (whatever high brow borrows from) I feel like we all want that. For instance we want to relax in a better way have better relationships. I won't say it's the best thing everyone could do (if ppl couldn't read at all I'd recommend that first) so it's down the line in terms of effectiveness but in spite of all the porn literally nobody wants a loser who is straight coomer status. Even outside of sex, whatever abstraction coomerism takes from, ppl don't want a loser

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there are few benefits of only not being a coomer, if you want benefits you'll have to work for them. abstaining from cooming only frees up the time you'll be able to spend more productively - reading, writing, contemplating, socializing etc. also
>literature board

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>+15 years longevity

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abstinence from..., for example onanism, is in of ittself the act of self-control, which is necessary for self-determinism, the benefits of which is diminishing depression, achieving self-realization.

the benefit to the individual is substantial.

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Shouldn't we then try to abstain from everything then? What makes us us and how fulfilled would we be if we abstained from everything?

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Source for those claims?

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You become free of an addiction that is below human dignity. You become the master of your passions.

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t. midwit

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>Really it does nothing.
Have you tried?

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>source source source. AHHHHH I NEED A SOURCE

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>broooo, the fairy told me, just believe, come on, bruhhhhh

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It came to me in a dream once

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t. can't prove their claims, resort to mocking for lack of arguments

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Yes, I had been conscripted in the army (compulsory in my country) and only masturbated a few times during the year of service. I can attest it did not turn me into a superman gigachad with hyperbrain.

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Your pp wont be sore

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More energy and focus in my experience.

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Bait thread: only what’s obvious. You get more time on your hands.

The fuck is your problem?

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You have much more free time that's for sure

I realized I spent 1-2 hours daily looking at doujins in sadpanda

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>yeah bro you need to have controlled experimental studies of people masturbating and monitor every moment of arousal for years on end. What's that? These don't exist? Looks like you're wrong then kiddo.

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Not an argument.

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