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/lit/ doesn't read

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>I don't read

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/lit/ read
maybe not as much as it says it reads or doesn't read the things it talks about but /lit/ definitely reads
i hope

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Why can't they let Bloom have his time in the sun as the trifecta of dead, white and male before he gets replaced?

I don't watch PDP, but I'm glad he exists. If he gets more people reading and in a more active way than shit like Harry "Stretched His Legs" Potter, then I'm okay with that.

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There are definitely a lot of people on here for dick waving who do not read.

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Lmao I swear if a white person says Niger one time it will be remembered for an eternity.

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Casual racism and book reviews, that's just like Harold Bloom.

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Umm sweaty...Jewish people, who are people of color because Jewish people are not white, can't be racist because they are oppressed. Ummmm...helloooo...???

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>casual racism
what are some influencers who are professionally committed to the racist cause? I don't like half measures

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nobody cares

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god what a basedcuck

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it's a big issue bro

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Listing racist e-celebs? I don't think so. Take it to /b/

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For nobody.

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racism is a serious issue

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for /b/

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and /lit/

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The internet is srs bsns.

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It's forced here. Racism belongs to /b/

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It is usually referred to as The Niger, like The Ukraine.

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i just wanted a professional racist youtube person

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uhm ok

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Pick one.

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>like The Ukraine
Not in Ukrainian ;^)

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i dont have time to read rn but i like reading

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why does he talk like a retard? is he swedish or something?

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I know the Niger is in a poor country, but why this much hate for a simple river? Are you hydrophobic?

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I want to make a joke about being aquaphobic where I castigate you for not being aware of the difference as if it's like some niche delineation that noone outside of my echo chambers could ever be expected to know about. I think it's possible but I have a headache so fuck that.

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Cuz people on the ukraine are too poor to afford articles.

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uh oh downvotes incoming

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Yeah, it is an issue. Not enough people are racist!

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fucking kek

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Unironically this.

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post the classics boys

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clever but pandering

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So where’s the lie?
Women are suckers for a sweet smile. One night they wake up next to a a shithead who smiled sweetly at them, and they still try to help them mature. But other broken men have their ears and they ruin them more. The same way they ruined a lot of you.
You’re pandered to by a bunch of broken assholes

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A serious maybe but a funny one

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Not enough white people are racist, most non white are somewhat racist in general.

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Yes, but what about Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Hillary Clinton? ALL SHIT.

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Where did I imply it was a lie? Pandering just means trying to please/appease; not sure where you get that lie part

seriously you have no opinions strong enough to be a tripfag, just post anonymously

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Statists. Honorary men. War criminals. AOC aspires to those depths.

Okay. You are anonymous, you know?

Adopt a name, fair haired.

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Metamorphosis niggas be like

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i have a lot of time to read rn but i dont like reading

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Cringe. If they are so superior why men always made most of the most important discoveries, inventions, ideologies?

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Explain why woman are superior from a imperical and scientific perspective.

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Explain why woman are superior from a emperical and scientific perspective. I don't care how woman can help you "grow" in a emotional/moral aspect.

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>discoveries, inventions, ideologies
I think philosophy covers all three roughly.

Who started philosophy?

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anon why do u reply to bait? dont reply to bait.

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Men. If you go back to the very beginning you will see that men were the founders of everything. How many greek woman were philosophers back then? How many? How many woman made important scientific discoveries? I don't deny that women are capable of doing such things. Nevertheless man will domimate in most of the fields.

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So you haven't read Plato's Symposium?

Guys, we've got a pseud, sound the pseud alarm.

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I am not brazilian. Why you even mention it?

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>So you haven't read Plato's Symposium?Guys, we've got a pseud, sound the pseud alarm.

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Wow, it took you nearly 5 minutes to post all that, that's amazing!

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Nice argument. Now refute my previous claim. How you relate Plato's Symposium with my argument?

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Why is /lit/ so full of shills all of a sudden?

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I think plebbit is down

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Of course it isn't

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diabolically based and funny

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I'm illiterate.

anthony fantano

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>One night they wake up next to a a shithead who smiled sweetly at them, and they still try to help them mature. But other broken men have their ears and they ruin them more.
This unironically reeked of incel.

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Are you speaking from experience?

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>Here are my criteria that men happen to excel in. Compare!

Shit bait. 0/10

Broken men=incels. And the like.
I’m honestly not here to sling shit in anyone’s faces, but when the /r9k/ brigade marched in here, I feel compelled to counter some of their propaganda. I want to help, but look how you invalidate me. Half of you won’t even accept I’m a woman. (Partially because they’re thirsty for more pics)

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Not something that’s happened to me personally, but I’ve seen and heard many similar stories

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Explain why your criteria is valid and my no? Feelings are more important than scientific discoveries to you?

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>I feel compelled to counter some of their propaganda. I want to help, but look how you invalidate me. Half of you won’t even accept I’m a woman. (Partially because they’re thirsty for more pics)
Or maybe because your arguments are terrible. Only desperates faggots would find you pretty. You literally look like a disgusting beast.

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Cmon anon. I won't defend her but you can't say she's terrifyingly ugly. This is what hideous looks like.

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She is barely above that thing.

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me too

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I remember that thread. Very based post indeed.

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>constantly acts out some of the worst most despicable stereotypes of women
>thinks women are superior
oh the ironing

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I'll save the thread

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The memes will improve as I continue but there will be some weird ones at first

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This is going to take a while

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take your meds dude

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oscar b8 comic

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Hitting bedrock on /lit/ stuff now

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Never seen this one before, gonna make me cry you faggot.

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You never used to see any meds-posting on /lit/

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Wait this counts right

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Alright I'm tapped out of /lit/ memes

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I chuckled and then I realized I really want to read more Animorphs books.

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lol @ tao lin

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this sucks

>> No.15216661

if it makes you feel any better it was probably written by /v/ or /a/

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>If he gets more people reading
He won't. He'll just recruit more /lit/-minded people who want to say they've read a lot when they haven't and judge people.

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What makes you think I can't be a professional racist?

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Sir, I think there is a call for you.

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might have the first simp over here

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Gamer Gaddis

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As if any Jew would get caught saying this.

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shut up

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It's very very old.

>> No.15217398

Essentially, Socrates' idea of love of knowledge is taken from the philosopher and prophet Diotima. She is the one that put him (and thus all of Western culture) on that path.

>> No.15217429

Holy... I want more!

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'please no, corn father'

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No, not before June 25th 2010
The board has really fallen since its heyday of those first 3 or 4 months.

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>> No.15217851

Was 2pac a fag?

>> No.15217884

THE Ukraine is wrong even in English.

>> No.15217892

True ukrweekly.com/old/archive/1991/499102.shtml

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Seriously? The existance of this character is questionable. Plus, you think philosophy started with greeks? Philosophy older than that faggot.

>> No.15218002

>Plus, you think philosophy started with greeks?
Absolutely. You can broaden the term to include superficially similar ways of thinking, but when we say something like "All philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato", that philosophy was started by a woman.

>The existance of this character is questionable.
The existEnce of all things is questionable, lrn2philosophy bb grl.

>> No.15218058

Philosophy is the appreciation of knowledge. We have sought and love knowledge since the dawn of humanity. You think this character was the one that set everything on the path? Humans have always love knowledge, is something in our instinct. You think curiosity did not exist before this character, or the appreciation of knowledge did not exist? Even if it was true, the amount of female philosophers and their contributions is laughfable. She only would set the "base" but nothing more.
Also, how the fuck philosophy did not exist before Socrates? Do you know Pythagoras, Parmenides and Heraclitus

>> No.15218073

>Philosophy is the appreciation of knowledge.
Ah yes, philos, that word meaning "appreciation". And hell-- while I'm at it-- ah yes, sophia, that word meaning "knowledge" (although I normally wouldn't pick up someone's pseudery in this case). Please try to get one thing right.

>> No.15218088

Love or appreciation. Does it really matters faggot? My point still stands

>> No.15218102

Also, why you don't refute my arguments? You think philosophy did not exist before this character?Anaximander, Zeno, Protagoras. Nope,

>> No.15218114

He had Trump Derangement Syndrome, that makes his opinions worthless

>> No.15218159

I said that philosophy in the sense of "All philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato".

Not only that, but true art, true invention is like the female pregnancy
>Those who are pregnant in the body only, betake themselves to women and beget children-this is the character of their love; their offspring, as they hope, will preserve their memory and giving them the blessedness and immortality which they desire in the future. But souls which are pregnant-for there certainly are men who are more creative in their souls than in their bodies conceive that which is proper for the soul to conceive or contain. And what are these conceptions?-wisdom and virtue in general. And such creators are poets and all artists who are deserving of the name inventor. But the greatest and fairest sort of wisdom by far is that which is concerned with the ordering of states and families, and which is called temperance and justice. And he who in youth has the seed of these implanted in him and is himself inspired, when he comes to maturity desires to beget and generate. He wanders about seeking beauty that he may beget offspring-for in deformity he will beget nothing-and naturally embraces the beautiful rather than the deformed body; above all when he finds fair and noble and well-nurtured soul, he embraces the two in one person, and to such an one he is full of speech about virtue and the nature and pursuits of a good man; and he tries to educate him; and at the touch of the beautiful which is ever present to his memory, even when absent, he brings forth that which he had conceived long before, and in company with him tends that which he brings forth; and they are married by a far nearer tie and have a closer friendship than those who beget mortal children, for the children who are their common offspring are fairer and more immortal. Who, when he thinks of Homer and Hesiod and other great poets, would not rather have their children than ordinary human ones? Who would not emulate them in the creation of children such as theirs, which have preserved their memory and given them everlasting glory? Or who would not have such children as Lycurgus left behind him to be the saviours, not only of Lacedaemon, but of Hellas, as one may say? There is Solon, too, who is the revered father of Athenian laws; and many others there are in many other places, both among hellenes and barbarians, who have given to the world many noble works, and have been the parents of virtue of every kind; and many temples have been raised in their honour for the sake of children such as theirs; which were never raised in honour of any one, for the sake of his mortal children.
All inventors, artists, and philsophers are women in spirit. At least the great ones are.

>> No.15218167

Oh, is he proorange?

>> No.15218206

>All inventors, artists, and philsophers are women in spirit. At least the great ones are.
kek, so are implying creation=woman? Leaving a legacy or set of ideas does not implying being a woman. By your logic all male thinkers would be female because they leave their "children" for future generations. Creation does not imply being woman.

>> No.15218224

Read Plato dude. Don't fear it, throw away reading wikipedia, and start with the Greeks.

>> No.15218263

Terrible argument. If females are so good creating, why you don't see them that often in philosophy? science? Creating something does not equal being "pregnant". By that logic I would be woman as well.

>> No.15218287

>By that logic I would be woman as well.
Wouldst doth thou posteth thine titties, m'lady?.

>> No.15218426

I will bet money they don't mention Mishima, Musashi, Dazai, Pessoa, all of which pewdiepie has recommended. These writers are too potent, they are unmentionable to the bug audience, and they don't fit the narrative of "dead white men". If I were strategising this propaganda I would forbid any mention of pewdiepie at all. I don't think they realise quite how serious it is that someone with such a grip on zoomers is introducing ideas from Mishima into public consciousness

>> No.15218647

someone really hates DFW in this thread

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Holy fuck that's funny

>> No.15218999

Isn't it "Everybody just have a good time"

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>Statists. Honorary men
thanks for supplying me with my book's title, butters.

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Fresh meme from that stupid pajeet OP. This girl summed up all the pseuds on /lit/ ever

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The duality of man

>> No.15220872

so what you're saying is Socrates started philosophy? holy fuck, /lit/ seriously doesn't read. gtfo and don't come back until you've absorbed Diogenes Laertios

>> No.15221072

I keep seeing everyone post this cat. How do I get my cat to do this? Is there anyone that can teach me how to get my cat to do funny dances with me, on two legs none the less?

>> No.15221101

Can someone post the one with the meme trilogy, and ulysses is written by the riddler?

>> No.15221168

Gets me everytime

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No, Diotima. Nobody understood what it was to love wisdom in any meaningful sense before her.

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>A Female.
>Capable of understanding what it was to love wisdom.

Everybody knows want to know Philosophy started with the history of suicide.

>> No.15222205

that's not what shill means, stoopid

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Shut up nigger

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I wonder IF it would be an improvment or a curse

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I know, it's so old, yet even posting it last night I found myself cackling.

>> No.15224381

'please no, corn father'

>> No.15224452

'please no, corn father'

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i couldnt get more than one page in before i choked on my water laughing

>> No.15225638

please no, corn father

>> No.15225643

2/3 of those arent really postmodernists tho.

>> No.15226236
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Does anyone have a screencap of that guy who posted pics of himself taking a shit down a famous author's chimney on here? I'm 90% sure it was Hemmingway's but memory may be playing tricks on me

>> No.15226346

Please no, corn father.

>> No.15226773

please no, corn father

>> No.15226824


>> No.15226846
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>gtfo and don't come back until you've absorbed Diogenes Laertios

>> No.15226907



>> No.15227073
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>> No.15227104

i thought this was jay lake

>> No.15227136

Facebook tier

>> No.15227711

What do Ukranianians call the Ukraine..?

>> No.15227760
File: 121 KB, 684x828, marx labour theory sex comm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15227767
File: 361 KB, 684x1968, hormones-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15227792
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>> No.15227819 [SPOILER] 
File: 92 KB, 670x1024, 1588170908795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15228407

why were old cartoons so based?

>> No.15228465
File: 3.44 MB, 3472x3262, 1574112162947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15228518
File: 1.72 MB, 2358x1184, 1586012931502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15228532

Rothbard was pretty b&r senpai.

>> No.15228540
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>> No.15228553
File: 638 KB, 1400x1400, 1399882477235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15228560
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>Thales, Heraclitus, Democritus, ?, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Diogenes, Jesus, Marcus Aurelius, Aquinas, Dante, Machiavelli, Luther, Shakespeare, Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Newton, Hume, ?, Kant, Hegel, Fichte?, Shopenhauer, ?, Kierkegaard, Marx, Stirner, Emerson, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, ?, Russel, Wittgenstein, Freud, Jung, ?, ?, Heidegger, Sartre, Camus, ?, Kafka, ?, Pynchon, ?, ?, ?, Ted, Foucault, ?, ?, Moldbug, Land?, Zizek, ?, Peterson

>> No.15228568
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>> No.15228611
File: 633 KB, 1137x1972, 1587545203767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15228648
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And the final redpill. All tradcaths of the board should read it to UNDERSTAND!

>> No.15228744

I love this kind of thread

>> No.15228801

I hope Felix dies of terminal cancer and his wife gets gang raped by pakis and niggers.

>> No.15229025

Hahaha holy fuck I cri

>> No.15229045


>> No.15229151

Fuck you nigger. Lord Kjellburg will be king of Europe.

>> No.15229394


>> No.15229705

Have sex

>> No.15229775 [DELETED] 

The Foucault one will never get old.

>> No.15229783 [DELETED] 


>> No.15229808

>casual racism
It's crap.

>> No.15229919

have sex that isn't you taking it up the ass for once

>> No.15229950
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He's a choen one, which is replecting on his lists, where he practically throws out all classics from catholic hands written in europes prime, while having a shitton of nobodies from his ingroup in there as must-reads.

Babies first /lit/ pill.

>> No.15229956

please no, corn father

>> No.15230006

lel @ angry incels not being able to read between lines

>> No.15230011
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>> No.15230033
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please no, corn father

>> No.15230109

this is nice

>> No.15230122


>> No.15230153
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>this is page 3
God I lose my shit every time

>> No.15230169

Wow, I haven't seen this one in years. Completely forgot about it. Thanks, anon, truly a post worthy of the dubs

>> No.15230203

>Furry porn. I think

>> No.15230477
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>> No.15230990

fuck you, fuck this thread and fuck 4chan
i hate all of you so much
but you're all i got left

>> No.15231530
File: 141 KB, 1200x628, jzPFMK071kr_3zVKyPr-p7grngZpI3q4mBK93CdNyRQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15231539

What the fuck happened to this board?

>> No.15231616


>> No.15231678
File: 74 KB, 500x303, autism-3-16-16504916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15231754
File: 1.19 MB, 1080x648, 1587759991290-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

between zizek and peterson lies god emperor varg

>> No.15231891

dante BTFO'd Pope Boniface VIII

I stood as does the friar who confesses
the foul assassin who, fixed fast, head down,
calls back the friar, and so delays his death;
and he cried out: "Are you already standing,
already standing there, o Boniface?
The book has lied to me by several years.
Are you so quickly sated with the riches
for which you did not fear to take by guile
the Lovely Lady, then to violate her?"
And I became like those who stand as if
they have been mocked, who cannot understand
what has been said to them and can’t respond. (Inf. XIX, 49-60)

>> No.15233037
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>> No.15233043
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>> No.15233098

holy shit lmao

>> No.15233792

Me desu

>> No.15233831

A person cant be professional

>> No.15233893

please no, corn father

>> No.15233976

Those standards though

>> No.15234041

>it amuses me at best, and bores me at worst
Pretty damn good
Still the king

>> No.15234053


>> No.15234070

real fuckin facebook in here

>> No.15234144

I too, read the /lit/ quarterly

>> No.15234174

i had a good time in that thread

>> No.15234191

the guy is Jon Safran Foer, a mediocre novelist and active kike who divorced his wife, declared his love for his penpal Natalie Portman, and was instantaneously rebuffed

>> No.15234197


>> No.15234207
File: 60 KB, 626x551, toplel2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck this one got me, 10/10

>> No.15234254
File: 79 KB, 1001x867, 1574826223645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15234297

I've seen this a thousand times and always thought it was a charming crystallization of what we do here. But I haven't seen it for awhile, a few years even, perhaps more, and this is the only time it's made me cry. Wtf is up with that. I think I've grown up lads. Why I can't carry all these emotions?

>> No.15234720

god why did i lose my shit over this lmao

>> No.15234737

>sees someone praise ulysses once

>> No.15234918
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>only posting half

>> No.15235022

Is that really what u interpreted that as? Bruh have u thought at all about the kind of society that plato lived in? Women werent even citizens

>> No.15235073

Extremely underrated

>> No.15235496
File: 57 KB, 218x455, 7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15235505

Ah yes, Socrates, that famous supporter of the Athenian state and society ;^)

>> No.15235526


Wait wait that is Butterfly??? She is cute as fuck - she looks like BENEE

>> No.15235629

please no, corn father

>> No.15236083


>> No.15236141

please no, corn father

>> No.15236307

boomerposting infecting this board.
Many such cases!

>> No.15236357

smoothbrain, socially NECESSARY labour time.
so the analogy is bogus

>> No.15237547

Please no, corn father.

>> No.15238332

>All inventors, artists, and philsophers are women in spirit.
But none of the greastest were truly women. See the irony? Now, don't give me the fuck they were trannies or some shit.